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Dragon Age 2

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
08-03-11 DA2_HiResTexturePack.exe Dragon Age 2 High Resolution Texture Pack 1.1GB 810
18-03-11 DragonAge2-1.01.exe Dragon Age 2 Patch v1.01 9MB 95
08-07-11 dragonage2legacy_dlc.mov Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC Trailer 89MB 14
20-09-11 dragonage2markoftheassassin_dlc.mp4 Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC Trailer 23.9MB 5
12-10-11 dragonage2markoftheassassin_dlclaunch.... Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC Launch Trailer 21.3MB 4
09-02-11 dragonage2_chooseyourchampion.mov Dragon Age 2 "Choose Your Champion" Trailer 115.6MB 21
20-12-10 dragonage2_combatdwt.mov Dragon Age 2: Destiny "Combat" Dev Walkthrough Trailer 231.5MB 18
23-02-11 DragonAge2_Demo_English.exe Dragon Age 2 Demo [English] 1.9GB 1496
10-03-11 dragonage2_launch.mov Dragon Age 2 Launch Trailer 113MB 15
10-12-10 dragonage2_makingof1dd.mov Dragon Age 2: Destiny "Making of - Part1" Dev Diary Trailer 263.1MB 7
02-11-10 dragonage2_pennyarcadehindsight.mp4 Dragon Age 2: Destiny "Penny-Arcade Motion Comic - Hindsight" Trailer 158.6MB 14
27-10-10 dragonage2_risetopower.mov Dragon Age 2: Destiny "Rise to Power" Trailer 153.4MB 30
07-04-11 dragonage2_sequelcelebration.mp4 Dragon Age 2 "Sequel Celebration" Trailer 50.4MB 7
21-01-11 dragonage2_serisaacofclarkearmorset.mp4 Dragon Age 2 "Ser Isaac of Clarke Armor Set" Trailer 54.9MB 13
12-01-11 dragonage2_storydd2.mov Dragon Age 2 "Story" Dev Diary #2 Trailer 351.2MB 12
10-01-11 dragonage2_theexiledprincedlc.mov Dragon Age 2 "The Exiled Prince" DLC Trailer 56.7MB 15
03-03-11 dragonage2_theexiledprincedlc2.mov Dragon Age 2 "The Exiled Prince" DLC Trailer #2 62.3MB 14
08-03-11 dragonage2_tvspot.mp4 Dragon Age 2 TV Spot Trailer 11.3MB 7
28-07-11 dragonagedawnoftheseeker_productionart... Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker "Production Art" Teaser Trailer 30.4MB 4
30-01-12 dragonagedawnoftheseeker_productionupd... Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker "Production Update" Trailer 21.5MB 20
28-07-11 dragonagedawnoftheseeker_teaser.mp4 Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker Teaser Trailer 8.7MB 5
18-02-11 dragonageredemption_feliciadayteaser.mp4 Dragon Age Redemption "Felicia Day" Teaser Trailer 30.7MB 7
25-07-11 dragonageredemption_teaser.mp4 Dragon Age Redemption Teaser Trailer 8.1MB 4