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Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
25-09-09 alchemist_trailer_v2_final_1280x720.wmv Torchlight "Alchemist" Trailer 55.2MB 5
07-11-09 Torchlight12.exe Torchlight Demo v1.12 418.1MB 600
08-10-09 torchlight_dd1.wmv Torchlight Dev Diary #1 Trailer 210.4MB 8
16-10-09 torchlight_dd2.wmv Torchlight Dev Diary #2 Trailer 150.2MB 5
19-08-09 torchlight_destroyer.wmv Torchlight "Destroyer" Trailer 48.2MB 5
28-10-09 torchlight_launch.mp4 Torchlight Launch Trailer 38.3MB 16
09-10-09 torchlight_leveeditortutorial1.wmv Torchlight "Level Editor Tutorial #1" Trailer 71.7MB 27
09-10-09 torchlight_leveeditortutorial2.wmv Torchlight "Level Editor Tutorial #2" Trailer 20.5MB 35
09-10-09 torchlight_leveeditortutorial3.wmv Torchlight "Level Editor Tutorial #3" Trailer 29.7MB 17
07-09-09 torchlight_pax2009.wmv Torchlight PAX 2009 Trailer 76.6MB 12
02-03-10 torchlight_update_v115.zip Torchlight Patch v1.1.5 412.2MB 2733
28-04-10 Torchlight_v1.15_Runic.exe Torchlight Demo v1.15 410.7MB 190
15-09-09 torchlight_vanquishergp.wmv Torchlight "Vanquisher" Trailer 55.1MB 7
09-02-11 torchlight_xbla.mp4 Torchlight Xbox Live Arcade Trailer 48MB 5