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Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
24-06-09 ag-e32009-aion-abysstour.mp4 AusGamers Aion "The Abyss - PvPvE Zone" Guided Tour Video 215.5MB 133
08-09-10 aionassaultonbalaurea_featurespodcastd... Aion: Assault on Balaurea "Features Podcast" Dev Diary Trailer 284MB 3
31-08-10 aionassaultonbalaurea_gelkmaroszonetou... Aion: Assault on Balaurea "Gelkmaros Zone" Flythrough Trailer 213.2MB 2
27-08-10 aionassaultonbalaurea_ingissonzonetour... Aion: Assault on Balaurea "Ingisson Zone" Flythrough Trailer 199.6MB 1
08-09-10 Aion: Assault on Balaurea Launch Trailer 280.5MB 3
12-01-10 Aion Japanese Voice Pack 406.8MB 283
23-02-09 aionttoe_altgardflythrough.wmv Aion: The Tower of Eternity "Altgard Flythrough" Trailer 59.3MB 6
12-05-09 aionttoe_eltnenflythrough.wmv Aion: The Tower of Eternity "Eltnen Flythrough" Trailer 71.7MB 14
06-02-09 aionttoe_verteronflythrough.wmv Aion: The Tower of Eternity "Verteron Flythrough" Trailer 53MB 35
21-10-11 Aion "2.7 Update - Crucible Coliseum" Trailer 218MB 13
13-05-11 aion_25updateintroductiontonewskills.mp4 Aion "2.5 Update - Introduction to New Skills" Trailer 34MB 2
17-06-13 aion_40darkbetrayalnewzones.mp4 Aion "Update 4.0 Dark Betrayal - New Zones" Trailer 61.9MB 23
22-07-13 aion_45aethertechclasspreview.mp4 Aion "Update 4.5 Aethertech Class Preview" Trailer 35.3MB 86
03-08-09 aion_asmodians.mp4 Aion "Asmodians" Cinematic Trailer 30.4MB 54
20-12-07 aion_assassin.wmv Aion: Pillars of Eternity "Assassin" Trailer 10.9MB 54
26-06-09 aion_beluslanflythrough.mp4 Aion "Beluslan Zone" Flythrough Trailer 348.3MB 11
20-12-07 aion_chanter.wmv Aion: Pillars of Eternity "Chanter" Trailer 10.1MB 39
06-06-08 aion_charactercustomization.wmv Aion: Pillars of Eternity "Character Customization" Trailer 45.5MB 16
29-10-08 Aion: Pillars of Eternity "Cinematic" Trailer 149.9MB 31
15-09-09 aion_eastmeetswestdd3.mp4 Aion "East Meets West" Dev Diary #3 Trailer 597.4MB 17
03-08-09 aion_elyos.mp4 Aion "Elyos" Cinematic Trailer 54MB 55
06-05-11 Aion "Empyrean Calling - 3.0 Patch" Trailer 907.3MB 3
13-02-12 aion_features.mp4 Aion "Features" Trailer 96.2MB 4
15-12-11 aion_freetoplay.mp4 Aion "Free to Play" Trailer 197.6MB 4
29-10-08 aion_gameplay.mp4 Aion: Pillars of Eternity Gameplay Trailer 112.2MB 20
27-08-07 aion_gc07.wmv Aion: Pillars of Eternity GC 2007 Trailer 45.7MB 48
19-08-09 aion_gc2009.avi Aion "v1.5 Features" Trailer 286.6MB 16
19-10-09 aion_heironzonetour.avi Aion "Heiron Zone" Flythrough Trailer 308.4MB 4
17-08-09 aion_introcg.mp4 Aion Intro Cinematic Trailer 47.4MB 44
24-03-09 aion_ishalgenflythrough.wmv Aion: The Tower of Eternity "Ishalgen Flythrough" Trailer 34.4MB 6
23-09-09 Aion "Launch" Trailer 113.1MB 22
22-05-12 Aion_Main_2.5.0.0To2.7.0.2.ncpatch Aion Patch v2.5.0.0 To v2.7.0.2 816.9MB 48
22-05-12 Aion_Main_2.7.0.2To3.0.0.0.ncpatch Aion Patch v2.7.0.2 To v3.0.0.0 3.2GB 217
20-04-09 aion_morheimflythrough.wmv Aion: The Tower of Eternity "Morheim Flythrough" Trailer 57.1MB 9
24-07-09 aion_obama.mp4 Aion "Obama" Trailer 226.1MB 19
04-09-08 aion_pax2008classes.mp4 Aion: Pillars of Eternity PAX 2008 "Classes" Trailer 27.6MB 8
04-09-08 aion_pax2008territory.wmv Aion: Pillars of Eternity PAX 2008 "Territory" Trailer 58.7MB 10
06-03-09 aion_poetaflythrough.mp4 Aion: The Tower of Eternity "Poeta Flythrough" Trailer 34.8MB 22
24-01-14 aion_steelcavalry.mp4 Aion "Steel Cavalry" Trailer 24.8MB 4
24-08-09 aion_technoviking.wmv Aion "Techno Viking" Trailer 104.4MB 22
25-06-09 aion_theworldandloredd1.wmv Aion "The World and Lore" Dev Diary #1 Trailer 132.8MB 21
11-05-12 aion_update30.mp4 Aion "Update 3.0" Trailer 289.7MB 7
21-01-13 aion_update35.mp4 Aion "Update 3.5" Trailer 90.1MB 4
26-11-09 aion_visionfuture.mp4 Aion "Visions of the Future" Trailer 137.2MB 29