Kratos and Boy! make the circle-button leap to PC... in a port worthy of the Gods.
God of War PC Review
As an external solution for backwards compatible titles the WD_BLACK D30 makes a lot of sense.
WD_BLACK D30 Game Drive SSD Review
Join us as we go through the best games of the year, one day at a time from January 1...
We Countdown Our Top 10 Games of 2021!
A list of the 10 games or gaming experiences that didn't make our final AusGamers Top 10 Games of 2021 list, but still deserved a highlight list of their own...
Top 10 Games of 2021 - Honourable Mentions


Subcategory Summary
A Tale in the Desert A Tale in the Desert is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (mmorpg) that has been in development for 4 1/2 years. There is no killing in this game. It is all about cooperation to unlock t
Anarchy Online Enjoy unparalleled character customization, including 80 character skills, hundreds of special attacks, thousands of items and a wide range of clothes, weapons and armour. No other online game deliver
Asheron's Call Asheron's Call
Asheron's Call 2 Asheron's Call 2 is the sequel to the original Asheron's Call massively multiplayer game. A revolution of the MMORPG genre, Asheron's Call 2 continues the saga set in the unique fantasy world of Deret
City of Heroes Welcome to City of Heroes, the online world that's home to an entire universe of superheroes. Here you and thousands of other players can take on the roles of superheroes, fight villains, and help cre
Dark Age of Camelot Dark Age of Camelot
Dragon Empires Dragon Empires is a MMORPG where the gameplay encourages players to group together into clans and to compete for the ownership of the 50 cities scattered throughout the world. Dragon Empires is fa
Dragon Raja A new massively multiplayer online role playing game. Features: There are all 5 classes as like Warrior, Thief, Archer, Wizard and Priest. They have own peculiar skill as well as the poison
EVE: The Second Genesis EVE: The Second Genesis, is a massively multiplayer, online, persistent world game. perhaps even too real to be called a game, but definitely more fun than reality. Played on the Net, it takes place i
EverQuest Welcome to the world of EverQuest®, a real 3D massively multiplayer fantasy roleplaying game. Prepare to enter an enormous virtual environment-an entire world with its own diverse species, economic sy
EverQuest 2 EverQuest II is an online universe that exists parallel to the hugely successful gaming phenomenon EverQuest®. Featuring breathtaking graphics and a vast, beautiful game world to explore, EverQuest II
Face of Mankind Face of Mankind is an MMORPG/FPS set in the 24th century. You are invited to play out the ageless battle of good and evil, and witness all shades of grey in between. Role playing and your real life sk
Guild Wars Guild Wars takes the best elements of today's massively multiplayer online games and combines them with a new mission-based design that eliminates the tedium of those games. You can meet new friends i
Laghaim Laghaim is an Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) of Science-Fantasy adventure. Starting on The New Earth you must develop and hone your skills as you fight Progmare to destroy you
Legend of Mir What is Legend of Mir? The Legend of Mir: The Three Heroes is a massive online multiplayer role-playing game based in a mysterious Oriental-style world. This extraordinary game provides you with a w
Lineage 2 Lineage II was developed using a modified Unreal engine in order to achieve the best possible graphical representation of the world of Aden. The development team's goal was to create a very lifelike 3
Lineage: The Blood Pledge Come explore the biggest online fantasy roleplaying game in the world! Millions of avid gamers around the globe More than 200,000 simultaneous users Hundreds of monsters - from great dragons to
Meridian 59 Meridian 59 was the first 3d graphical massively multiplayer online game. Thousands of people played in this strange world, filled with intrigue and the conflict. Meridian59 is more than game, it is a
Middle Earth Online Across the wide lands of Middle-earth, the Free Peoples must face the threatening Shadow growing in the East. All of Mordor is stirring as Sauron dispatches the Nazgûl to hunt for the Ring. The rumor
Mimesis Online Mimesis Online is a multi-player online role-playing game - it gives you the chance to play a character created by you, and to take part in telling a story along with other players from around the glo
Neocron Neocron is an action-packed 3D MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) set in a post apocalyptic metropolis which gives you the opportunity to lead a virtual life in the exciting world o
Neocron 2 By the end of the third millenium, Earth has changed... Global pollution, excessive wars and a perforated atmosphere have turned the planet into an almost lifeless sphere of toxic mud. Radiation is ev
Nexus Explore the mysteries of a kingdom born of captivating Asian mythology where passion runs high and hatred runs deep. At the heart of the story lies a tale of unrequited love between Prince M'hul an
Planeshift PlaneShift is a Role Playing Game immersed into a 3D virtual fantasy world which is FULLY FREE to play. Fully free means you will have no surprises of premium content which will limit your gameplay or
Priston Tale Priston Tale is a 3D MMORPG from Korean developer Triglow Pictures. This is the English version of the game client. Currently in Open Beta Phase. Priston Tale adds spectacular visual and sound effe
Project Entropia Project Entropia! Project Entropia will be the next generation of interactive entertainment. In Project Entropia you will able to enter a whole world with amazing three-dimensional environments using
Ragnarok Online The long delayed english beta client for the MMORPG, Ragnarok Online. The beta period allows free registration and playing of what will eventually become a pay-to-play MMORPG.
Shadowbane Brace yourself for the ultimate challenge in online gaming. After a millennium of strife, toil, and struggle, the world of Aerynth suffered a massive catastrophe from which it has yet to recover. You
Star Wars: Galaxies Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided is the first product in a series of online massively multiplayer game products that allows players to live the Star Wars movies in a way they never have before. B
Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa™ is the latest massively multiplayer entertainment experience to come from the legendary creative mind of Richard Garriott and the all-star team of industry professionals at Destination Ga
The Matrix Online Players of The Matrix Online are newly freed "redpills" released after Neo wins the battle for humanity's freedom. Now they're only visitors to a world they thought they knew—a sprawling urban landsca
ToonTown ToonTown
TwelveSky 2: Rise of the Sky Clan "TwelveSky 2 - Rise of the Sky Clan" is an adrenaline-pumping Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG). Set in Ancient China, players are thrown into an age old conflict between three warr
Warhammer Online Warhammer Online is a new massively multiplayer online game set against the grim and gritty backdrop of Games Workshop's Warhammer world. Our players take on the role of outlaws and mercenary adventur
World of Warcraft Four years have passed since the aftermath of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and a great tension now smolders throughout the ravaged world of Azeroth. As the battle-worn races begin to rebuild their sh
Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
19-12-03 FWOBetaSetup.exe Fung Wan Online Open Beta 282.2MB 9959
11-06-04 FullPatch_v488to490.exe Risk Your Life Open Beta Patch v488 to v490 3.9MB 54203
16-08-04 FullPatch_v517.exe Risk Your Life Beta Patch v5.17 191.4MB 21343
28-02-05 RYL2_setup.exe Risk Your Life 2: Incomplete Union Client 653.4MB 30617
03-06-05 FlyffEngSetup.06.01.02.exe FlyFF - Fly For Fun Client 412MB 0
15-07-05 Shot Online Client 329.8MB 90
26-07-05 KA_v1298_20050527.exe Knight Ascension Client v1298 337.4MB 4553
06-09-05 TSOnline.part01.exe TS Online Philippines Part 1 47.7MB 250
06-09-05 TSOnline.part02.rar TS Online Philippines Part 2 47.7MB 229
06-09-05 TSOnline.part03.rar TS Online Philippines Part 3 47.7MB 182
06-09-05 TSOnline.part04.rar TS Online Philippines Part 4 47.7MB 158
06-09-05 TSOnline.part05.rar TS Online Philippines Part 5 47.7MB 204
06-09-05 TSOnline.part06.rar TS Online Philippines Part 6 47.7MB 410
06-09-05 TSOnline.part07.rar TS Online Philippines Part 7 47.7MB 154
06-09-05 TSOnline.part08.rar TS Online Philippines Part 8 47.7MB 151
06-09-05 TSOnline.part09.rar TS Online Philippines Part 9 19.8MB 153
11-10-05 playmovie_041014.avi Rose Online Movie 87.3MB 23
25-11-05 Albatross18_Setup_234e.exe Albatross18: Realms of Pangya Client v2.34e 168MB 96
29-11-05 new_si_to_new_toa_setup.exe Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis Expansion Trial 704.8MB 42
05-12-05 SD(EN)_V6800(OB)_20050822.exe Supreme Destiny Client 131.8MB 306
05-12-05 KhanPowerInstaller.exe KHAN Online Client 711.9MB 506
08-12-05 tibia75.exe Tibia Client 7.5 7.8MB 613
09-12-05 O2Jam_v3.50(Standard)_20051208.exe O2Jam Client v3.50 121.7MB 133826
20-12-05 MartialHeroes_2.0.exe Martial Heroes Client v2.0 434.4MB 137
28-12-05 Patch221.exe Myth of Soma Patch v221 2.6MB 235
28-12-05 Patch222.exe Myth of Soma Patch v222 2MB 158
28-12-05 Patch223.exe Myth of Soma Patch v223 2.1MB 183
28-12-05 somainst220.exe Myth of Soma Client v220 356.8MB 569
28-12-05 EK_Setup.exe El Kardian Client 154MB 74
16-01-06 rose_112_112_NA.exe Rose Online Client v1.12 476.6MB 537
27-01-06 MU1_00_full(Eng).exe Mu Online Client v1.00 221.7MB 7330
30-01-06 TurfBattlesOpenBeta.exe TurfBattles Open Beta Client 783.1MB 758
30-01-06 FlyffUsaSetup.060119.exe FlyFF Client 19-01-2006 478.9MB 0
23-03-06 installer-ryl2_v1602.exe Risk Your Life 2: Incomplete Union Client v1602 689.3MB 15409
02-05-06 uoml_setup.exe Ultima Online Client 761.5MB 7491
05-06-06 20060601Eudemons.exe Eudemons Online Client 576.6MB 0
12-07-06 gunzinternational_20060518f.exe Gunz: The Duel International Open Beta Client 2006/05/18f 137.1MB 7396
26-07-06 FlyffUsaSetup.060604.exe FlyFF Client 2006-06-04 481.1MB 658
11-08-06 SurvivalProject_v3.5_20060810_pw.exe Survival Project v3.5 Client [Passworded] 205.2MB 1050
11-08-06 SurvivalProject_v3.5_20060810.exe Survival Project v3.5 Client 205.2MB 41682
30-08-06 GunzInternational_20060726full.exe GunZ The Duel: International Edition v20060726 137.1MB 31141
18-10-06 SurvivalProject_v3.5_20061013.exe Survival Project v3.5 Client [2006-10-13] 210.2MB 3928
10-11-06 20061018Eudemons.exe Eudemons Client 595.8MB 0
17-11-06 SurvivalProject_v3.5_20061114.exe Survival Project v3.5 Client [2006-11-14] 210.6MB 20589
20-12-06 voyagecenturyonline_beta1.0_setup.exe Voyage Century v1.0 Beta Client 1.1GB 669
28-12-06 20061213EudemonsV1037.exe Eudemons v1.037 Client 597.8MB 0
08-02-07 20061230EudemonsV1041.exe Eudemons Client v1041 601.9MB 0
10-03-07 voyagecenturyonline1.21.exe Voyage Century v1.21 Client 1.1GB 535
20-04-07 Aranock Online Client v2.0.1 29.4MB 181
23-04-07 installer-ryl2_v1673.exe Risk Your Life 2 Client v1.6.7.3 702.7MB 2907
27-04-07 20070301EudemonsV1048.exe Eudemons Online Client v1048 611.5MB 53
05-05-07 rose_139_139_na_evo.exe ROSE Online Evolution North American Client v1.39 608.9MB 11618
15-05-07 Cabal Online Client v20070315 740.1MB 380
17-05-07 Eudemons_online_1058.exe Eudemons Online Client v1058 618.8MB 1224
18-05-07 Mir2Patch20.exe Legend Of Mir Patch v1.9 to 2.0 56.4MB 82
18-05-07 Mir20Client.exe Legend Of Mir Client v2.0 477MB 137
21-05-07 A3Installer.exe A3 Client 334.8MB 467
21-05-07 BOTS_setup(061123).exe BOTS Client v061123 353.5MB 497
22-05-07 top_setup_1.33.3.20070519.exe Tales of Pirates Open Beta Client v1.33.3 288.8MB 8892
22-05-07 ryzom_downloader_setup_070402.exe The Saga Of Ryzom Client Downloader 2.9MB 652
07-06-07 20070609EudemonsV1062.exe Eudemons Online Client v1062 621.7MB 3469
13-06-07 RYL-UW_v561.exe Risk Your Life Client v561 534.6MB 403
22-06-07 Metin2_20070608.exe Metin-2 Client 412.1MB 2361
06-07-07 RegnumOnlineInstall.exe Regnum Online Client 349.4MB 167
09-07-07 top_setup_1.33.20070627.exe Tales of Pirates Client v1.33 289.3MB 107
09-07-07 20070701EudemonV1065.exe Eudemons Online Client v1065 625.3MB 3271
23-07-07 deco_online.exe DECO Online Client 576MB 5165
25-07-07 Granado Espada Full Client v2.1.18 3.5GB 61938
25-07-07 GE_2.1.18_Manual_Patch.rar Granado Espada Patch v2.1.18 203.3MB 19834
26-07-07 Rappelz Epic 4 Client 1.7GB 4726
30-07-07 SilkroadOnline_GlobalOffi1.exe SilkRoad European Client 867.5MB 3017
31-07-07 Lunia_Installer_200707301704.exe Lunia Online Open Beta v200707301704 732.5MB 7363
01-08-07 top_patch_all_1.33_20070718.exe Tales of Pirates Patch v1.33.20070718 12.4MB 70
02-08-07 DofusInstaller_v1_19_0.exe Dofus Client v1.19.0 126.8MB 1185
02-08-07 Dofus Client v1.19.0 [zip] 127.4MB 49
09-08-07 Upshiftsetup0627.exe Upshift StrikeRacer Open Beta Client 312.4MB 11816
15-08-07 top_setup_1.36.20070815.exe Tales of Pirates Client v1.36 344.6MB 662
21-08-07 O2Jam Song Pack 1.2GB 76021
21-08-07 20070809EudemonsV1070.exe Eudemons Online Client v1070 630.6MB 12184
25-08-07 setup_20070813_XfsVer102.exe Wolfteam Beta 2 181.4MB 704
25-08-07 Sword of the New World Client 3.6GB 3894
10-09-07 DECO Online Client v20070803 575.4MB 10083
27-09-07 mountandblade_0890_setup.exe Mount and Blade Client v0.890 113.5MB 1431
27-09-07 mountandblade_upgrade_0890_to_0891.exe Mount and Blade Patch v0.890 to v0.891 14.8MB 6
01-10-07 dance_setup_4-2-2007.exe Dance! Online Client v4.2.2007 592.4MB 63
04-10-07 DofusInstaller_v1_20_0.exe Dofus Client v1.20.0 143.7MB 30
04-10-07 DofusPatch_v1_19_0_to_v1_20_0.exe Dofus Client Patch v1.19.0 to v1.20.0 60.6MB 32
04-10-07 RFOnline_EP2_Patch.exe RF Online Episode 2 Standalone Patch 1GB 1063
04-10-07 GMSetup.exe Galactic Melee Open Beta Client 209.2MB 14
05-10-07 dndsetup_us_trial.exe Dungeons And Dragons 10 Day Trial 2.3GB 267
08-10-07 LC-USA_PatchedOn20070919.exe Last Chaos Client v19-09-2007 333.9MB 408
15-10-07 Immortals_Setup_v1.02.exe Immortals v1.02 Client 791.4MB 10
16-10-07 RFOnline_EP2_Installer.exe RF Online Episode 2 Client 1.5GB 67035
18-10-07 DarkedenInstaller_1015.exe DarkEden Client v1.015 554.6MB 1152
22-10-07 Lunia_Installer_200708162006.exe Lunia Online Open Beta v20070816 732.5MB 104
25-10-07 0709ZeroV2755.exe Zero 3000 Client 969.6MB 2156
25-10-07 SealOnlineUSA_InstallFull_real.exe Seal Online Closed Beta Client 637.8MB 332
30-10-07 zu_online11737.exe Zu Online Alpha Client 795.4MB 40
13-11-07 2moons_7-30-2007.exe 2Moons Client v7-30-2007 895.1MB 510
14-11-07 DOMO_Install_11_08_2007.exe Dream of Mirror Online Beta Client 1GB 1766