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Total War Rome II

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
01-03-13 totalwarrome2_battleofteutoburgforest.... Total War: Rome 2 "The Battle of Teutoburg Forest" Trailer 50.6MB 20
01-11-13 totalwarrome2_bloodandgore.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "Blood and Gore" DLC Trailer 21.8MB 570
27-09-12 totalwarrome2_carthagegp.mov Total War: Rome 2 "Carthage" Gameplay Trailer 375.1MB 22
07-06-13 totalwarrome2_cleopatra.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "Cleopatra" Trailer 48.5MB 14
04-07-12 totalwarrome2_facesofrome.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "Faces of Rome" Live Action Trailer 43.7MB 15
02-08-13 totalwarrome2_findaway.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "Find A Way" Trailer 115MB 13
14-03-14 totalwarrome2_hannibalatthegates.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "Hannibal at the Gates" DLC Trailer 49MB 13
19-12-12 totalwarrome2_jacksvidcast.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "Jack's Vidcast" Developer Diary Video 95.9MB 3
03-09-13 totalwarrome2_launch.mov Total War: Rome 2 Launch Trailer 90.8MB 13
26-07-13 totalwarrome2_letsplaycampaign.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "Let's Play: Campaign Walkthrough" Video 385.8MB 8
23-08-13 totalwarrome2_letsplaymultiplayer.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "Let's Play: Multiplayer" Video 486.6MB 5
22-08-12 totalwarrome2_makingthefacesofrome.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "Making The Faces of Rome" Trailer 374.3MB 8
10-05-13 totalwarrome2_preordergreekstatescultu... Total War: Rome 2 "Greek States Culture Pack Pre-Order" Trailer 40.6MB 164
12-07-13 totalwarrome2_thebattleofnile.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "Battle of the Nile" Trailer 609.1MB 8
19-12-12 totalwarrome2_theunmakingofcarthage.mp4 Total War: Rome 2 "The Unmaking of Carthage" Developer Diary Video 116.8MB 5