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The Walking Dead Episode One: A New Day

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
17-06-13 thewalkingdead400days_e32013.mp4 The Walking Dead: 400 Days E3 2013 Trailer 16.6MB 12
10-11-12 thewalkingdeadepisode4_accolades.mp4 The Walking Dead Episode 4 Accolades" Trailer 17.4MB 4
20-11-12 thewalkingdeadepisode5_teaser.mp4 The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left Teaser Trailer 214.3MB 19
03-07-13 thewalkingdead_400dayslaunch.mp4 The Walking Dead: 400 Days Launch Trailer 18.9MB 1
12-06-13 thewalkingdead_400daysteaser.mp4 The Walking Dead "400 Days" Teaser Trailer 16.5MB 8
22-03-12 thewalkingdead_answeringmachineteaser.... The Walking Dead "Answering Machine" Teaser Trailer 80.9MB 7
27-04-12 thewalkingdead_choicematters.wmv The Walking Dead "Choice Matters" Trailer 136.9MB 8
21-03-12 thewalkingdead_debut.mp4 The Walking Dead Debut Trailer 43.4MB 8
18-05-12 thewalkingdead_episode1accolades.mp4 The Walking Dead "Episode 1 Accolades" Trailer 35.7MB 7
27-06-12 thewalkingdead_episode1playerchoicesta... The Walking Dead: Episode 1 "Player Choice Stats" Trailer 83.5MB 4
24-07-13 thewalkingdead_highlightsfromcomiccon2... The Walking Dead "TellTale Games Highlights From Comic Con 2013" Video 245.2MB 3
13-12-12 thewalkingdead_launchretail.mp4 The Walking Dead Retail Launch Trailer 11.8MB 8
14-01-13 thewalkingdead_playingdeadbonusepisode... The Walking Dead "Playing Dead - Bonus Episode" Dev Interview Video 138.5MB 3
08-03-12 thewalkingdead_playingdeadepisode1dd.mp4 The Walking Dead "Playing Dead - Episode 1" Dev Interview Video 367.7MB 5
08-03-12 thewalkingdead_playingdeadepisode2dd.mp4 The Walking Dead "Playing Dead - Episode 2" Dev Interview Video 400.2MB 7
26-03-12 thewalkingdead_playingdeadepisode3dd.mp4 The Walking Dead "Playing Dead - Episode 3" Dev Interview Video 390.4MB 5
24-05-12 thewalkingdead_playingdeadepisode4dd.mp4 The Walking Dead "Playing Dead - Episode 4" Dev Interview Video 261.2MB 1
27-08-12 thewalkingdead_playingdeadepisode5dd.wmv The Walking Dead "Playing Dead - Episode 5" Dev Interview Video 702.2MB 4
09-10-12 thewalkingdead_playingdeadepisode7dd.mp4 The Walking Dead "Playing Dead - Episode 7" Dev Interview Video 283.5MB 3
19-11-12 thewalkingdead_playingdeadepisode8dd.mp4 The Walking Dead "Playing Dead - Episode 8" Dev Interview Video 348.2MB 2
14-01-13 thewalkingdead_playingdeadepisode9.mp4 The Walking Dead "Playing Dead - Episode 9" Dev Interview Video 331.5MB 1
10-04-12 thewalkingdead_preorder.wmv The Walking Dead "Pre-Order" Trailer 52.4MB 6
20-08-13 thewalkingdead_psvitalaunch.mp4 The Walking Dead "PlayStation Vita" Launch Trailer 11.6MB 2
13-12-13 thewalkingdead_season2ep1allthatremain... The Walking Dead "Season 2: Episode 1 - All That Remains" Trailer 40.7MB 17
30-10-13 thewalkingdead_season2teaser.mp4 The Walking Dead "Season 2" Teaser Trailer 8.8MB 10
25-04-12 thewalkingdead_storylaunch.wmv The Walking Dead "Story" Launch Trailer 129.1MB 10
22-07-13 thewalkingdead_telltalegamesretrospect... The Walking Dead "TellTale Games Retrospective" Trailer 28.8MB 7