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Red Dead Redemption

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
09-04-10 6_RDR_FREEROAM_MULTI_AUS_720_.wmv Red Dead Redemption "Free Roaming Multiplayer" Trailer 122.3MB 26
14-05-10 RDR2_T3_MULTI_UK_720.mp4 Red Dead Redemption "Outlaws Till the End" Trailer 148.2MB 66
10-05-10 RDR_REV_MULTI_UK_720_.mp4 Red Dead Redemption "Revolution" Trailer 53.9MB 15
07-05-09 reddeadredemption_debut.wmv Red Dead Redemption Debut Trailer 84.7MB 67
27-04-10 reddeadredemption_gameplaymulticomp_12... Red Dead Redemption "Multiplayer Modes" Trailer 137MB 14
05-02-10 reddeadredemption_gamestopvote.wmv Red Dead Redemption "Gamestop Vote" Trailer 40.2MB 9
26-03-10 reddeadredemption_gentlemenandvagabond... Red Dead Redemption "Gentlemen and Vagabonds" Trailer 68MB 12
19-03-10 reddeadredemption_goldengunpack.mp4 Red Dead Redemption "Golden Gun Pack" DLC Trailer 18.4MB 31
22-07-10 reddeadredemption_josegonzalezfarawaym... Red Dead Redemption "Jose Gonzales - Faraway Music" Trailer 107.3MB 11
09-08-10 reddeadredemption_legendsandkillers_12... Red Dead Redemption "Legends and Killers" Trailer 214.6MB 8
17-09-10 reddeadredemption_liarsandcheats_dlc.wmv Red Dead Redemption "Liars and Cheats" DLC Trailer 133.5MB 19
18-03-10 reddeadredemption_lifeinthewest.mp4 Red Dead Redemption "Life in the West" Trailer 158.3MB 16
06-04-10 reddeadredemption_lifeinthewest2_1280x... Red Dead Redemption "Life in the West: Part 2" Trailer 137.5MB 8
29-07-10 reddeadredemption_musicdd.wmv Red Dead Redemption "Music" Dev Diary Trailer 196.8MB 5
02-12-09 reddeadredemption_mynameisjohnmarston.... Red Dead Redemption "My Name Is John Marston" Trailer 86.2MB 32
31-05-10 reddeadredemption_originalshortfilm.wmv Red Dead Redemption Original Short Film Promo Trailer 46.9MB 9
23-06-10 reddeadredemption_outlawstotheenddlc.mp4 Red Dead Redemption "Outlaws to the End" DLC Trailer 146.8MB 8
09-06-10 reddeadredemption_shortfilm_1280x720.mp4 Red Dead Redemption Original Short Film [MP4 720p] 2GB 219
09-06-10 reddeadredemption_shortfilm_1280x720.wmv Red Dead Redemption Original Short Film [WMV 720p] 1.2GB 18
09-06-10 reddeadredemption_shortfilm_640x360.wmv Red Dead Redemption Original Short Film [WMV SD] 626.7MB 21
15-02-10 reddeadredemption_thelaw.mp4 Red Dead Redemption "The Law" Trailer 58.6MB 13
19-03-10 reddeadredemption_thewarhorse.mp4 Red Dead Redemption "The War Horse" DLC Trailer 15MB 30
25-02-10 reddeadredemption_thewomen.wmv Red Dead Redemption "The Women: Sinners, Saints and Survivors" Trailer 61.9MB 16
01-10-10 reddeadredemption_undeadnightmaredlc.wmv Red Dead Redemption "Undead Nightmare" DLC Trailer 40.6MB 10
26-10-10 reddeadredemption_undeadnightmaredlcla... Red Dead Redemption "Undead Nightmare" DLC Launch Trailer 184.5MB 14
20-10-10 reddeadredemption_undeadnightmaregrave... Red Dead Redemption "Undead Nightmare - Graveyards" DLC Trailer 40.4MB 1
22-10-10 reddeadredemption_undeadnightmareoverr... Red Dead Redemption "Undead Nightmare - Overrun" DLC Trailer 113.8MB 9
14-10-10 reddeadredemption_undeadnightmarestory... Red Dead Redemption "Undead Nightmare - Story" DLC Trailer 37.7MB 15
21-10-10 reddeadredemption_undeadnightmareweapo... Red Dead Redemption "Undead Nightmare - Weapons" DLC Trailer 26.7MB 6
29-01-10 reddeadredemption_weaponsanddeathgp.wmv Red Dead Redemption "Weapons and Death" Gameplay Trailer 144.1MB 21
16-12-09 redeadredemption_gameplayseriesintrodu... Red Dead Redemption "Gameplay Series Introduction" Trailer 171.8MB 29