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Tomb Raider: Legend

Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
06-10-05 Lara_Croft_Tomb_Raider_Legend_Xbox_360... Tomb Raider: Legend X05 Low-Res Xbox 360 Trailer 19.1MB 72
07-03-06 MAQ21273.zip Tomb Raider: Legend "Amanda" Trailer [PSP Media] 4.3MB 4
11-04-06 official_tv_spot.mov Tomb Raider: Legend "TV Spot" Trailer 7MB 58
09-09-05 TombRaiderLegend_Grapple_Trailer.zip Tomb Raider Legend Grapple Trailer 3.6MB 242
09-04-06 trlegendpatch1_1.exe Tomb Raider: Legend Patch v1.1 15.9MB 1581
29-05-06 TRLegendPatch1_2.zip Tomb Raider: Legend Patch v1.2 35.7MB 2131
11-08-05 trl_africatrailer.zip Tomb Raider Legend Africa Trailer 30.2MB 8
07-03-06 trl_amanda.zip Tomb Raider: Legend "Amanda" Trailer 9.6MB 118
06-07-06 trl_demo_standard.zip Tomb Raider: Legend Demo 475.8MB 28736
02-02-06 trl_gameplay001.zip Tomb Raider: Legend Gameplay Trailer 4.8MB 85
02-02-06 trl_gameplay002.zip Tomb Raider: Legend Gameplay Trailer #2 3.2MB 75
15-03-06 trl_gameplay_clips.zip Tomb Raider: Legend Gameplay Trailer Pack 31.5MB 58
03-04-06 trl_gameplay_clips2.zip Tomb Raider: Legend Gameplay Trailer Pack #2 56.3MB 45
10-04-06 trl_gameplay_clips3.zip Tomb Raider: Legend Gameplay Trailer Pack #3 94MB 32
26-07-05 trl_gameplay_trailer.mov Tomb Raider Legend - Gameplay Trailer 20MB 12
12-04-06 trl_launch_trailer.zip Tomb Raider: Legend "Launch" Trailer 59MB 99
15-06-06 trl_nextgen_demo.zip Tomb Raider: Legend Updated Demo 473.3MB 161
18-05-05 trl_trailer002.zip E3 2005 Tomb Raider: Legend Trailer 7.3MB 12
13-03-06 trl_trailer003.zip Tomb Raider: Legend Trailer #3 26.5MB 81
23-03-06 trl_trailer004.zip Tomb Raider: Legend Trailer #4 21.3MB 102