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Media Players

Subcategory Summary
Blaze Media Player Powerful, all-in-one multimedia software supporting all popular media formats; audio and video playlist; audio and video conversions; audio editing & recording, video construction, decompiling, and pr
DivX This is the standard software bundle for the DivX(tm) 5.0 video codec. It includes the DivX Player 2.0 Alpha.
MP3 Players Mp3 Players for Windows
Winamp Winamp Media Player
Windows Media Player Windows Media Player
Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
05-04-12 foobar2000_v1.1.11.exe foobar2000 v1.1.11 for Windows 3.1MB 33
05-11-07 klmcodec353.exe K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v3.5.3 for Windows 16.3MB 456
18-04-11 pms-setup-windows-1.21.1.exe PS3 Media Server v1.21 for Windows 25.8MB 51
24-03-07 vlc-0.8.6a-win32.exe VLC Media Player v0.8.6a for Windows 9MB 729
19-04-07 vlc-0.8.6b-win32.exe VLC v0.8.6b for Windows 8.9MB 1039
11-07-07 vlc-0.8.6c-win32.exe VLC Media Player v0.8.6c for Windows 9.2MB 730
05-03-08 vlc-0.8.6e-win32.exe VLC Media Player v0.8.6e for Windows 9.3MB 301
03-04-08 vlc-0.8.6f-intel.dmg VLC Player v0.8.6f for Intel Mac OS X 13.9MB 114
03-04-08 vlc-0.8.6f-powerpc.dmg VLC Player v0.8.6f for PPC Mac OS X 13.9MB 429
03-04-08 vlc-0.8.6f-win32.exe VLC Media Player v0.8.6f for Windows 9.3MB 553
06-07-08 vlc-0.8.6h-win32.exe VLC v0.8.6h for Windows 9MB 89
01-08-08 vlc-0.8.6i-intel.dmg VLC v0.8.6i for Intel Mac OS X 14.3MB 123
01-08-08 vlc-0.8.6i-powerpc.dmg VLC v0.8.6i for PPC Mac OS X 14.2MB 170
01-08-08 vlc-0.8.6i-win32.exe VLC v0.8.6i for Windows 9.1MB 713
10-10-08 vlc-0.9.4-win32.exe VLC Player v0.9.4 for Windows 13.9MB 500
01-12-08 vlc-0.9.6-win32.exe VLC v0.9.6 for Windows 13.9MB 95
05-04-09 vlc-0.9.9-intel.dmg VLC v0.9.9 for Mac OS X 19.2MB 148
09-06-09 vlc-1.0.0-rc3-win32.exe VLC v1.0RC3 for Windows 17.9MB 31
08-07-09 vlc-1.0.0-win32.exe VLC v1.0 for Windows 17MB 263
08-07-09 vlc-1.0.0.dmg VLC v1.0 for Mac OS X 29MB 23
29-07-09 vlc-1.0.1-intel.dmg VLC v1.0.1 for Mac OS X [Intel] 17.8MB 42
29-07-09 vlc-1.0.1-powerpc.dmg VLC v1.0.1 for Mac OS X [PPC] 17.6MB 11
29-07-09 vlc-1.0.1-win32.7z VLC v1.0.1 for Windows [7z] 14.5MB 22
29-07-09 vlc-1.0.1-win32.exe VLC v1.0.1 for Windows 17.2MB 49
02-10-09 vlc-1.0.2-win32.exe VLC v1.0.2 for Windows 17.7MB 53
03-11-09 vlc-1.0.3-win32.exe VLC v1.0.3 for Windows 17.2MB 74
15-03-10 vlc-1.1.0-git-win32.exe VLC v1.1.0 Nightly Build for Windows 18.2MB 50
22-06-10 vlc-1.1.0-win32.exe VLC Media Player v1.1.0 for Windows 18.6MB 229
22-06-10 vlc-1.1.0.dmg VLC Media Player v1.1.0 for Mac OS X 40.4MB 41
23-07-11 vlc-1.1.11-win32.exe VLC v1.1.11 for Windows 20.1MB 160
23-07-11 vlc-1.1.11.dmg VLC v1.1.11 for Mac OS X 32.3MB 119
30-11-10 vlc-1.1.5-win32.exe VLC Media Player v1.1.5 for Windows 19.1MB 171
07-02-11 vlc-1.1.7-win32.exe VLC Media Player v1.1.7 for Windows 19.4MB 343
28-03-11 vlc-1.1.8-win32.exe VLC Media Player v1.1.8 for Windows 19.6MB 164
19-04-11 vlc-1.1.9-win32.exe VLC Media Player v1.1.9 for Windows 19.6MB 412
20-02-12 vlc-2.0.0-intel64.dmg VLC Media Player v2.0 for Mac OX S 25.4MB 28
20-02-12 vlc-2.0.0-win32.exe VLC Media Player v2.0 for Windows 21MB 129
29-07-12 vlc-2.0.3-win32.exe VLC Media Player v2.0.3 for Windows 21.6MB 77
18-10-12 vlc-2.0.4.dmg VLC Media Player v2.0.4 for Mac OS X 41.3MB 26
26-09-13 vlc-2.1.0-win32.exe VLC Media Player v2.1.0 for Windows 23.2MB 55
28-09-13 vlc-2.1.0-win64.exe VLC Media Player v2.1.0 for Windows [x64] 22.2MB 140
26-09-13 vlc-2.1.0.dmg VLC Media Player v2.1.0 for Mac OS X 29.9MB 37
22-02-21 vlc-3.0.12-win32.exe VLC Media Player v3.0.12 for Windows [x64] 39.5MB 79
07-11-09 VLCPortable_1.0.3.paf.exe VLC Portable v1.0.3 for Windows 20MB 58
28-12-09 xbmc-9.11.exe XBMC v9.11 for Windows 46.2MB 167