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Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
17-10-07 overdosedemo.zip Painkiller: Overdose Demo 732.8MB 1485
11-08-05 PainkillerXb-23041-480.zip Painkiller Xbox Trailer 31.9MB 14
29-08-07 painkiller_overdose_gc07.wmv Painkiller: Overdose GC 2007 Trailer 38.7MB 109
29-03-05 painkiller_patch_1.62_to_1.64.exe Painkiller Patch v1.62/v1.63 to v1.64 6.4MB 1231
12-07-05 Painkiller_Patch_161.exe Painkiller Patch v1.6.1 338.8MB 2907
17-02-04 painkiller_sp_demo_setup.exe Painkiller Demo 228.4MB 11687
26-02-05 Painkiller_Update_1.62.exe Painkiller Patch v1.61 to v1.62 108.4MB 2393
08-07-04 painkiller_update_v1.3.exe Painkiller Patch v1.3 89.8MB 3352
19-07-06 Painkiller_Windows_Server_1.64_update.... Painkiller Dedicated Server Patch v1.62 to v1.64 6MB 33
19-07-06 pkserver_linux_1.64_update.tar.gz Painkiller Dedicated Server Patch v1.62 to v1.64 for Linux 7.4MB 19
21-01-08 PK_Overdose_Update.exe Painkiller: Overdose Patch v1 135.8MB 270
04-11-05 prison1-a.mpg Painkiller Hellwars Xbox "Prison" Gameplay Trailer 10.2MB 23
04-11-05 ruinsboss1-a.mpg Painkiller Hellwars Xbox "Ruins Boss" Gameplay Trailer 10.2MB 28
04-11-05 town1-a.mpg Painkiller Hellwars Xbox "Town" Gameplay Trailer 10.9MB 46