At BlizzCon 2018 we sat down with the team behind the upcoming mobile game Diablo Immortal to talk about bringing the franchise to an even smaller screen.
Talking Diablo Immortal with Blizzard
Plus, of course, plenty of B.O.B. - Ashe’s trusty Omnic sidekick.
Talking Overwatch and the 29th Hero Ashe with Jeff Kaplan
Our in-depth conversation with with Microsoft’s Chris Charla, the head of its indie platform – ID@Xbox.
In Conversation - Talking Indies and More with Chris Charla
We go through the history of Alienware, the rise of esports, and becoming the market leader with co-founder Frank Azor.
Ahead of the Curve - The Alienware Story


Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
19-07-05 vc2_weapons_640x480.wmv Vietcong 2 Weapons Movie 14.1MB 252
08-09-03 Vietcong-IndianCountry-MP.exe Indian Country Vietcong Map 13.8MB 190
22-03-05 Vietcong Red Dawn Add-on 309.5MB 558
30-12-03 Vietcong-ThreeCanyonsMP.exe Three Canyons Vietcong Map 7.7MB 1230
03-02-04 Vietcong-v160.exe Vietcong Patch v1.41 to v1.60 42MB 1510
08-04-03 VietcongV1.01patch.exe Vietcong Patch v1.01 9.8MB 16701
19-12-02 vietcong_demo_us.exe Vietcong Multiplayer Demo 72.6MB 6566
02-05-03 Vietcong_teen_single_player_demo_v1.0.... Vietcong Demo 99.6MB 7886
17-07-03 Vietcong_v130.exe Vietcong Patch v1.30 32MB 1471
17-11-03 Vietcong_v140.exe Vietcong Patch v1.3 to v1.4 7.9MB 819
26-11-03 Vietcong_v141.exe Vietcong Patch v1.41 7.5MB 1467