With the release of the latest expansion for Blizzard’s Hearthstone we sit down with the development team to learn about its development.
Hearthstone Interview - Inside the Halls of Scholomance Academy
With Sony and Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn hitting CPUs and GPUs, Kosta finally steps into the post-apocalyptic shoes of heroine Aloy to slay some robo-dinos.
Horizon Zero Dawn is the Best Game I Haven’t Played
The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is one of the most talked about gaming laptops of the year for good reason - it packs the AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS mobile CPU in a tiny package.
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The World Game is back, natch, so we go through all the big changes coming in EA’s FIFA 21.
FIFA 21 Preview - Inside the Big Gameplay Changes Coming


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05-08-10 bigmatchstriker_2.mp4 Big Match Striker Trailer #2 30.5MB 3
21-07-10 bigmatchstriker_debut.mp4 Big Match Striker Debut Trailer 39.9MB 1
14-04-11 DarksporeBetaFull.zip Darkspore Open Beta Client 5.5GB 39
16-05-11 darkspore_accolades.mp4 Darkspore "Accolades" Trailer 12.1MB 0
21-07-10 darkspore_cgteaser.mp4 Darkspore Cinematic Teaser Trailer 10.7MB 3
03-05-11 darkspore_cryos.mp4 Darkspore "Cryos" Trailer 19.7MB 1
17-06-11 darkspore_dancecompilation.mp4 Darkspore "Dance Compilation" Trailer 23.9MB 1
29-09-10 darkspore_gp.mov Darkspore Cinematic Gameplay Trailer 149MB 3
27-01-11 darkspore_heroeditordd.mov Darkspore "Hero Editor" Dev Diary Trailer 407.3MB 2
02-02-11 darkspore_herospotlightandromeda.mov Darkspore "Hero Spotlight - Andromeda" Trailer 282.9MB 2
08-04-11 darkspore_herospotlightmeditron.mov Darkspore "Hero Spotlight - Meditron" Trailer 375.6MB 6
21-04-11 darkspore_herospotlightskar.mov Darkspore "Hero Spotlight - Skar" Trailer 59.7MB 3
02-03-11 darkspore_herospotlightviper.mp4 Darkspore "Hero Spotlight - Viper" Trailer 45.9MB 2
14-01-11 darkspore_herospotlightzrin.mov Darkspore "Hero Spotlight - Zrin" Trailer 270.3MB 3
03-05-11 darkspore_infinity.mp4 Darkspore "Infinity" Trailer 20.9MB 1
27-04-11 darkspore_launch.mov Darkspore Launch Trailer 193MB 1
04-02-11 darkspore_limitededition.mov Darkspore "Limited Edition" Trailer 209.3MB 3
19-11-10 darkspore_lootcollectiondd.avi Darkspore "Loot Collection" Dev Diary Trailer 287.4MB 0
03-12-10 darkspore_multiplayer.mov Darkspore "Multiplayer" Trailer 199.6MB 14
16-02-11 darkspore_openbeta.mov Darkspore "Open Beta" Trailer 151.5MB 0
16-12-10 darkspore_pvpdd.mov Darkspore "PvP" Dev Diary Trailer 440.7MB 6
03-05-11 darkspore_scaldron.mp4 Darkspore "Scaldron" Trailer 19.8MB 1
29-10-10 darkspore_squadsandabilitiesdd.mov Darkspore "Squads & Abilities" Dev Diary Trailer 363.4MB 0
03-05-11 darkspore_verdanth.mp4 Darkspore "Verdanth" Trailer 21.3MB 1
03-05-11 darkspore_zelemsnexus.mp4 Darkspore "Zelems Nexus" Trailer 19.6MB 0