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Quake 3

Subcategory Summary
GTKRadiant GTKRadiant Level Editor for Quake 3 engine based games.
Quake 3: Maps Quake 3: Maps
Quake 3: Modifications Quake 3 Modifications
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Quake 3: Recorded Games Quake 3: Recorded Games
Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
08-03-05 Quake 3 Defrag Map Pack #1 3.6MB 10933
14-11-02 dsclight_130.exe Quake 3 Demo Player 1.9MB 1420
29-07-02 Quake 3: Arena Demo for Linux 47MB 903
28-01-04 Quake 3 Linux Client 1.32b-3 29.5MB 850
13-02-06 macquake3demo.bin Quake 3 Demo v1.11 for Mac 45.8MB 1011
04-12-06 oa060.exe OpenArena v0.6.0 for Windows 72.9MB 780
10-07-07 OpenArena v0.7.0 for Windows and Linux 250.9MB 899
02-01-08 OpenArena v0.7.0 to v0.7.1 Patch 11.7MB 205
29-05-08 oa077-patch.exe OpenArena v0.7.6 to v0.7.7 Patch [Windows] 1.6MB 80
29-05-08 OpenArena v0.7.6 to v0.7.7 Patch [Zip] 8.8MB 97
12-08-08 OpenArena v0.8.0 for Windows and Linux 309.6MB 747
10-07-07 OpenArena0.7.0j2.dmg OpenArena v0.7.0 for Mac OS 263.1MB 307
01-01-70 q3ademo.exe Quake 3: Arena Demo 46.6MB 23316
15-01-00 Q3AGameSource.exe Q3AGameSource.exe 1.3MB 2124
25-10-02 Q3A_TA_GameSource_132.exe Quake 3 1.32 Game Source Win32 2.4MB 4036
15-12-99 Q3ToolSetup.exe Q3ToolSetup.exe 4.5MB 1709
22-08-05 Quake 3 Source Code 5.5MB 1238