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Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
20-06-09 Dystopia-Third_Party_Maps.exe Dystopia v1.2 3rd Party Map Pack 182.3MB 15
29-09-05 dystopia_demo_client_full_u2.exe Dystopia Demo v2 112.8MB 8951
08-01-06 dystopia_demo_client_full_u4.exe Dystopia Demo Update 4 - Full Installer 157.4MB 10451
19-09-05 dystopia_demo_client_u1.exe Dystopia Demo Client Update 1 2.3MB 54
29-09-05 dystopia_demo_client_u2.exe Dystopia Demo Client Update 2 7.4MB 1644
08-01-06 dystopia_demo_client_u4.exe Dystopia Demo Update 4 - Patch 70MB 1724
29-09-05 Dystopia Demo Server v2 120.4MB 471
19-09-05 Dystopia Demo Server Update 1 6.5MB 10
29-09-05 Dystopia Demo Server Update v2 7.3MB 77
09-02-09 dystopia_steamworks.avi Dystopia "Steamworks" Trailer 180.5MB 5
06-06-05 Dystopia Teaser Trailer 26.7MB 641
19-03-07 dystopia_v1.1_patch.exe Dystopia Patch v1.1 10.2MB 12181
18-03-07 Dystopia v1.1 Server Update 14.3MB 25
24-02-07 dystopia_v1_client.exe Dystopia v1.0 516.5MB 21212
23-02-07 dystopia_v1_server.tar.gz Dystopia v1.0 Dedicated Server 540.8MB 651
28-02-07 dystopia_v1_teaser.avi Dystopia v1.0 Teaser Trailer 26.8MB 8
15-12-05 Fortress v2 Map for Dystopia 5.4MB 6
28-02-07 trailer-hi.avi Dystopia v1.0 Trailer 98.3MB 16