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Date Filename Summary Size Downloads
07-10-03 FuhQuake v0.30 Build 585 4.3MB 482
17-02-05 FuhQuake_Installer_v0.31_win32.exe FuhQuake v0.31 for Win32 100MB 1664
13-06-08 nquake-cd11_generator.exe nQuake for QuakeWorld v1.9 CD Generator for Windows 423.6kB 1
13-06-08 nquake13a_installer-linux.tar.gz nQuake for QuakeWorld v1.9 for Linux 8.3kB 31
13-06-08 nquake13a_installer-macosx.tar.gz nQuake for QuakeWorld v1.9 for Mac OS 8.7kB 24
13-06-08 nquake19_installer.exe nQuake for QuakeWorld v1.9 for Windows 274.6kB 79
21-08-05 project_offset_august2005_1280x720p.wmv Project Offset Sneak Peak #2 (High Def) 73.5MB 9
21-09-07 qdqdivx.avi Quake Done Quick Gameplay Movie 165.8MB 195
26-04-01 QuakeForge QuakeWorld Binaries 0.2.99beta7 815.3kB 302
07-02-03 qw230.exe QuakeWorld 2.30 Client 817.5kB 2443
12-06-12 rygels_texturepack_xolveoptimised_0206... Rygel's Optimised Texture Pack for Quake 1.3GB 2097
15-07-03 TenebraeInstall.exe Tenebrae v1.04 Mod For Quake 4.3MB 95
14-08-12 Transfusion v1.0 Mod for Quake 1 [Linux] 38.7MB 0
10-08-12 transfusion-1.0-win32.exe Transfusion v1.0 Mod for Quake 1 [Win32] 36.2MB 10
10-08-12 Transfusion v1.05 Beta 2 Mod for Quake 1 [Win32] 77.3MB 7
14-08-12 Transfusion Patch v1.01 Mod for Quake 1 [Linux] 8.4MB 0
10-08-12 transfusion-patch-1.01-win32.exe Transfusion Patch v1.01 [Win32] 8.5MB 3
17-10-07 zelTF_13.exe ZelTF v1.3 102.8MB 2102