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E3 Day One wrapup
Post by Gobo @ 03:56am 24/05/02 | Comments

In the aftermath of the all-important day one, there so far has been a clear winner in terms of PC gamers, and that has been id software with DoomIII. It's attracted the biggest crowds, the most oohs and ahhs, and definitely the most tantrums as frazzled developers, media and PR people fight each other to check it out in more detail. Take into account that id's publisher Activision are also providing strong support for their upcoming O2 titles with their customary demonstrations and the likes of everyone from Jackass' Bam Margera to And1 mixtape streetball legends Hot Sauce and Headache through to Kelly Slater wandering around pressing the flesh, and you have to think that the software giant would be happy with progress thus far.

The amount of noise is unbelieveable when everything is going full blast. It's like 1000 people are heading to a doof at the same time. Couple that with the amount of flashing lights and people running everywhere, and it's pretty chaotic.

Today I'll be hitting a few appointments, and trying in particular to get the lowdown on Nintendo, who have an absolutely massive display here, Sega (who are still everyone's new best friend), and of course EA, who in addition to launching about 500 million Sims and sports titles are putting out a number known as Battlefield 1942.