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Ratpadz Review
Post by trog @ 12:43pm 10/05/02 | Comments

A good mousing surface is something that is of particular importance to gamers, as it can often make the difference between a win and a loss. Not only gamers appreciate a good surface though; people that work with computers for long hours don't want to be grappling with the mouse in addition to everything else that goes wrong with them.

As a result, the mousing surface industry has boomed, with a bunch of different mats and pads hitting the scene in a veritiable explosion of variety. Choosing a mousepad is a very personal and subjective thing, so many gamers try a variety of surfaces before selecting one to use as the basis for all their fragging action.

A new local contender in Australia is the Ratpadz Mousing Surface ( Obviously carefully designed with gamers in mind, this is definitely one you will want to check out if you have even the most remote of doubts of your current pad.

It has a nice, flat, slick surface which makes small movements translate perfectly onto the screen, whllst at the same time providing enough surface friction to cover you for suddend fast movements - flick turns are a breeze. The pad itself is massive compared to most traditional pads, something which is of increasing importance to gamers - there will be no sliding off the pad at a critical juncture with this puppy.

The Ratpadz Mousing Surface

The Ratpadz have nine rubber feet, which is awesome - you know that it isn't going to budge during a game no matter how much you whale away on it. The cut and style of the pad is designed to let you use the maximum amount of surface area whilst at the same time providing a smooth, shaved -down edge allowing your hand to rest comfortably.

The construction of the pad is very solid and comforting; you can expect to get quite a bit of wear out of it. Additionally, its rugged construction makes it easier to clean - just wipe it off with some soapy water and you're set to go. The only complaint some people might have is that apparently after time the logo wears off. I can't see too many people being concerned about that (and if you are, your priorities are all messed up anyway!).

Overall, this is a very cool product. The current listed price of the Ratpadz is around the $30 mark, which makes it very competitive when you start looking at your other options. This is one area where you definitely don't want to skimp when it comes to quality though. Anyone that is using a mouse for serious PC gaming or that has to use one for work purposes - if you don't have a good mousing surface, then you're kidding yourself - you need one.

The Ratpadz Mousing Surface in action!