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Devolver Digital's Marketing Countdown to Marketing Summer Game Fest Post-Show Line-Up
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:03pm 10/06/22 | Comments
Here's a look at the games coming from Deveolver Digital's stables for the next year and a bit, as showcased at Summer Game Fest 2022...

Here's a look at the Devolver Digital games stable rocking multiple platforms over the next year and a bit, kicking off with two Aussie-developed goodies, one of which has a demo available to play, now, on Steam. (We've also played said demo and dang, is it good and polished. Get on it.)

Cult of the Lamb

From Melbourne-based Massive Monster, Roguelite RTS-lite Cult-lite sim, Cult of the Lamb, is as cute as a button, and as grim as anything.
Start your own cult in a land of false prophets, venturing out into diverse and mysterious regions to build a loyal community of woodland worshippers and spread your Word to become the one true cult. Coming to PC, Switch, PlayStation & Xbox on August 11.
There's also a demo available now on Steam.

The Plucky Squire

From sunny Queensland's All POssible Futures, The Plucky Squire is a stunning 2D and 3D platformer hybrid set to hit PC, next-gen platforms and Nintendo Switch in 2023.
The Plucky Squire follows the magical adventures of Jot and his friends - storybook characters who discover a three-dimensional world outside the pages of their book. When the malevolent Humgrump realises he's the villain of the book - destined to lose his battle against the forces of good for all eternity - he kicks the heroic Jot out of its pages and changes the story forever.

Jump between 2D and 3D worlds in this charming action-adventure - solving puzzles, boxing badgers, flying with a jetpack, and enjoying many more delightful and surprising mini challenges as you become the hero of a living storybook.
This is a visual standout and is another feather in Aussie development's cap, and also in Devolver who is actively looking at our shores for the next big rad thing.

Anger Foot

Not gonna lie, when I saw this kick off (heh) I proclaimed out loud "please tell me this is a game", to which my wish was met with a firm kick up the backside accompanied by an emphatic "yes, it is!".
Anger Foot is a lightning fast hard bass blast of kicking doors and kicking ass. Crash through the caffeine-fueled fever dream of Shit City, putting the boot to a menacing menagerie of merciless gangsters.

Unleash the world's deadliest feet on a colourful cast of anthropomorphic enemies. Clearing out slums, sewers, and skyscrapers as you grab new weapons, unlock new sneakers, and upgrade your powers in absurd and wonderful ways. Kick and shoot your way to the exit as you leave behind a smouldering trail of shattered doors, broken bones, and crumpled energy drinks.
This is another 2023 release with just PC as its platform (for now), and comes from Free Lives.

Skate Story

This. Is. My. Jam. An artistic skateboarding game with a soundtrack to die for from Blood Cultures, which features a demon skating through the underworld.
You are a demon in the Underworld, made out of glass and pain. The Devil has given you a skateboard with a simple deal: Skate to the Moon and swallow it — and you shall be freed.

Ollie, kickflip, and grind your way through the ash and smoke of the Underworld as you take on a seemingly impossible quest. Skate fast to destroy demons and save other tortured souls on your journey from fragile beginner to hardened skater.
This is all that was revealed here. Of course, with Suda 51 involved in the Marketing Countdown to Marketing showcase video, there's bound to be more announcements coming, but as a snapshot of great indie fare for the next year and a bit, this is a fantastic lineup.