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MSI MAG CH130 X Gaming Chair Review
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:40pm 25/06/21 | Comments
Take a seat while we take a seat on MSI's new premium gaming chair.

Product: MSI MAG CH130 X
Type: Gaming Chair
Price: $499.00 RRP
Availability: Out Now
Link: msi.com/Gaming-Gear/MAG-CH130-X

When you hear the phrase “gaming chair” you can pretty much picture the sort of size, shape, and potential comfort you’re in for. We’re talking a look that takes its inspiration coming from the race-car world, with bucket seats and a strong robust build. Playing PC games is akin to driving a fast car around a track, or something. Anyway, the design does make sense for gaming - where the ergonomic support and full body seat-action does well for those long sessions where a proper headrest can feel like a godsend.

That’s the general idea anyway, and where MSI’s MAG CH130 X (points for giving it a legit MSI-style product code) sets itself apart from the pack is with its stylish and sleek leather and velvet finish. One that takes the often bright gaming chair look into the realm of all-black and minimal, which admittedly isn’t one you normally associate with gaming chairs. And really it adds a premium finish and touch that feels a cut above the competition.

Outside of matching the similarly sleek combo that is the MSI MPG SEKIRA case and MSI MEG motherboard in my own setup, is there any reason to ditch whatever stool or fold-up chair you currently use to game for something like CH130 X? The answer is... yes.

When it comes to the old chair sidling up to my desk I’ve often fallen into the category of getting one of those office chairs. That is something with that dark grey or black fabric with a cushion that is supposedly ergonomic. The exact sort of chair you’d find in an office, which in my head gives the act of playing games the air of work. Which can be good for making those extended Civilization and The Elder Scrolls Online sessions feel a little more formal.

Where MSI’s MAG CH130 X (points for giving it a legit MSI-style product code) sets itself apart from the pack is with its stylish and sleek leather and velvet finish.

And that's also an office chair of the mass-produced variety, with the rolling and swivelling and the fun for hours raising and lowering. Bringing it back to the premium finish and feel, sitting on the MSI’s MAG CH130 X strikes the right blend between comfort, style, and over-the-top gaming-ness.

But before you get to that there’s the business of putting it all together, which was surprisingly involved. It’s here where MSI’s gaming chair doesn’t quite make the strongest of first impressions in that the provided instructions are barely legible and kind of hard to follow.

After trying to work out how the arms connected to the underside and the arm coverings over that, a quick trip to the ol’ YouTube brought up an official MSI ‘How-To’ installation video that went for all of a couple of minutes and made the whole process a breeze. To the point where MSI should pack-in a card with a QR code link to it.

From the PVC leather to the velvet highlights to the steel-frame and the sturdy foam the MSI MAG CH130 X build quality is excellent and has the sort of feel that you assume will go the distance. Something that will be your go to gaming chair for years. If there’s one fault with the overall design, and this is something that applies to most gaming chairs out there in this price-range is that the hard-plastic armrests and side coverings feel a little cheap when taken in context of the premium style.

Elsewhere it’s all gravy with a lower-back cushion and a neck-rest coupled with the ability to recline. Like, seriously recline - up to 150-degree. Which the MSI MAG CH130 X does whilst still feeling comfortable to almost lie down on and chill. And in the end that’s the sort of flexibility you want because when it comes to playing a competitive shooter all perpendicular and right-angled with your keyboard, mouse, and display or running through an open-world leaning back with controller in hand - MSI has got you covered.


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