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Post by AusGamers @ 01:50pm 09/03/21 | Comments
Whether it’s livestreaming your favourite game or looking to jump into Twitch in a big way, this guide will get you on the path to Pro in no time.

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In the last couple of years, the number of people jumping onto Twitch to check out their favourite streamers, or simply watch games like current mega-hit Valheim being played, has not only doubled – it’s tripled. With a whopping 10 million broadcasters on Twitch alone, it should come as no surprise that setting up a livestream is relatively easy. Add YouTube Gaming and Facebook into the mix and streaming is something that more and more gamers are dipping their toes into.

It’s not hard to see why, all you really need is a gaming PC, a camera, a microphone, and a game on Steam,, Epic Games Store, or console to fire up.

Taking it all to the next level though, yeah, that requires a bit of knowledge. Finding the right camera, microphone, what sort of gear you can hook up to stream on a budget – yet still maintain that professional look and feel – takes a bit of know how. So with that in mind let’s take a look at the audio-visual gear and other bits you’ll need to take your stream game to the next level.

Choosing The Camera

If you can boil down a stream to the act of watching someone play a game, well, watching that person alongside gameplay is a given. Having a camera is a key part of any stream, and thankfully this can be as simple as hooking up a smartphone or good streaming cameras like the Logitech StreamCam or Razer Kiyo and pairing them with streaming software like OBS Studio.

For the best quality video though, a dedicated camera for streaming is the way to go. And no matter if it’s a compact digital, an advanced Mirrorless or even a high-end DSLR, there are things to look for in a livestream-ready camera. 1080p output at a minimum (with 60-fps support), HDMI, a vari-angle screen or mini-display, a dedicated power source (via AC adaptor), and the ability to disable any sort of sleep or battery-save mode for interruption-free gaming.

For those looking for the very best of the best or simply something that carries that pro look and feel, the CANON EOS range will fit any budget as well as offer some of the best DSLR for streaming.

Choosing a Microphone and Headset

Choosing the best microphone for streaming is as important as getting the best camera. Not only is it all about hearing your voice clearly, but also without any harsh frequencies, volume spikes, or background noise. Like, say, your cat messing about with your green screen. This is where you begin to hear the phrase “broadcast quality” being thrown around, and for good reason.

Like with cameras there are high quality microphones designed specifically for connecting up to a computer, livestream-ready. The Rode NT-USB and Mirfak TU1 USB Desktop Microphone fit the bill offering broadcast quality sound and features with the added ease of USB connectivity – the latter being one of the best budget microphones for streaming and is available in a pack that included a boom-arm and pop-filter. Both feature Cardioid design, which picks up audio from directly in-front - a feature commonly found in microphones designed for vocal performance and capture.

Another audio must, live monitoring, leads into the next part of the equation – cans. That is, headphones. A headset. Great headphones for streaming follow the same route as microphones – balanced audio designed for studio use with great frequency response. The latter is important not only for monitoring your own vocal performance but hearing the game you’re playing. Comfort is also a key factor whether it’s the SteelSeries Arctis Pro or the Audio Technica M50X.

Putting Together a Streaming Rig

When looking to livestream from a PC, generally it’s a mixture of software and hardware. Software in the form of OBS Studio to manage multiple video inputs and encoding and hardware like NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX range of GPUs – which feature livestream-friendly technology like RTX Broadcast. In addition to the all-important power required to keep your PC games running smoothly.

Streaming is also social, it’s about fostering relationships and being a part of a community. For this reason, the Elgato Stream Deck is worth its weight in gold. Via offering quick one-button access to social media functions and OBS shortcut controls for capturing clips, or simply monitoring your stream, it lets you focus on the good stuff.

Finally, getting a good-looking floating head or upper torso into your broadcast requires a mix of external lighting and a green screen. Lighting is one of the things often overlooked, but it’s something that adds a professional sheen to any broadcast - and is ultimately essential.

The Final Ingredient… You

Outside of gear and equipment and games to play, one of the key reasons people tune into any stream is, well, you. Taking any stream to the next level involves showcasing your own personality and style – that is verbally, visually, and with your own thumbnails, overlays and emotes. And with the right gear, showcasing your personality becomes easier than ever – you’re basically at the final stage, ready to tackle the final boss, only with an anticipatory audience, hanging on your every move, word and shriek.

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