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Post by AdrianHaas @ 03:33pm 01/03/21 | Comments
Octavia Prime brings the beat back in style as we go through the ins and outs of one of the most interesting Frames out there.

Octavia, of one of the most unique and truly bizarre Frames ever created, has just been Primed. Octavia Prime launches with extra shields and energy, accompanied by her signature weapons, the slash-dealing Grineer-shredding Tenora Prime, and the one-hit-crit pistol Pandero Prime.

Octavia is the only musically themed (and powered) Warframe, she even has her own unique instrument, the Mandachord. The quest to obtain (non-Prime) Octavia and her instrument is rather special, and one of the more memorable journeys in the game. It’s one I can highly recommend undertaking.

In fact, the following trailer for Octavia Prime’s debut showcases just how cool she is.

Music defines the entirety of Octavia's abilities, and it's all based around the Mandachord. This is a basic step sequencer, complete with its own set of instrument samples, capable of producing intricate songs.

The quest to obtain (non-Prime) Octavia and her instrument is rather special, and one of the more memorable journeys in the game.

There are of course default patterns you can use but composing music is super easy - just click the tile in the bass, melody or percussion line. Combining and looping the various notes and instruments into an awesome sounding track however, requires a certain skill, which, after many hours of trial and mostly error -- I can confidently say I do not possess. Thankfully songs can be shared via in-game Chat, and importing someone else's creation is simple.

Octavia's abilities synergise with a synchronicity unlike any other Frame, and as mentioned it all revolves around the sounds created with the Mandachord. Her first ability Mallet is a stationary orb that pulses and reflects damage to enemies in time with the Mandachord's percussion track.

When used in conjunction with the Resonator's bass track (2nd ability) the Mallet's damage is boosted as it becomes mobile, seeking & taunting enemies. Activating the 4th ability Amp will double the range of Mallet, and applies an additive damage bonus based on the area's ambient sounds (including footsteps, weapon & enemy sounds) as well as the Mandachord's output. It’s awesome to watch play out.

And the 3rd ability? Well, Metronome provide a variety of buffs to Octavia and fellow squad members by utilising the Mandachord's melody track. The most useful of these is Nocturne, which, when activated by crouching in time with the rhythm, renders the Warframe invisible. Jumping will apply a speed buff (Vivace), shooting weapons in sync activates Opera and provides a multishot buff, and using melee weapons in time with the music grants the bonus melee damage buff Forte.

Octavia's abilities synergise with a synchronicity unlike any other Frame, and it all revolves around the sounds created with the Mandachord.

As you might imagine, performing these actions in time with a complicated melody can be tricky, even with the Metronome's visual indicator. Which is why some players opt for creating a boring repetitive soundtrack in order to simplify the process by providing a steady beat. My own song is so bad I've turned the volume right down to spare people's eardrums, but it does mean you can just spam Crouch to turn invisible.

Adding music into a game all about reacting in the moment and you're probably thinking Octavia has to be one of the most difficult, awkward, or pain in the arse Frames in existence. You'd be wrong. Sure, there's a bit of preparation involved in creating or importing a song in the Mandachord. And you want to be sure your energy management game is on point, thanks to the heavy ability use. But it's really quite simple, and you'll quickly realise just how amazing (and somewhat overpowered) Octavia can be.

My Mod setup is a balanced mix of Strength Range and Efficiency, weighted a little more for Duration. Plus Flow (Prime) for a larger energy pool. After deploying into the mission it's just a case of filling your energy pool and activating all your abilities simultaneously.

It should be noted that Resonator isn't always required. If Octavia is invisible (Nocturne) it isn't necessary to taunt mobs away. Additionally Resonator can be detrimental when fighting melee-based enemies like Infested, as they will continually chase the Resonator instead of attacking the Mallet.

Also, keep spamming Crouch. If you don't have a handy Hildryn, Protea, Trinity, or other energy-generating squadmate available, Zenurik Energizing Dash every so often provides all the energy needed to keep those fresh beats flowing.
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