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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:11am 01/11/20 | Comments
A brand new category has been made with the Guiness World Record group to acknowledge Aussie Luke Millanta's amazing content creation journey...

Sydney-based Steam content creator, Luke Millanta, has broken new ground by becoming the first content creator to be acknowledged as having the most followers for his creations through the Steam Workshop by the Guiness World Records. Not to be confused with that other type of 'content creator', Luke's passion and diligence for what he does to arm players with the ability to make their avatars and wares stand out is what got him here today. And we chatted with him about the prestigious award.

AusGamers: You’ve been at this caper a while now, and the last time we covered you was over five years ago. This is a big honour, obviously, but can you explain your day to day and the level of work that goes into not just maintaining your stature, but growing it?

Luke Millanta: I love to create things, whether that be as part of my day job or in my spare time. My day job involves me writing code and leading a team to build new products, so when it comes to the afterhours stuff, I like to do something different – create 3D models, build Counter-Strike maps, etc.
Such work allows me to turn my brain off and focus on something different for a while. I upload these creations to the Workshop when they are ready, but there is certainly no schedule to it. I would never be able to keep to a regular upload schedule just due to the obligations my day job imposes upon me.

In terms of growing my following, I think I have been somewhat fortunate to always be collaborating with a Fnatic or a Complexity or a Razer. This gives my work a huge amount of exposure that most normally would not have. I do not undertake such work for said exposure, I do it because I love the brands and enjoy the work, but I certainly recognise this added benefit.

AusGamers: What, in your heart of hearts, does this accolade and achievement mean to you?

Luke: It always makes me smile knowing that my works have brought joy to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of gamers worldwide. This award is simply another way of reminding me of that fact and, as a result, it has found a very special place on my wall, where I will always be able to see it while I work.

AusGamers: How did the award come about? Did Guinness find you, or did you reach out to them?

Luke: I heard through the grapevine that Guinness was interested in creating more records for gamers, I therefore reached out to see if they would be interested in creating some records relating to content creation. They were and, after confirming that I was indeed the most subscribed-to content creator, which took them quite a bit of time, awarded me with this amazing award!

AusGamers: What is your relationship with Valve, are you, say, a first name basis with Gabe?

Luke: It may surprise you to know that I actually have very little connection to Valve. Valve is mostly a closed shop. A lot of people struggle to find a way in. I am no different I am afraid.

That said, I should note that while some might find the ‘cold shoulder’ frustrating, I think this approach by Valve provides the community with more creative freedom when it comes to content creation, tournament organisation, and other areas of business. I quite like it.

AusGamers: With this on your resume, do you have any grand plans in games moving forward?

Luke: I am always looking for new challenges and interesting projects to sink my teeth into, however, at the moment, I am spending most of my time focusing on my day job, as the Chief Technology Officer at Hive Gaming, where I am building some really cool, top secret stuff!

AusGamers: The many changes to Steam over the years as well as generational shifts - how have you kept up with them and philosophically, what is your read on gaming and content creation on the whole?

Luke: I build what I would like to see and play, and what I think others will enjoy seeing and playing. If the community enjoys my work, that is an amazing feeling, if they do not, that is okay too. I would never build something just to get more followers, or because I thought it would be good for PR. I think that is the trick to being a good content creator. Build what you love, because that is when you get the best results, do not force yourself to do things that make you unhappy, people will notice.

Overall, I think the gaming scene is heading in the right direction. The great thing about video games is that they are always getting better and anyone can play them from anywhere in the world. Looking through the lens of a content creator, I am happy to say that more people are creating custom game content than ever before. This scene is home to a great number of amazing people, all of whom are building and releasing beautiful works for gamers everywhere to enjoy. This really excites me, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

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