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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:08pm 27/08/20 | Comments
With Father’s Day fast approaching we’re presenting a look at some of the best gifts for all the gaming dads out there.

There’s just something about a power tool, the whirling of mechanics bits, spinning do-dads, and the sort of buffing power that could turn any rough surface into a showcase for real-time ray-traced reflections. Some would say there’s nothing better than opening the box of a new and fresh electrically powered tool, whilst others would say ‘What the hell is a Stick Arc Inverter Welder’.

If your dad is someone that would have gotten that little ‘RTX On’ joke then this guide has you and him covered. Maybe you’re a father going all reverse Christmas and looking to put a wishlist together for your kids. We’re not gonna judge, whatever it takes to avoid the classic Bunnings voucher eh? Or drill that will get used to drill, err, stuff. Anyway, we’re presenting to you our top gaming themed Father’s Day gift ideas, no matter what type of game your dad is into.

For the DOOM Dad

DOOM is a series that’s been around for while, the very first entry released all the way back in 1993 on these things called Floppy Disks. If your dad recalls the days of Shareware then no doubt he’ll remember the first time he eradicated demons from hell whilst rocking to a MIDI-powered metal soundtrack. With this year’s DOOM Eternal providing one of the most intensive FPS experiences of all time, no doubt any fan of DOOM will always be in need of a beverage. Whether it’s a DOOM Slayer Tankard ($20 USD), a DOOM Eternal Tumbler ($20 USD), or a DOOM Heat Changing Mug ($20 USD). For that spot of herbal post-demonic invasion tea.

For the D&D Dad

If you’ve ever heard your dad utter the phrase ‘six sided dice are for chumps’ then odds are he’s a Dungeons & Dragons fan. Maybe you’ve watched him relive his youth or days when he didn’t work all the damn time to put food on the table for you punk kids whilst listening to the latest Critical Role. You know what they say, there’s nothing better this Father’s Day than the gift of another world. Especially one with an abundance of Mystical Amulets of Gothornia. Grab the Dungeons & Dragons - Baldur's Gate Descent Into Avernus ($60 AUD) campaign to inspire his next adventure, and don’t forget the new Dungeons & Dragons Liquid Steel Dice Set ($25 AUD).

For the Historian Dad

Books about history and World Wars fought against angry men with tiny moustaches can be found at most book-stores. Which in 2020 are usually located online. But tales of yore, of battles long-fought, and histories of lands and peoples exist when it comes to gaming too. But weirdly, the genre cabal likes to put these in the fiction section. Which is where you’ll find the Witcher Boxed Set ($67 AUD), the very same clumps of paper that inspired the CD Projekt RED game series and Netflix TV show. If he likes his tales from “history” more of the industrial revolution but totally weird then there’s Dishonored - The Corroded Man ($8 USD). And if he likes pretty pictures, there’s The Art of DOOM: Eternal (from $65 AUD) available too. And for the tech savy dad there's always the gift of an Audible subscription (1-Month at $16.45 AUD, 3-Month at $48.95 AUD), which offers over 400,000 audio books and podcasts, including the entire The Witcher Saga there as the perfect bedtime story.

For the Comic Book Dad

Comics rival the visual power of video games, giving their own stylistic vision of other worlds. These books have a long history of expanding and inspiring some of the most popular games out there, so why not combine the two like a mad scientist. Like a… comic book villain. Ahem. The Witcher Omnibus ($33.50 AUD) presents a wonderfully realised vision of Geralt. The Legend of Zelda Box Set ($80.96 AUD) presents the manga adaptation of the classic Nintendo franchise for the first time in English. With Dragon Age Magekiller ($33.49 AUD) giving BioWare’s fantasy epic the comic treatment.

For the MMO Dad

With the Stonethorn dungeon add-on arriving just in time for Father’s Day perhaps a gift of The Elder Scrolls Online in fancy Greymoor Collector’s Edition ($249.95 AUD) packaging will set your dad on the path to glory. MMO glory. The Collector’s Edition arrives with a Vampire lord statue and plenty of in-game goodies like armour and pets. Or you could get him a real-world pet in the form of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim "Alduin” ($49.99 USD), a fine desk companion sure to keep away any who dare enter his gaming den.

For the Fallout Dad

Apparently if you're a cigar chompin’ green visor wearing a card shark that plays No Limit Twosy Down High Stakes Pokey, you’re a gamer. And if said person has ever been to Las Vegas no doubt they’re also a fan of post-apocalyptic cityscapes. Combine the two and you get the Lucky 38 Poker Set ($150 USD). For more Fallout goodness why not bring a little of the Brotherhood of Steel into his home with the iconic T-51 Power Armour Pop Vinyl ($19.99 AUD).

For the Star Wars Dad

Whether your father dresses in a scary black life support suit or pilots the fastest ship in the galaxy (the family car), odds are he’s a Star Wars fan. In the age of working from home, or before that, working at some other place that had desks -- well, these iconic Star Wars Desk Lights will be more than happy to join the desk side. Is he a wannabe Imperial pilot after the Star Wars - Tie Fighter Posable Desk Lamp ($78 AUD), or does he align with the light in the Star Wars - Millennium Falcon Posable Desk Light ($78 AUD).

For the VR Dad

A shiny new pair of VR goggles is something any high tech home shouldn’t be without, and with advances in touch controls and inside-out room tracking VR headsets like the Oculus Rift S make that virtual dream a reality. And if you're looking for the perfect VR game to set your dad on a journey into InnerSpace, well, we’ve got you covered. First, put him in a virtual kayak and set him loose on an ex-Soviet base to paddle and stealth his way through the enemy forces of the excellent Phantom Covert Ops ($46.99 AUD). After that, have him pause that 100th Gladiator rewatch to step into the arena of GORN ($28.95 AUD). Finally, as the red stuff settles, let him relax inside the arena meditation of SoundSelf ($39.95 AUD).

For the Board Game Dad

Sometimes nothing beats the humble board game -- and better way to celebrate with your dad after a nice lunch than cracking out a game of Super Mario Monopoly ($68 AUD), Risk, or Civilization as the afternoon drifts away. The Skyrim take on Risk ($52.95 AUD) provides an Elder Scrolls twist on the original experience -- with dragons. But, for a proper Sunday session, crack open Civilization ($88 AUD), some cold drinks, and build empires util the sun comes up. Or, until someone pisses off Gandhi.

For the Nintendo Dad

Not all dads love the fancy home set ups full of giant towers and RGB lighting, some prefer the intimate on-the-go gaming that the Nintendo Switch provides. And on that note the Nintendo Switch GoPlay Game Traveler Pack ($59.95 AUD) is as important as a briefcase to carry important work papers. It has everything he needs to play on-the-go in comfort - a case, a comfy grip, and plenty of room to store games. And when he does settle in for a long session at home, a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller ($99.95 AUD) is the perfect way to ensure your dad gets some quality The Legend of Zelda time.

For the LEGO Dad

LEGO is a timeless gift, and one every dad will appreciate. There’s plenty of gaming and pop culture themed sets on offer like the awesome Overwatch-themed Lego Bastion ($57.25 AUD), the new LEGO Marvel IRON Man ($89.99) helmet makes for a stunning showpiece too. For some dads the allure of a TECHNIC Land Rover Defender ($329.99 AUD) is just too much. Bonus points if you build it with him and pick out the pieces he needs like he did for you as a kid.

For the Music Dad

If your dad always has a record spinning on that mysterious machine that isn’t a glorified Spotify boombox, then Laced Records is the perfect place to track down some fresh cuts. Specialising in videogame music collections, they’ve delivered some stunning vinyl box sets for 2020’s top games. With new and retro collections available packed with art, music and limited edition pieces, any music loving dad will be over the moon with one of these shiny collections. We’re talking: DOOM, Borderlands, BloodBorne, Total War: Three Kingdoms, and more. Head here to check out the collection.

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