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Mother’s Day Gift Guide - Pressies for Gaming Mums
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 06:27pm 04/05/20 | Comments
With Mother’s Day fast approaching we’re presenting a look at some of the best gifts for all the gaming mums out there.

Flowers, chocolates, perhaps one of those gift baskets featuring a suite of scented candles and potpourri. These are the tried and true Mother’s Day gifts that have been passed down from generation to generation - going all the way back to the first cave-bound parents. As we’re well into the 21st century, and the age of digital digitallness, a growing number of mums out there - like all of us - play games.

In the Mother’s Day gift department there’s nothing wrong with flowers or plants per se, it’s just that a gaming mum might prefer Petey Piranha to brighten up her day over a bouquet of daffodils. Same deal with candles, nothing says parental appreciation than a scent ripped from the wastelands of Fallout.

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of Rads in the morning, so no matter what type of game your mum likes, we’ve got you covered.

For the Animal Crossing Mum

Beneath its cute exterior, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing hides a dark interior. A darkness shaped like a Turnip. The Turnip trade in Animal Crossing is rough business, acting in many ways like a real-world stock market on the verge of a crash - where risk and reward can earn you the Bells you need to pay off your loans. Modern day capitalism aside, or front and center when you realise this is a gift guide, why not get mum a nice Animal Crossing Mug ($17.86 AUD). Perfect for sipping coffee whilst checking out Turnip prices. And depending on the subsequent mood, this Animal Crossing Throw Blanket ($54.95 AUD) should do the trick.

For the Fortnite Mum

If we were to dabble in a little stand-up comedy, we might say something along the lines of, “Hey you know what the real Battle Royale is? Trying to get the kids packed and ready for school!” In front of a brick-wall with the relevant spotlight. Ahem. The fun for all ages Fortnite is definitely still one of the biggest Battle Royales out there and here’s a couple of Epic gifts that will let you and mum take the action offline. Via the Fortnite Nerf AR-L Blaster ($88 AUD) and the Fortnite - Super Soaker ($20 AUD).

For the DOOM Mum

A nice relaxing bath ‘id’ the perfect way to calm down after taking on a horde of demons in Nightmare mode. But, if you are still feeling a little on edge and worried about a missed Marauder interrupting your chill-time soak, then the Tubbz DOOM Slayer Duck Figure ($13 USD) will be there to protect you.

For the Call of Duty Mum

There’s only one way your mum should celebrate her latest win in Call of Duty: Warzone; and that is with a nice cocktail toasting the honour of her fallen enemies. Thanks to these AK-47 shaped ice cubes ($14.94 USD) she can be reminded of past glories, fallen enemies, or that time she went from helicopter to water to land in the space of a few seconds. Good times.

For the Super Mario Mum

The Mushroom Kingdom is chock full of wonder, adventure, excitement, danger, and surprisingly portly Italian plumbers. From its humble origins on the NES through to the wonderfully celebration of all things Mario that is Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. So with that in mind, a poseable Petey Piranha ($71.99 AUD) becomes the perfect light for late-night coin and star hunting once all the Goombas have gone to bed. And this Mario Ultimate Home Bundle ($61.99 AUD), well, will make home decor a breeze.

For the VR Mum

Sometimes the best gift is time-apart, a getaway, or time spent alone away from others. Thanks to the current climate just about the only real getaway available is VR. A technology that opens the doors to far-away digital lands, and even beyond. So why not send mum on an exhilarating journey into altered states of consciousness, thanks to the new technodelic VR experience - SoundSelf ($39.95 AUD). Lava lamp sold separately.

For the Skyrim Mum

It’s a fairly simple equation, gaming mums who like jewelry will no doubt enjoy some tasteful video game-themed jewelry. And when it comes to tasteful videogames they don’t come much bigger than Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series and the ubiquitous Skyrim. What makes this franchise and game the ideal place to look for gold, silver, and other precious metals to adorn your skin comes from its roots within the lavish high-fantasy setting of Tamriel. Case in point - this Dawnbreaker Pendant ($45 USD) and Limited Edition Elder Scrolls Necklace ($15 AUD).

For the Star Wars Mum

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away it was written that if you plan on going outside during winter it's best to go prepared. Especially if you live on Hoth, where it’s winter just about every day of the year. This makes the Star Wars - Light-Up Lightsaber Umbrella ($78 AUD) the perfect gift for Star Wars fans. Versatile, practical, and enough energy to take on the Dark Skies of the Force. Also, Baby Yoda ($20 AUD).

For the D&D Mum

For the mum who enjoys adventuring deep in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign or bingeing the latest Critical Role, there’s nothing better than a Mother’s Day gift of another world. From the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount ($60 AUD) to a shiny new set of dice ($35 AUD), these will ensure that your role as a child is destined to be a Critical Hit.

For the MMO Mum

Breakfast in bed, lunch, or dinner prepared by someone that isn’t mum. A gift in and of itself. To step up the experience, why not cook her a themed meal from The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cook Book ($35 USD) - a tome filled with recipes that will make your mum feel like the Jarl of Windhelm. And when she’s finished with her tasting menu be sure to upgrade her Elder Scrolls Online experience with the Greymoor Collector’s Edition ($249.95 AUD) - and let her journey into the dark heart of Skyrim in style.

For the Zelda Mum

No doubt there are many mums out there that grew up adventuring in Hyrule, so this The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Zelda 10" Painted Statue ($160 AUD) will help bring a little Sheikah Slate magic to their bookshelf. And the glowing LEDs will serve as a reminder that one day soon they might need to take up the Master Sword again, and head out on a new adventure.

For the Xbox Mum

A person’s gaming platform of choice is usually a matter of pride and history. And if your mum’s prized possession is her Xbox then these gifts will help settle the matter of where her allegiance are. Especially as visitors walk in to see a Xbox Logo Light ($38 AUD) and Halo - Master Chief with Cortana Pop ($20 AUD) sitting there on a shelf.

For the PlayStation Mum

The PlayStation has a long history of great hardware and awesome games too, and these gifts are sure to spark nostalgia for any mum who can’t get enough of the classics. The Sony - PlayStation Icons Decorative Light ($48 AUD) will let anyone know that her sense of style matches that of her tastes and the Sony - PlayStation One Game Coasters ($25 AUD) are the perfect resting place for a cup of tea.

For the Nintendo Mum

Whether she’s mastered the art of Mario Kart or become a Wii Tennis Pro, Nintendo mums know that gaming is always better with the whole family. And on that front Monopoly - Nintendo Gamer Collector’s Edition ($64.99 AUD) takes the popular board game and moves the location from Mayfair and Park Lane to the residential and property market of the Mushroom Kingdom. The only Mario Party in town that can end up with someone handing the keys to Boswer’s Castle over to a new landlord.

For the Fallout Mum

Let’s face it, walking into a bedroom can be like venturing into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and after cleaning up there’s nothing quite like the sweet taste of Nuka-Cola. Which you can simulate thanks to this Nuka Cola Diner Mug ($20 USD). Or kicks thing up a notch with the Nuka Cola Quantum Pub Glass ($20 USD). And set the right sort of mood thanks to the Fallout 4 VR - Candle ($22 USD).

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