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AusGamers Holiday Buyer’s Guide: 2019 Edition
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 10:49pm 15/12/19 | Comments
From cool gadgets and hardware to awesome game-related merch. Plus, a special VIP section for those with an endless supply of disposable income.

Attention shoppers! It’s that time of the year again. Where the weather gets warmer, the beats fatter, and an even fatter guy from the north-iest region on Earth decides to play the role of God of All Creation by getting all judgemental. Relax Santa dude, naughty or nice is just a state of mind.

Thankfully though, we can bypass all of that nonsense and cut - as a Hollywood producer might say - to the chase. With this handy list of great gift ideas for that special someone in your life, or if you’re simply looking to spend a little of that hard-earned money on that devilishly good looking person you see each and every day in the mirror - me! I mean, you.

Welcome to the AusGamers Holiday Buyer's Guide 2019.

Cool Stuff

To quote the infamous Yoghurt. “Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising. It’s where the real money from the movie is made.” Spaceballs reference aside, the dawn of the digital age, online shopping, and access to an information superhighway means that not only has our propensity to post our thoughts on the latest Star Wars cinematic thing risen drastically. But also, our access to cool shit. I mean, cool stuff.

StarCraft Pylon USB Charger

There’s always a need for two things - more USB ports to charge gadgets, and more Pylons so you’re Cannons have enough power to stop the next rush of Zerglings. Blizzard’s StarCraft Pylon USB Charger serves both needs, offering perhaps the coolest way to charge your phone when sitting at a desk. And as it doubles as a light, perfect for a nightstand or bedside table next to a Nexus. (Note: Power supply is US so local adapter required)

Price: $48 USD | Link

Ring Fit Adventure

If you've seen the ads for yet another 'out there' Nintendo gaming peripheral that is also trying to get you moving and "being active" in the Switch's, Ring Fit Adventure you probably scoffed. But make no mistake, this little gaming/fitness oddity is the real deal and comes packed with classic Nintendo party-esque game design in its mini adventures while challenging you to defy the kinetic energy of the Ring-Con, which upon typing here has us wondering what kind of conventions would be themed around rings -- prob best not to go there. This is light, compact and best of all, delivers on what it promises.

Price: $119 AUD | Link

World of Warcraft Saurfang Statue - Blizzard Legends

Renowned warrior of the Blackrock Clan, Varok Saurfang, has a long history of taking part in many of Warcraft’s most iconic battles. Plus, it’s hard not to simply go past his awesome looking weapon - a huge skull-adorned axe. Available in stature form as part of the Blizzard Legends line-up, the World of Warcraft Saurfang Statue showcases the collection’s vibrant and retro cartoon art style that instantly makes it one of those standout shelf pieces that draws the eye. And the ire of the Alliance.

Price: $72 USD | Link

Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire

While we gave you the fitness option earlier to keep healthy, conversely Johnnie Walker has released a limited edition Game of Thrones-branded set of whiskeys for anyone still lamenting that rushed and, frankly, poorly-handled closure to the television phenomenon. We're certainly not condoning the idea of sipping your woes away (remember, drink responsibly), but a belt or two of either of these is certainly enough to remind you of the times before *that* ending. These will also make a great display piece in any discerning scotch collector's display cabinet.

Price: $86 AUD | Link

Warframe - Rhino Limited Edition Collector’s Statue

This hand-painted statue is a testament to the one-of-a-kind art-style seen in Digital Extreme’s popular free-to-play third-person action sci-fi Warframe. A game that has been a mainstay on all platforms for a few years now, with regular and exciting updates bringing new stuff for players to see and do - and new Warframes to pilot. Rhino being one of those and to borrow some street slang, is one of the original gangsters - a tank-like presence that is a go-to frame for many. And now, Rhino is ready to stand tall on shelves everywhere.

Price: $79.99 USD | Link

Warframe - Ancient Infested Scrawl Skateboard

When we think of merch for games with iconic characters and settings we usually assume it will come in the form of apparel or cool figures and collectibles. This is a little different in that it’s a skateboard emblazoned with awesome graffiti art that at a glance you might not even make the Waframe connection. But imagine you’ve just pulled off a rad kick-flip olley olley oxen free (I know not of skating - Kosta) and someone notices that your board is bodaciously Warframe. That would be SK8TR D0PE. Or something.

Price: $99.99 USD | Link

SEGA Mega Drive Mini

In terms of re-releases and even hardware, the 16-bit Sega Mega Drive or Sega Genesis has seen its fair share of annual love over the years - from collections to licensed mini-consoles. So the, what makes this - the Sega Mega Drive Mini, different? Well, thanks to being a project overseen by Sega of Japan it includes an impressive curated list of classic Mega Drive games in addition to a high-quality miniaturised build.

Price: $139.00 | Link

The C64

Once upon a time the term home computer meant that somehow you managed to get one of those high-tech gadgets NASA used to send people to the Moon, and situate it in a study area. With the versatile Commodore 64 from the 1980s being a home computer that could connect to any display, and run games from cassette tape, the The C64 is historic trip down memory lane. With a fully functional keyboard and a collection of classic games you can pretend it’s the go-go ‘80s again just like they do in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Price: $199.95 | Link

Capcom Home Arcade

With a line-up that reads like an inventory list from a Timezone arcade from 1994 the Capcom Home Arcade is an all-in-one unit that more than lives up to its name. With titles like Final Fight, Alien Vs Predator, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, and more, this carefully curated list of Capcom arcade classics is brought to life in a premium package that includes a pair of high-end competition grade arcade sticks.

Price: $399.00 | Link

Go Go Holiday Hardware

Technology. It surrounds us, binds us. For my ally is a good WiFi connection, and a powerful ally it is. Ahem.Well there you go, first Yoghurt and now Silicon Valley Yoda. Gaming and technology. Enough said.

HyperX Alloy Origins Mechanical Keyboard

A great mechanical keyboard is one of those things that once you experience it’s hard to go back to the old ways, and the HyperX Alloy Origins definitely falls into this category. The best keyboard from the popular hardware maker by far, offers a great feel alongside its sturdy and solid build. Perfect for any sort of gaming.

Price: $199.00 | Link

RIG 700 HD Wireless Headset

The RIG 700 is one of the most popular wireless gaming headsets for good reason, it’s lightweight, comfortable, and features excellent sound bolstered by Dolby Atmos surround technology. The RIG line has been on a roll in recent years, and the RIG 700 sits on the top of their offerings as a premium sound experience that won’t break the bank.

Price: $199.95 | Link

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The G502 mouse from Logitech is one of those classic designs that has been popular for years, and the sort of gaming device that pre-dates the Guile-style Sonic Boom of products we’ve seen in recent years. What makes this version special, and warrant the high asking-price is the addition of a new cutting-edge optical sensor and peerless wireless performance. Plus, the look and feel is brought into the modern era with premium parts and excellent weight and balance.

Price: $249.95 | Link

Razer Seiren Emote

Streaming, broadcasting, podcasting, podracing, Anakin Skywalker. Jar Jar Binks. Allsa roadsa leads to Jar Jar. Ahem. Anyway this microphone from Razer feels very of the now - as it features pixel-LED emotes that you can program, making it perfect for budding Twitch and Mixer streamers everywhere. Throw in excellent broadcast quality audio and you’ll be well on your way to be called up to call the next Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine.

Price: $299.95 | Link

Skullcandy Crusher ANC

Throwing the name Crusher onto a pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones and you might think it’s branding for branding’s sake. But the Skullcandy Crusher ANC lives up to this naming with an option for haptic-style skull shaking bass that you definitely feel. Thankfully there’s the option to turn this feature down a bit, which then lets the excellent audio find room to breathe. With Bluetooth functionality the Skullcandy Crusher ANC is versatile, with a stylish look to boot.

Price: $599.95 | Link

Seagate Backup Portable Plus - 5TB External Drive

Seagate's stamp on the external drive market is undeniable, and as games get larger and larger, the External is still a required companion to your gaming platform of choice before everything can be stored up in that old cloudy sky, or as it will technically be known the CMcCD (Cloudy McCloud Drive). Ahem. The Backup Portable Plus range is our current workhorse, where we've taken them for a run and can confirm, they are sleek and convenient. With Festivus just around the corner, one or two of these beauties could help manage your gaming collection should Father Constanza drop by and leave you a bunch of new games beneath your aluminum pole. Or, you recently signed up to Xbox Game Pass and need the space.

Price: $194 | Link

Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One and PC

Razer's range of headsets has something for everyone, but in the Nari Ultimate for Xbox One and PC what you get is an expanded experience in the sets' Hypersense Intelligent Haptics -- a techno jargon title for what is essentially smart audio rumble for your head. That might sound more threatening than intended, because the sets are incredibly comfortable thanks to the overear cushions that feature a cooling gel. Okay, maybe we're not selling these that well -- they rumble your head and have cooling gel near where your ears are BUT what all of that means is you get an immersive audio experience that is subtle, comfortable and features top-of-the-line audio. Galloping around the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 and feeling the low end bass feedback of each hoof hitting dirt, gravel, wood, mud and grassland just doesn't get old.

Price: $299.95 | Link

Platinum Club Rewards

Welcome to the most exclusive corner of the buyer’s guide, where off-shore bank accounts housing cash, gold, stocks, and bonds that go by the name of Sean or Pierce are conveniently located alongside sunny beach resorts. Where you can order the finest of cocktail beverages served up by those among us that wake-up without the dilemma of figuring out whether or not today feels like a Lamborghini day. Perhaps it’s a Ferrari day. These be the items you can spend that hard-earned holiday bonus on, or treat yourself by flexing your credit rating.

Benq EX3501R UltraWide Gaming Display

One area where PC gaming displays have an edge over consoles and their fancy televisions comes with a focus on refresh rates, response times, and the ability to showcase fluid gameplay thanks to tech like GSYNC and FreeSync. Next to this though, and perhaps the secret weapon, comes with the ability to use an ultrawide display - which adds immeasurably to immersion. It’s like comparing a cinema screen to normal display and the Benq EX3501R UltraWide display is one that definitely impresses.

Price: $999.95 | Link

ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti OC Edition

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is still the king of all things graphics when it comes to PC gaming - and can readily output 4K 60 frames-per-second on most tiles with the detail settings cranked to the limit. And as far as 2080 Ti cards go - the ASUS ROG Strix version - OC edition - offers overclocking out of the box, just because it can. And with the right sort of cooling to match - this is also the most intimidating, in terms of size, graphics card too.

Price: $2099 | Link

Alienware M17 Gaming Laptop

Speaking of GeForce RTX 2080, the high-end build of Alienware's M17 Gaaming Laptop comes jam-packed with power and excellent visual output with a something like Metro Exodus running at 70-odd FPS at 1080p. While that's not 4K and 90-plus, the smaller screen more than makes up for it and the machine is also sleek and relatively light given the tech inside. The price might seem a little steep, but remember, you're a Platinum Club Member, so you deserve it.

Price: $3698.99 AUD | Link

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