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PlayStation 4 January Sale Guide – Our Picks of the Best Games to Chill With This Summer
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 09:03pm 04/01/19 | Comments
To celebrate the PlayStation January Sale we've partnered with PlayStation Australia to bring you our picks of the best games and deals that we could find.

As the holiday season hits its stride and the weather gets warmer, relaxing at home or on holiday is all but mandated by law. Summer fun in the summer sun or sitting underneath the cool breeze of some refrigerated air. The summer heat and the holidays also mean several great retail deals just about everywhere you go. Across all manner of cool stuff too - from games to consoles to other bits of hardware.

Thanks to the PlayStation Summer Sale though you don’t need to leave the comfort of your couch or gaming setup in order to snag a great deal or two. And with our handy PlayStation 4 Summer Sale Guide, you’re but a few button-presses or clicks away from being immersed in an expansive digital world full of wonder and mystery and action – at the fraction of the original price.

The Exclusives

Marvel’s Spider-Man
Save 45% | Link

One of the most iconic and beloved comic book characters of all time finally gets the videogame he deserves, with Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac and Sony. This PlayStation 4 exclusive, and fastest selling Sony Interactive game of all time, offers a truly awe-inspiring digital New York City to explore as both Peter Parker in geeky science mode and as his web-slinging alter-ego Spider-Man. Swinging through the financial district or fighting crime in a back-alley, with the added power of the PlayStation 4 Pro it also has the distinction of being one of the best-looking titles currently available regardless of platform. Throw in fast-paced combat that makes full use of Spider-Man’s abilities and an epic cinematic story full of twists and turns and you get a game that is in all regards as impressive as any Marvel film.

God of War
Save 60% | Link

More than a brilliant action-adventure, God of War from Sony's Santa Monica Studio is a triumph. One of the defining interactive experiences of this generation, it weaves a grand and branching story set in the world of Norse mythology alongside an intimate tale between a father and son. It’s no wonder it won multiple awards at this year’s The Game Awards, including Game of the Year. And even though it’s the eighth game in the God of War series, God of War doesn’t require any knowledge of events that have come before to get the most out of it. Instead just about anyone can pick it up and marvel at the immersive and ground-breaking design that expertly blends action and story with exploration, in one of the most breathtaking digital worlds ever created.

When Things Go Boom

Call of Duty: Black Ops IV
Save 35% | Link

Because hey, sometimes all you want is some mindless fun. Okay, so Call of Duty: Black Ops IV is certainly a lot more than mindless, but by focussing strictly on the multiplayer side of the Call of Duty franchise Black Ops IV manages to deliver just about the best version of that to date. Plus, in a surprising turn, the battle royale-inspired Blackout mode not only runs smooth but is brilliant fun to boot. And a great fit for the fast-paced action that has defined Call of Duty multiplayer in recent years. Throw in the standard suite of CoD multiplayer modes, a generous number of maps, in addition to three lengthy zombie co-op campaigns, and weirdly you get the best value for money for a CoD we’ve seen in a while. Even without a single-player campaign.

Rainbow Six Siege
Save 70% | Link

The tactical shooter genre is one with a long history, dating all the way back to Ubisoft’s first Rainbow Six game from 1998. Although more of a turn-based affair it laid the groundwork for the successful franchise and the eventual release of the most recent Rainbow Six called Rainbow Six Siege. A team-based competitive shooter that has changed dramatically since its original debut in 2015. From major overhauls to working alongside its passionate community, Rainbow Six Siege has grown to become a major player in the competitive scene both locally and globally. It’s a lot of fun to play with friends and strangers, so there’s no better time to jump in.

The Right Assassin For You

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey / Assassin’s Creed Origins
Odyssey: Save 52% | Link / Origins: Save 75% | Link

Things looked a little shaky there for a minute when it came to Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise, but with the recent release of both Origins and Odyssey the series has been reborn as an epic open-world RPG. One that can sit comfortably alongside some of the genre’s greats. And even though this should be the part of the write-up where we tell you that the Ancient Greek setting of Odyssey is superior to the Ancient Egyptian setting of Origins, or vice versa – we’re a little torn. Both settings and entries offer fantastic worlds to explore, great combat, and endearing protagonists. So, the question then becomes, would you rather scale the heights of the Parthenon or the Great Pyramids? There’s no wrong answer.

Hitman 2
Save 52% | Link

A success story is always welcome in the world of interactive entertainment. Case in point, the recent history of Hitman developer IO Interactive. After almost shutting its doors completely, it managed to not only retain the Hitman license in an agreement with rights-holder Square Enix, but it also managed to dive back in and create the excellent Hitman 2. Building on the success of the episodic original, Hitman 2 offers players large sandbox environments for them to wander around in and take out all manner of targets as iconic bald assassin Agent 47. From infiltrating a Formula One race to a visiting a small suburban town, not many series out there offer as much variety and replayability as Hitman does.

Summer Scares

Resident Evil 7
Save 55% | Link

Capcom’s Resident Evil series is experiencing a resurgence of late, thanks mostly to the success of Resident Evil 7 – the downright creepiest horror game to come along in a while. Not for the faint of heart Resident Evil 7 offers plenty of scares and genuinely intense moments throughout its memorable campaign. Played via a first-person perspective, a first for the series, this adds immeasurably to the immersion. Then again playing this one on PlayStation VR after the sun goes down is highly recommended too. But fair warning, you probably won’t feel at ease again until the sun begins to rise anew.

Fun For the Entire Family

Fortnite - Standard Founder’s Pack
Save 50% | Link

The free-to-play global phenomenon that is Fortnite is no doubt being enjoyed by millions of PlayStation 4 owners this holiday season. Odds are you’re probably reading this in between rounds. The fast-paced builder, battle royale, and free-for-all shooter is quite unlike anything the industry has ever seen. And for those new to Fortnite or have unwrapped a shiny new PlayStation 4 console mere days ago - the Standard Founder’s Pack is worth it. In addition to access to the fun PvE campaign that served as the pre-cursor to the Battle Royale mode called ‘Save the World’, you also get loot for Fortnite in the form of banners and Loot Pinata Packs.

Save 52% | Link

Summer time means sport, especially for those of us here in Australia. And sure, soccer is more of a winter thing and not as Aussie as say test-cricket. But there’s a reason it’s referred to as the world sport and why EA’s FIFA franchise continually makes the top seller list each year. If soccer is the world’s sport, then FIFA is the world’s sports game. As an annual release you might think that the story here is more of the same, but FIFA 19 offers some meaningful changes over previous entries. Including new finishes and the addition of both Champions League and the Europa League, making it feel like more of a complete package than ever before.

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