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Cards on the Table - Hands-On with the Star Wars Battlefront Beta
Post by Joaby @ 08:10am 06/10/15 | Comments
Joaby went to Stockholm in Sweden to play the Star Wars Battlefront beta before it goes live this week. Read on to find out what he thought...

The Heroes are probably the reason you're playing a Star Wars game, right? I realise there are some people who love the idea of being a Stormtrooper -- hell, if you've ever seen the 501st Legion in action you can sort of even see the appeal -- but the Heroes are the main attraction. In the beta you'll have access to two heroes -- Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, and both of them absolutely shred.

By holding on the right mouse button you can block blaster fire, meaning everything from AT-ST fire to regular old pew pew pews will bounce back at the firer. Your other abilities are mapped to the number keys on a short cool down, and you can do things like dash forward, throw your lightsaber or force push an enemy down. You're a one hit kill machine while you're wielding a lightsaber, but that doesn't mean you're unstoppable. You lose health over time as you move through the battlefield, but you can regain health by killing enemies -- theoretically you can extend your life significantly by just straight slaying, but this is unlikely.

One of the key things about the heroes is that the powerups to attain them spawn randomly, which means there's an degree of luck involved in even becoming a hero. If you've noticed from the footage -- I only got to play as Darth Vader one time during my entire play session, and it was (of course) during one of the sessions I didn't record. Basically, if you see this icon -- beeline for it.

Another big deal in the beta is the cards system.Instead of classes, like in Battlefield games, Battlefront allows you to put together your own loadout by selecting a 'hand' of cards. The cards are unlocked through leveling up as well as spending in-game space bucks, boiling the system down to something vaguely reminiscent of Call of Duty's system. Certain cards only work in certain slots, but it boils down to three items you can choose from. You can see the options available right here -- the jump pack, a sniper rifle, a personal shield, a grenade, etc.

It's an odd system, to be honest. The ability to wield a sniper rifle and a blaster at the same time gives players the capacity to do significant damage through little skill -- the sniper rifle is an instakill headshot, but to the body it does a staggering 90% damage. This means you can ping someone in the body and then just spray and pray until they drop dead. Typically a player has to choose between the slow one shot weapon or the rapid fire medium damage gun, but thanks to the cycler rifle's existence as a card Battlefront removes that choice.

There's also no separation between the two side's loadouts -- both teams appear to get access to the same weapons and loadouts. It means the only differences between the teams exist either visually or in the asymmetry of the levels themselves.

Another big element you might notice in the game is the existence of matchmaking. Instead of a server browser, which has been in DICE games in some form since Codename Eagle, the only option for getting into a game in Star Wars Battlefront is matchmaking.

You can see it in action -- you select the mode you want to play and you immediately begin to find a server. It was simple enough in our play session, which was a deliberately controlled environment, and teaming up with friends (or at least people sitting nearby) didn't seem to be a hassle. But the simulated environment we played in might not reflect the real world situation -- naturally, that's what a stress test beta is designed to measure.

The beta itself is out in just a few days, and it's open to all comers -- there's no need to sign up for a key or anything, just download it via Origin or on the PSN or Xbox One Store when it's live.

Survival of the Fittest

Survival Mission is a co-op mode for you and a friend which features AI enemies, a disembodied Admiral Ackbar head and up to 50 waves for you to defeat. It's essentially a Horde mode -- you have a set number of lives and you need to kill as many waves of enemies as you can. As you progress through the waves they get more complicated, throwing powered up Stormtroopers at you as well as Chicken Walkers, and possibly more.

It's actually not a bad way to acclimatise yourself with the game -- you earn ranks and credits by completing the mode, which means you can get a few weapons and cards before you jump into the thick of things alongside a bunch of people who have been playing for longer than you.

Think of it more as a tutorial than anything -- you get hands on with a full hand of cards immediately, which you won't have access to for quite some time in the normal game modes. It also teaches you what power-ups look like, and the basic function of the drop pods -- many people didn't realise the drop pods in Drop Zone spit out power-ups, and I only made the connection because I saw it occur in Survival.

You can probably see it right now, but the AI is kinda dumb. Unfortunately the beta appears to lock the difficulty to Normal, which means I wasn't able to really test the limits of the mode -- it also ends at Wave 6, before things start to get really interesting.

One of the more interesting elements in the mode is the collection mechanic. The faint light blue circles you can see in the sky represent collectable items you can grab if you want to keep things interesting -- I'd like to say I'm not showing you their locations to keep it interesting for you, but I actually just couldn't find them all. How embarrassing.

In the beta, the Tatooine Survival Mission is just a taste of things to come. I'd wager they kept it short and sweet to get you into the real meat of the game -- it's a technical stress test, after all, so they probably want people playing the multiplayer modes Drop Zone and Walker Assault.

In the (Drop) Zone

Drop Zone is a twist on King of the Hill -- a Drop Pod full of powerups crashes into the earth, and each team competes to capture and then control the pod for 40 seconds to capture it. Upon capture the Drop Pod spits out powerups and another Pod falls to the ground elsewhere on the map.

I have a soft spot for team-based King of the Hill variants. It's not just that they organically create teamwork, though that is a huge part of it. They also give players an excuse to explore every part of a map, which gives level designers room to create interesting maps full of one way chokepoints, multi-level mini-arenas and long distance kill tunnels.

Sullust is exactly that sort of map, too. The channels of igneous rock create corridors for action while giving wily players the option to explore and find alternate routes to objectives. Dark black overhangs give players somewhere to hide while they recover health, but they only protect you if your enemy is attacking from a certain direction. Snipers can edge all the way around to find an angle on an unsuspecting enemy, but they need to go far out of their way to find such a spot.

The other thing about King of the Hill variants is that they encourage players to take risks, and Drop Zone is perfect for that. The Drop Pod needs to be 'activated' by holding down E for three seconds while you're looking at it, giving bold players the excuse they need to dive in for a cheeky cap at the last second.

Of course, these modes all have issues, and Drop Zone is no different. The art of a solid spawning system is extremely complex, and a series of ever changing objectives increases the complexity significantly. The game needs to balance all sorts of things -- it wants to put you near-ish the action, but not so near as to eliminate the advantage the other team earned by killing you. It wants to put you near teammates, but not so near as to give you a numbers advantage by default. Obviously it doesn't want to telefrag you or anyone else, it doesn't want to spawn you in amongst your enemies, and it needs to do all of this while the 'action' it's trying to put you near is moving every minute or so. So yeah, it does happen that you'll spawn behind people on occasion. I'm not making excuses for it, just giving you a heads up -- it's going to happen.

Power-ups give the successful team an advantage heading to the next drop point, but nothing so significant that their opponents can't come back from it. In fact, if you can force the capping team off their drop pod you can steal the power-ups for yourself -- provided you don't waste too much time getting to the next pod.

Sullust is a great environment for a battlezone, though in the beta it seems to favour the Rebel Alliance a little. It's not a distinct advantage, but the dirty whites of the Stormtroopers' iconic armour stands out against the black rock of the volcanic world. It's very pretty, but it does make them a little easier to find than the brown outfits the Rebels wear.

Overall Drop Zone on Sullust is a tight twist on the King of the Hill concept. The idea of the team score being linked to Drop Pods captured gives the low scoring matches a tense feeling that can be lost when chasing a 'first to 200,000 points' objective. If a Drop Pod is being captured when the 10 minute timer hits zero, the game keeps running, and there's overtime, which makes me think EA might try to pitch this to the eSports crowd. Whether it makes the connection or not remains to be seen.

Walker the Walk

For those of you expecting a Conquest type mode, be forewarned -- that's not Walker Assault. Walker Assault bears far more in common with Rush, the mode DICE introduced with Bad Company. It's an interesting twist on the concept, actually, flipping the dynamic on its head -- while the Imperial army is the team moving forwards, it's actually the Rebel forces who are the aggressors. The secret is in the name -- it's an assault on the two lumbering AT-AT Walkers, not an assault by them.

Because the concept is flipped, progress through the map is tied not to successful completion of the Rush objectives, but instead to time -- the Walkers move ever onwards, and at about 5 minutes each round they will pause while the Rebels get a chance to do as much damage as they can to them. Progress is defined by the two circles at the top of the screen -- the health of the Walkers themselves. If the Walkers are alive when the round ends, the Empire wins. If they both die, the Rebels are victorious. It's pretty simple, but it's interesting nonetheless.

In our time with the game, the Rebels only won once. And not through lack of trying either -- it just so happens that in the build we played, fortune heavily favoured the Empire. They get a buttload of vehicles, from AT-STs to Tie Fighters to the AT-AT itself, and all of them are capable of dealing heavy damage. The AT-AT has access to three weapons, in fact, including an Orbital Strike reminiscent in effectiveness of the old Arty barrages from BF2.

The Rebels, on the other hand, get a pair of X-Wings. It's a challenging first phase, and putting hurt on the AT-ATs can be difficult when you're being wiped out by a near invincible Chicken Walker.

The round we won as Rebels saw me spend nearly my entire round inside an X-Wing or A-Wing -- which the Rebels get access to in the second phase -- focused on killing the AT-STs when they were alive.

Hoth itself is an interesting map. It's quite open, and the natural incline to the mountainside hanger makes it oddly dangerous. The rebels have a slight disadvantage, as their beige overcoats contrast against the snow more than the white Stormtrooper armour.

As you learn the map more you can find cheeky attack avenues. Sneaking in behind the Rebel's spawnpoint and jumping into one of their turrets to kill them as they spawn in is a straight up dog act that I engaged in more than a few times. Hiding in the tunnels which lead to the base can get you an upper hand on the Empire, although you should probably be shooting the AT-AT when it's moving to the next phase and not lying in wait in snow tunnels.

These are all actions that are mitigated by experience -- once you know what to look for you shouldn't get caught out -- but they're fun nonetheless. One thing I found extremely compelling was the way the Walkers create a natural momentum to the match. Being essentially invincible except during specific moments, the AT-ATs provide the Empire with a slowly mobile platform of destruction that the Rebels can't do much about. I never got to try out my theory but I believe you're actually better off taking down one Walker completely and then focusing on the other -- the difference in firepower available to the Empire should be staggering.

Survival Mission and Drop Zone are both part of the Star Wars Battlefront beta, but I'd put heavy money on Walker Assault getting the majority of the play time. It's the only mode with heroes, it has vehicles you can pilot and, let's face it, Hoth is awesome.
Read more about Star Wars Battlefront on the game page - we've got the latest news, screenshots, videos, and more!

Latest Comments
Posted 10:14am 06/10/15
I am not too interested in being a hero, I want to be a Stormtrooper/Snowtrooper etc.
Posted 10:28am 06/10/15

Well I mean you could always watch the other videos right ;)
Posted 12:03pm 06/10/15
Joaby, did you talk to the dude or were they pre-answered responses.

I ask because he mentioned the Match Maker system is primary used to make a fair match for a more enjoyable experience. He mentioned NOTHING about community based servers building a community which is arguably a better experience in the long term.

So the MM trade off they are doing is ditching the longer term community spirit of community driven servers for a more anonymous sterile environment for short term gain. I want to know what their response to that is?
Posted 02:01pm 06/10/15
Following on directly from the quote in the video, Tollazor!

We're about 5 minutes into the interview that I was told was going to last 15 minutes.

PR person (who you can hear coughing and ruffling papers in the video): "Last one"
Joabo: "Really? Jeepers. Uhhh ok."
PR Person: "Well two quick ones."
Joabo: "Ok well a real quick one. I don't suppose you have any specific information whether there will be dedicated servers world-wide, and more specifically dedicated servers in Australia?"
Niklas: "I don't actually know the answer to that."
PR Person: "We will get back to you."
Joabo:"Thank god that wasn't my last question."
Joabo: "Traditionally DICE has had a really good relationship with game server providers around the world. Does this change to server browsers mark a shift in the way GSPs and DICE interact?"
Niklas: "From my perspective it is really 'What is the experience I want people to have?' And to me when it comes to living out these Star Wars fantasies I want people to have a good experience, a fair experience, just the best possible playground. That's what I can answer for and that's what I want players to have."
Joaby: "Ok. Thanks for your time."

He was the Design Director, so he wasn't really the person to chase this stuff with anyway. But I never got another interview with anyone else so I gotta use what I've got. I'd already pushed him hard on another issue where he reverted to his media trained responses very quickly, so I don't think I was going to get anything useful out of him on the topic anyway, unfortunately. But I figured this community would want to know, so I asked. Sorry I don't have anything more substantial.
Posted 05:14pm 06/10/15
Posted 10:15pm 06/10/15
specs according to origin

Minimum PC System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
Processor (Intel): Intel i3 6300T or equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
Hard Drive: At least 40 GB of free space
Graphics card (NVIDIA): nVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB
Graphics card (ATI): ATI Radeon HD 7850 2GB
DirectX: 11.0 Compatible video card or equivalent
Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection

Recommended PC System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 10 or later
Processor (Intel): Intel i5 6600 or equivalent
Memory: 16GB RAM
Hard Drive: At least 40 GB of free space
Graphics card (NVIDIA): nVidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB
Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB
DirectX: 11.1 Compatible video card or equivalent
Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection
Posted 12:58am 07/10/15
THANK YOU very much, Joaby. A fine job, as always. I hope you enjoyed the trip.
I note you have NOT lost your aiming skills, mate. Fine gaming, and tactical movement. You should do more videos, I can still learn from you.
Very funny to compare with the Gamespot review. Very poor aim and stand still to shoot, and of course a none too glowing impression. But I do take his point, this game is really for the experienced players to revel in. Don't stand next to the pod if you have little situational awareness and poor skillz.
I pre-ordered a while ago, and I am saving the best of my poor worn out muscles for a mad burst of action while Battlefront has a good crowd. I hope that lasts a long time.
My only comment was that the mini-map seemed far too small and hardly informative. But that might be a hidden plus as I was always caught out by not watching it close enough in Hardline.
I hope to see you in game Joaby. Thanks again.
Posted 09:47am 07/10/15
I still think it's lol you can use a rifle and sniper rifle in the same loadout. Joaby could have rekt them, do a quick spray down with blaster to dip them all below 90 health and then get ez chest shots with sniper.
Posted 10:42am 07/10/15
Is it possible to preload the beta? I fired up origin last night but I couldn't see it anywhere
Posted 12:31pm 07/10/15
nah i don't think you can :s
Posted 09:02pm 07/10/15
Is it possible to preload the beta? I fired up origin last night but I couldn't see it anywhere

Yeah you can. Log into Origin, free games, betas then select download. 10Gb or so.
Posted 10:55pm 07/10/15

Posted 11:07am 08/10/15
Sooo. This beta starts today or is it based on the 8th american time?
Posted 11:22am 08/10/15
Starts at 6pm tonight I think, give or take an hour due to daylight savings shenanigans
Posted 11:36am 08/10/15
This I find acceptable. I will partake in this beta tonight.

Hopefully we'll luckily found ourselves on the same server.
Posted 12:39pm 08/10/15

I finally got to do a hero fight. There's actually a few hero fights out there, but they're almost all staged s*** the youtubers put together at the Stockholm event.
Posted 01:02pm 08/10/15
You call that a fight? It was more like a hay it's Vader, aww he's dead.

No epicness. FAIL.

I demand another video.
Posted 01:02pm 08/10/15
7pm tonight it opens up Syd time. dunno when that is for you backwards ass DST-less qlders ;P
Posted 01:09pm 08/10/15

7pm tonight it opens up Syd time. dunno when that is for you backwards ass DST-less qlders ;P

6pm sucker. We get to play it before you, or something like that ;)
Posted 01:32pm 08/10/15
hahaha why am I not surprised, you f***** d***bags! ;P
Posted 01:48pm 08/10/15
I downloaded it this morning. Only another 5 hours and 12min to go.
Posted 02:29pm 08/10/15
I left it on overnight and when I woke up Origin had crashed windows, so thats not an encouraging sign :(

Hopefully the download finished before that happened
Posted 03:57pm 08/10/15
You call that a fight? It was more like a hay it's Vader, aww he's dead.

No epicness. FAIL.

I demand another video.
Does that sate your unquenchable bloodlust?
Posted 04:17pm 08/10/15
Not sated, I guess I'll just have to do it myself ;)
Posted 04:44pm 08/10/15
Remember to look out for this Quake looking icon

Posted 04:46pm 08/10/15
Are the power up spawn locations always the same, or just random places on the map?
Posted 04:53pm 08/10/15
Vehicle powerups are always the same depending on the phase, hero powerups appear to cycle through maybe 5 or 6 different 'general' powerup locations and only spawn when certain conditions are met (which they wouldn't explain to me)
Posted 05:30pm 08/10/15

Remember to look out for this Quake looking icon

Pick up Quad Damage, Old Skool style.
Posted 05:34pm 08/10/15
Twitter says it opens at 1PM ET which is 3:00am Aest :/
Posted 06:27pm 08/10/15
It must have changed, I'm sure I looked it up a couple of days ago and it was gonna be 6pm tonight, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered preloading :(
Posted 06:30pm 08/10/15
Well origin says it's available 8th at 6:00 pm, so I'm hoping that is regionalised and that other date is for the yanks or something.
Posted 06:49pm 08/10/15
yeah toll mine says available at 7pm so we set brah :D
Posted 07:01pm 08/10/15
Just got an e-mail. Looks like it's good to go now!
Posted 07:01pm 08/10/15
It's open.
Posted 07:05pm 08/10/15
lol got an xwing straight.

Crashed it soon after.
Posted 07:17pm 08/10/15
Does it allow for like an Xbox controller to be set up for the vehicle controls and mouse and keyboard on foot? I always sucked at fling the planes in battlefield with mouse and keyboard.

Also, I think the matchmaking might take people on your friends list into account when matching you into games? So everyone should spam their origin details here or in some other thread so some of us might end up in games together.

I'm not home yet so I can't remember my name on origin but theres a pretty good chance its Khelzor
Posted 07:17pm 08/10/15
Well we got rekt, some people that have played before on the other team ;)
Posted 07:34pm 08/10/15
yeah 32/5 2nd game, getting the hang of it. Got Vader, but spawned nowhere near enemy and died
Posted 08:07pm 08/10/15
Imperials have won every time so far lol
Posted 08:48pm 08/10/15
still trying to download this stupid game. when it's downloading it completely throttles my internet connection preventing me from doing anything else. also, every 10 minutes or so it just stops downloading for no reason.
Posted 09:38pm 08/10/15
heaps fun, looks awesome, is unbalanced as f***.
Posted 09:45pm 08/10/15
I had a game in this version of the beta where the rebels won.

Surprise surprise I spent literally all of it in an X-Wing shooting AT-STs and Tie Fighters out the sky to make it happen.
Posted 10:56pm 08/10/15
yeah it's pretty unbalanced lol.

ATAT are way to strong and players shouldnt be able to rack up 40+ kills vertually risk free.
Posted 11:36pm 08/10/15
The game runs well and looks good on my PC, Which is nice.

Yeah, Hoth is unbalanced. I did manage to have a game where rebels won though. Over all seems alright, a bit spammy though.
Posted 12:02am 09/10/15
Finally, saw a game were rebels won, not sure how. I didn't see our ATAT dudes call down orbital strikes :/
Posted 12:07am 09/10/15
Hehe, I played the survival mission a few times and drop zone a few times before trying Hoth, had two games on Hoth as imperials and the rebels won both times :(

Seemed like I was the only person doing stuff like using the tunnels to get around behind the rebels, our whole team just used to run accross the snow getting picked off trying to get to the com stations. Driving the AT-AT and raining down hell is pretty awesome fun though.

I seem to suck much less at it than Battlefield too, actually suprised myself how well I was doing. I think playing Destiny has actually improved my FPS skills, I find myself going for (and getting) a lot more headshots now than I used to.
Posted 02:03am 09/10/15
just got home from work. couldn't find a server. oh well. i have tomorrow off
Posted 05:18am 09/10/15
Played it for a bit last night, was good fun and did feel very Star War'ish. It's f*****g awesome the first time you get Darth Vader and just wreck half a dozen rebels by yourself, oh joy :D

My only comment, and it's more of a general comment on multiplayer FPS these days is WTF is with f*****g unlock progression systems for competitive online games! I was playing the smaller 8 v 8 gametype this morning, and half the enemy team had the f*****g jet pack, and here I am going - oh well, I can't do that. Total BS.

Other than that, it's fun. Not sure about the replayablity/longevity though.
Posted 07:21am 09/10/15
I think with star wars games recently, they have tried to be too iconic. They need to reign in that and expand more on non-iconic stuff. To me, SWTOR is chock-a-block full of iconic crap and I did not care for it.
Posted 10:33am 09/10/15
Game is amazing and so much fun, they really have the star wars feel down 100%

I love the power ups as opposed to vehicles sitting around waiting for someone to jump in.

Imperials wreak Hoth but true to the movie I guess lol

I thought my PC would struggle when I loaded the game it suggested everything on Low, I have it on high and I'm getting 45-50fps which is nice on a 750ti

I downloaded it on PS4 too just to compare, definitely a PC game going to switch my PS4 preorder to fallout 4 instead.

last edited by Meddek at 10:33:06 09/Oct/15
Posted 10:39am 09/10/15
I find the Cycler Rifle, Jetpack, Personal Shield and the Heavy Rifle to be the only loadout worth taking on the Imperial side.

For the Rebel side, It's Ion Grenade, Jetpack, Personal Shield and Heavy Rifle.

The other items just aren't worth it imo. You need the Ion Grenade to do any real damage to the ATAT's or to quickly take down a ATST, as you simply can't rely on picking up a rocket launcher randomly or an Orbital strike. I've picked up 7 hero's and 1 Orbital Strike so far...

The Jetpack is almost a must, due the massive extra maneuverability it gives. The personal shield makes turning on/off the relay links super easy and the heavy rifle is pretty accurate at medium range, use the cycler for long range and spam them with the heavy rifle.
The heavy rifle also does reasonable damage to ATST's and aircraft.

There just isn't that much difference between the blaster rifles though. The 2 standard rifles are almost the same, the hand held blaster is pretty though for close - medium range, it's often better than the heavy rifle at close range, go figure.
Posted 11:31am 09/10/15
Yeah, I was trying out the different blasters in the survival mode last night cos I haven't ranked up enough to unlock them yet. Looking at the stats, I thought the heavy blaster would be the worst, it has by far the lowest damage, but it ended up being my favourite. The range and the rate of fire on it just make it kick ass.

Would be nice if it started you with at least some kind of basic loadout unlocked though, like Zapo I jumped into the 8v8 mode first cos Hoth popped up that warning of "Hey, you might want to rank up a bit first", and I had absolutely no gear to use and just the base starter rifle. Couldn't even throw grenades =\ I mean its only 1 or 2 games till you have some stuff to play with, but it still doesn't make the greatest first impression.
Posted 11:34am 09/10/15
I think with star wars games recently, they have tried to be too iconic. They need to reign in that and expand more on non-iconic stuff

While I'd like to see some Star Wars games that dig a bit deeper, like that Republic Commando game a few years back, or like that planned 1313 game, I think a game like Battlefront should be all about the iconic stuff. I mean, thats why people are playing a game like that, cos they want to assault Hoth and they want to ride speeder bikes through the forest moon of endor and they want to be iconic star wars heroes.
Posted 11:59am 09/10/15
blaster pistol + jump pack = f***** win.
Posted 12:06pm 09/10/15
Yeah the real weapon choices are Blaster Pistol or Heavy Blaster.

Blaster pistol could do with a further range nerf, make it ONLY good for close fighting. The heavy blaster needs a larger spread, basically making it fairly useless for longer ranges. It's too easy to jetpack up onto the middle mountain and cycler rifle people, and use heavy blaster to snipe people while it's on cool down.

For example I regularly use the heavy blaster to shoot at ATST's from way way way away. Use the cycler as well and single handedley take out a ATST from long range, imo I shouldn't be able to use the heavy blaster like that.
Posted 12:16pm 09/10/15
It feels like the anti-infantry weapons like blasters should just do less damage to vehicles in general. And I don't even say this as someone who's been in many vehicles and been on the receiving end of it, but I shot down an X-Wing that was trying to do a strafing run on me last night just with my blaster, and took out the AT-ST's in the survival mode with a blaster, and it just feels cheap and unsatisfying. Can only imagine how cheap it must feel to be on the receiving end.
Posted 12:26pm 09/10/15
I sniped an x-wing outta the sky with my cycler rifle last night. nothing cheap about that s***, just awesome ;D
Posted 12:28pm 09/10/15
I sniped a TIE fighter, wayyyyy up in the sky. That was nice.

Orbital Strikes win games for rebels. If your team doesn't waste the orbital strike and uses them on a vulnerable ATAT it takes about 3/4's of its health away.

It can be fairly easy for Rebels to win, if the team does this.
Posted 12:47pm 09/10/15
One thing that annoys me. Is that vehicle sensitivity is used for turrets.

So you jack up vehicle sens, because you need it high to fly and then you can't hit s*** with turrets.
Posted 12:57pm 09/10/15 I do too much for my team.

All they had to do was kill off 16% of the other AT AT
Posted 01:21pm 09/10/15
So you jack up vehicle sens, because you need it high to fly and then you can't hit s*** with turrets.

Yeah, thats why I was thinking about plugging an xbox controller in and using the controller for vehicles and mouse and keyboard for other stuff

I sniped an x-wing outta the sky with my cycler rifle last night. nothing cheap about that s***

See, that does feel cheap to me! I don't mean cheap as in cheesy or easy though, more like I guess it feels like a really lame way for something as legendary and iconic as an X-Wing to go down, feels like it should take a lot more to take down an X-Wing or an AT-ST than just some random guy on the ground with a blaster. Cheapens the experience a bit for me.
Posted 01:23pm 09/10/15
Oh wow, I didn't realise you could actually towrope the AT-AT's, thats pretty awesome
Posted 01:43pm 09/10/15
Played for about 15 minutes, I'm pretty excited about it! It runs surprisingly well on my PC that I haven't upgraded for years and the fast paced action, power ups, etc are really an awesome idea. Can't wait to play some more this afternoon.
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