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10 Things We Learnt About Star Wars: Battlefront... From Watching the Trailer
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:13pm 18/04/15 | Comments
Kosta watches the new Star Wars: Battlefront trailer over and over and over. And comes away with ten things you probably didn't notice.

The Star Wars: Battlefront Reveal Trailer

By now you’ve seen the amazing Star Wars: Battlefront trailer. And if you haven’t, no need to fret. We’ve embedded it above. So go ahead and take the time to watch it. Don't worry, we'll wait. It’s just that good.

Even though it’s a purely cinematic look at the game, and a fantastic one at that, the fact that it's made entirely from in-game footage and assets makes it all the more impressive. This means there’s a lot of hidden stuff to be found throughout it's two minute run-time, stuff that may or may not pertain to the final product. Plenty of food for thought then, for the Star Wars fans out there. Which begs the question, what do Wookies eat?

Anyway, that's just another question and we don't need anymore of those. Because this is an article about answers! So join me as we take a closer look at the trailer, and dissect the ins and outs of the Star Warsiness of Star Wars: Battlefront. Sit back, have a glass of that blue juice they serve up on Tatooine, and check out the 10 Things We Learnt About Star Wars: Battlefront... From Watching the Trailer (Over and Over).

1. A Game Featuring Ewoks Can Look Amazing

The subtitle should read "Ewok Village, Morning of the Big Battle"

Setting the majority of the amazing looking Star Wars: Battlefront trailer on the forest moon of Endor is both a great way to show off Dice’s impressive Frostbite engine as well put the viewer smack bam in the middle of an intense firefight between Rebel and Imperial soldiers. But as we all know, Endor is also home to the teddy bear alien race called Ewoks. Even though the trailer doesn’t show any Ewok soldiers throwing rocks at Stormtroopers or bringing down AT-ST walkers with some homemade rope (like they did in Star War Episode VI: Return of the Jedi), you can see glimpses of their elaborate treetop villages in the opening moments of the trailer. Thankfully though, Dice had the foresight to not put us through the traumatic experience of watching a Ewok come to the realisation that his best, and cuddliest friend, just got killed by the intense heat of blaster fire.

Teddy Bear Massacre

2. Rebel Soldiers Are Now Being Trained by The US Military

Rebel Sniper (2015), Starring Bradley Cooper

In the original Star Wars trilogy the Rebels are a rag tag group of freedom fighters trying their best to take down the Evil Galactic Empire. There’s never a sense when watching the films that they had any real military training to speak of, even though they had their own distinct set of weapons and spaceships. Which makes the Rebels we see in the Star Wars: Battlefront trailer all the more off-putting, mainly because they seem to be made up of a group of bros who spend their free-time playing Call of Duty. Phrases like “Safeties Off!”, “Come on, push up!”, and “Stormtroopers incoming!” feel a little too jingoistic for what are supposed to be freedom fighters. It's all a little too capital M, Merica.

3. Riding a Speeder Bike Through a Forest Still Looks Impossible

Hells Angels: Endor Chapter

As watching Return of the Jedi taught us, you can’t take a leisurely stroll through the forests of Endor unless it’s on an insanely fast vehicle that moves like the demon spawn of a rocket ship that had sex with a motorbike. Just trying to imagine what it would feel like to move through giant trees at a million kilometres per hour is enough to make you feel a little queasy. But as the Battlefront trailer shows us, much like in the movie, you won’t have time to think because you’ll probably end up as a giant tree-pancake. Also, what’s with that Rebel soldier looking back whilst racing through the forest on a Speeder Bike? Are you crazy Rebel dude! Eyes in front! Focus on trying to weave between the tiny gaps of those branches, whilst moving at an ungodly speed. Oops, too late. Anyone for pancakes?

"Okay so which one of you ordered the Imperial Pilot Pancake Special?"

4. The Empire Somehow Fit an AT-AT in a Dense Forest

"Remember, in case I forget, we parked next to the tree."

Remember the first time you caught a glimpse of a giant AT-AT (All-Terrain Armoured-Transport) walker in The Empire Strikes Back? And how a lumbering giant space tank with four legs kind of made sense in the wide open spaces of an ice planet? Well the Imperials, who bless them thought it was a good idea to give a giant tank legs instead of wheels or moving tracks, have decided to put an AT-AT in the midst of a dense forest. And this comes right after an unsuccessful test run on Hoth that saw them brought down by tow cables. How did they get it amongst the trees anyway? And you just know that whomever came up with the idea was dreading the inevitable holo-call to Darth Vader, telling him that the AT-AT had become stuck almost immediately after landing.

5. Darth Vader Doesn’t Like It When You Blow Up His AT-AT Walkers

Warning: Objects in Space Holophone are larger than they appear

A young Captain Needa speaks to a dark menacing figure on the Space Holophone 5000. “Hey Darth, it’s the funniest thing. The AT-AT we’re in? Well, it’s stuck between some giant trees! I know Darth, I know. We’re supposed to be chasing down those darn Rebel sol…” Boom! Crash! A different explosion sound! The AT-AT with Captain Needa inside has been blown to bits by a squadron of Y-Wings, a group of Rebel fighters that found the act of dropping bombs on a large stationary target pretty easy compared to other space bombings. Anyway, cut to Darth Vader. He’s upset. First, because deep down he knows that the AT-AT had no reason to be used in a dense forest, and second, because he has a soft spot for the giant hunk of metal. Who do the Rebels think they are blowing up his favourite go-to military vehicle? Darth Vader mutters to himself, “They’ll pay for this. Time to lightsaber some Rebel scum.”

"Is Darth Vader going to have to force choke a b***h?"

6. The Rebels have Gungan-Grade Plasma Shields

"Even though Jar Jar voted in Palpatine and caused this whole mess, I'm sure glad his people created these plasma bubbles."

The great thing about Star Wars: Battlefront is that everything about the game screams Original Trilogy. From the amazing use of sound, to the music, to the vehicles, weapons, and outfits. For Star Wars fans this is exactly the sort of game that should be getting made. Because let’s face it, the Prequel Trilogy is kind of terrible and the last thing anyone wants to see in Star Wars: Battlefront is an appearance by Jar Jar Binks. But, for those with a keen sense of Star Wars lore will know that the gangly Gungan was part of a race of underwater creatures that somehow perfected plasma bubble shield technology. What we’re saying is, you know that portable shield thing that the Rebel soldier uses in the Battlefront trailer to defend against the AT-ST? That’s Gungan!

7. Like Beggars Canyon Back Home

"Luke was right! Now if only Porkins was still alive to see this."

As Luke Skywalker told his fellow X-Wing pilots, flying down Death Star trenches was like being at Beggars Canyon back home. A statement that naturally got a lot of blank stares, because “back home” meant the twin-sunned backwater desert planet of Tatooine. A kind of galactic crap-hole. But in its defence, the perfect place to hide the son of Darth Vader. In one of those blink and you’ll miss it moments in the Battlefront trailer, we do get to see both an inside-the-cockpit and outside-the-cockpit view of an X-Wing chasing down a Tie Fighter in what suspiciously looks like a canyon. And when it comes to Star Wars there are only a handful of canyons worth talking about. Well, actually there’s really only the one. Beggars Canyon!

8. Don’t Cha Wish Ya Trailer Was Hoth Like Me

Going Tow to Toe with the big guy. Get it? #towcablehumour

It goes without saying that a Star Wars: Battlefront trailer without even a glimpse of Hoth couldn’t really call itself a trailer. In fact such an omission would result in a demotion of title. From the esteemed ‘trailer’ to the ever-boring, ‘clip’. Because no one in their right mind would ever get excited over a clip. “Hey dude, did you see that Star Wars: Battlefront clip? Wasn’t it a great clip?” Yuck. Thankfully, such an unappealing string of words have never been spoken by a real human. And to think, all it took was a one-second glimpse of powdered snow being flung into the air by blaster fire as the Rebels face off against an imminent Imperial strike on Hoth.

9. Boba Fett and Lando Carlrissian’s Alien Co-Pilot Both Have Jet Packs

Don't ask him to pronounce Fish and Chips.

When it comes to Star Wars characters with little to no dialogue that have become fan favourites, none are as omnipresent as Boba Fett. The New Zealand bounty hunter has been an iconic figure in the Star Wars universe for a number of decades, so it comes as no surprise that he's featured prominently in the Star Wars: Battlefront trailer. So when it cuts to what looks like Tatooine, it makes perfect sense that we get a glimpse of the famous bounty hunter. And with his iconic blaster pistol and jet pack, this version of Boba Fett just screams cool. Because there’s nothing cooler than a jet pack.

When it comes to Star Wars characters with little to no dialogue that have become fan favourites, none are remembered as less as Nien Numb. The Sullustan Smuggler who served as Lando Calrissian’s co-pilot during the second Death Star attack is anything but cool. So when the Battlefront trailer shows a fellow Sullustan using a jet pack to fight off Imperial Troops on Endor you can only really come to one conclusion. And that is, jet packs are no longer cool.

Way to ruin jet packs, Nien Nunb Nuts

10. The Millennium Falcon Loves Shooting Down Tie Fighters

"You're all clear kid! Now let's blow up this thing and go home. But not Leia's because hers doesn't exist anymore."

If there’s one thing that the Millennium Falcon likes doing more than having its Hyperdrive system break down at the worst possible times, it’s shooting down Tie Fighters. The Corellian-Class Freighter even has its own in-built co-op mode, where together with a friend you can leisurely shoot down Tie Fighters whilst having a chat over your headset. It’s no secret that Luke and Han bonded over a game of Shoot the Ties on Xbox Live, there’s even a scene of this in one of the early films. So when the Battlefront trailer gives us a glimpse of a squadron of Tie Fighters emerging from a hanger and flying out into what looks like an amazingly detailed planet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Millennium Falcon was already there, waiting. To shoot them down.

"I know right, noob doesn't even know how to fly a Tie Figther!"

Star Wars: Battlefront is set to be released on November 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Kosta Andreadis remembers a time when in order to get the best out of a console game you had to blow gently into it and whisper sweet nothings like "please work, I’m up to World 8-3, for fudgcicles sake". Situated in Melbourne, Kosta is a freelancer who enjoys playing RPGs, strategy, adventure, and action games. Apart from investing well over 200 hours into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim he’s also an electronic musician with an album recently released.

Recent articles by Kosta:Find him or follow him on Twitter - @toadovsky, Steam - toadovsky and Xbox Live - Toadovsky.

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Posted 12:31pm 19/4/15
2 - I imagine there would be rebels with military training. I am not 100% sure but a lot of planets in the republic would have small defence forces/Security forces. Its possible some of those people would be in the Rebel Alliance. Do you really think that they would send un-trained farm boys to face storm troopers? People who are military / security veterans could train new recruits. I am also pretty sure the rebels did special forces-like groups too.

3 - The maps would probably have trees spaced out a bit and paths cleared for travel.

4 - An AT-AT is unlikely but possible in areas that are less dense. (You see one near a landing platform in RotJ)

5 - I don't think Vader cares about AT-ATs that much.

6 - If an X-Wing can have shields, Rebel Troopers can have portable shield generators. I don't think Gungans were the only ones to invent portable shield generators. Gungans powered their shields via some plasma slime if I remember correctly and it may be a different type of shield to that you would find in a fighter or a military portable one.

7- Yeah Tatooine is iconic and my favourite planet. I imagine they would set a map or 2 there in game.

8 - Hoth is my second favourite planet. Classic battle. Love it, can't wait to play that.

9 - I dislike Sullustans a lot.

10 - Pew pew pew
Posted 12:42pm 19/4/15
And the award to most intensely geeky post goes to....
Posted 12:53pm 19/4/15
I collected the entire star wars fact file that was in news agents every week like 12 years ago. I should read some of that again.
Posted 02:38pm 19/4/15
Hehe, thanks Blade. Needless to say I'm a pretty huge Star Wars nerd too, though this piece was more jokey than 100% accurate.

Having said that, I still think that the shield thing from the trailer wouldn't exist without the Gungan shields from Episode I. :)
Posted 12:35pm 20/4/15


I wonder how Air battles will go, Will they have X-wings and Tie fighters for ground battles like Battlefield has had with Choppers and Jets? Or will there be specific maps with space battles?
Posted 12:39pm 20/4/15
Can Tie Fighters even fly in atmosphere?

Edit: oh actually, I guess they can cos I just remembered theres clips in the trailer for the new movie where they're chasing the millenium falcon down on that desert planet.
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