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AusGamers Assassin's Creed: Unity Video Interview with Ubisoft's Bruno St-Andre
Post by Eorl @ 02:53pm 26/06/14 | Comments
AusGamers caught up with Ubisoft's Bruno St-Andre to chat about all things Assassin's Creed: Unity. read on or watch for what he had to say...

Watch the interview embedded above, or click here for a direct link.

AusGamers: Ladies and gents, welcome back to AusGamers, you are here once again with Stephen Farrelly, coming to you from the E3 showroom floor. I’ve got Bruno, who is working on Assassin’s Creed: Unity, the Mission Director, basically making sure that everything you do in the game is fun and exciting.

Obviously one of the biggest things revealed this year for you guys, is a big co-op adventure this time around. Get together with four friends and have four assassins running around in the world. Can you talk to us about how you guys came to that, and felt like that was the right way to take the franchise forward?

Bruno St-Andre: Obviously for us I think it was the next step we wanted to take, and also, I’m not sure for exactly how many years, but it was the most asked feature from our fans. And the leap from next-gen was the time to do so, because going from the shared experience of being able to play with four friends, we have to go more in depth with each of our pillars -- so the stealth, the nav, the fight, need to be redesigned from the ground up to support the presense of multiple players, and not being player-centric anymore.

So that was a huge undertaking for us, in terms of tech, and also in terms of design. We had to think a bit about how we were constructing the missions -- how we were making the player live a story -- because by being four player, you need to support more the creativity of a group.

AusGamers: That’s a really interesting point, and each Assassin’s Creed experience is really intimate for the player -- it’s their own journey, it’s their own discovery of history, an alternate history that you guys create. How have you approached making sure that, even if there are four players playing, each person feels like it’s their own impact on the game?

Bruno: For sure, the entire story campaign contains what we call the brotherhood missions, the brotherhood missions are you with your friends, actually attacking a bigger challenge that the assassin as a guild needs to tackle. We also have more intimate missions that are Arno’s stories, and that moves forward, and these are only single-player. But throughout the campaign that you’re actually living of Arno, going into the Assassin, getting introduced to that guild, and seeing the guild evolve as the brotherhood mission, and as himself being part of the conflict against the templar.

AusGamers: Now we already ran through a demo before, but just for our audience at home, can you talk about the scale, and the differences that you’ve done in terms of… I mean, you’ve gone from basically the high seas, to one of the most dense cities ever created in history. Was it good for you guys, going back to creating those cities, and getting off the high seas, and also: how much bigger is the game?

Bruno: First of all, I think Paris is a beautiful playground. Early on in production, we decided to go with an urban playgound; we wanted to push the crowd, we wanted to push interiors. As you can see in the demo, we have a lot of interiors -- in and out of interiors -- and there’s much more than we actually showcase in the demo. We’ve got huge landmarks that are all playable, seamlessly in and out. We’ve got catacombs, we’ve got sewers -- a big network underneath the city. So we’re going forward with that, and the leap of next gen and the improvement we wanted to make with crowd.

In terms of scale, if I’m not mistaken, if you take all the land mass of Assassin’s Creed 4 together, we’re actually twice the scale of that, and I think we’re more rich in terms of density also. And that was the bet that we did actually, instead of being a wide open world with ships over the sea, it was more an urban playground -- a rich, dense, that you can see the life in it.

AusGamers: It’s a bit of a Ubisoft design tenet to have players unlocking regions of the game as they go. Is this different? Can you actually go into any part of the city straight away, right from the outset?

Bruno: Yep. What we’ve done actually, we’ve learned from previous iterations and modern games, and what we really want to exploit is the exploration. So as you can see there was a quest log that was briefly showcased, but the idea is that you get a lot rewarded by exploring the world. The entirety of the world is open, you can actually explore it -- we’re not locking content away -- and you gather those contents and you can play at your own pace.

The team of this content that we’re putting in Paris, we call that the thousand stories of Paris. Why? Is because we wanted -- the city of Paris is so rich in terms of things to explore -- that we wanted to exploit that; we wanted to go forward with that. So expect some really good stuff out of this.

AusGamers: Did you guys discover a lot of interesting history about Paris as you were delving into its past?

Bruno: Yeah for sure. For developing, it’s a nice product to work on, because you get to actually study a lot of history of the city. There are a lot historical documents that are getting thrown at you, that you analyse, you recreate buildings; you see a lot of stories, that underneath that you haven’t thought of; that you haven’t put your hands on. So yeah… and we’re trying to put everything in the game so that the player will actually experience the same thing that we have done when we developed the game.

AusGamers: Obviously, we’ve talked about co-op, is multiplayer back as well?

Bruno: We’ve put all out effort, and we were dedicated, to what we call the shared experience. So all of this system we’ve built from the ground up to support cooperation between players in fights, so that we strategise… so that we have an advantage to strategise together. Also in stealth, we’ve got a lot of tools like the eagle sense that is now more shared between players -- that you can invest in it. So we worked really with the bet of cooperation way before.

AusGamers: Well thanks so much for your time today Bruno, the game looks really, really good. Cheers.

Bruno: Thank you.

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Nice to seeing you doing more video interviews. Ubisoft are being approachable at least. I've been a fan of Assassins Creed since AC1.
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