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Electronic Arts E3 2014 Conference Recap: Sports, Sports, Battlefield
Post by Eorl @ 01:20pm 11/06/14 | Comments
We take a look at just what Electronic Arts had to offer for E3 2014, including new Mass Effect, Star Wars: Battlefront and Criterion's newest racing IP...

Electronic Arts took to the stage of E3 2014 with the second press conference, bringing a number of expected announcements thanks to their continuing annualisation of sports titles, however a few surprises did happen to catch us. With a large focus on sports, sports and some Battlefield, we felt that this year's Electronic Arts conference just wasn't as "big" as we expected, but check it out for yourself and let us know in the comments below.


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NHL 15 - Official E3 Gameplay Trailer


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Posted 01:53pm 11/6/14

Respawn posted some info about Titanfall on their website today as well. Their publisher is EA so thought I would post the info in this thread for anyone who is still playing Titanfall like me.

So what do we have for E3 this year? We're playable on the show floor and giving press the first look at our next game update coming to Xbox One and PC later this month and soon thereafter for Xbox 360 players. We'll post the full patch notes as we get closer to releasing the update, but here are some of the new features you can expect:

Marked for Death - MFD is a 6v6 mode where one player per team is "Marked for Death". Teams need to protect their own marked player while hunting down the enemy Pilot. Once a target is killed, new Pilots are marked. This is a fast paced mode that challenges players to fully explore maps and coordinate as a team.
Wingman LTS - This is a 2v2 version of Last Titan Standing. It's our first non 6v6 mode and relies on teamwork and strategy. Great for players who want to play an even more tactical version of LTS.
Titan Burn Cards - Burn cards are no longer just for Pilots. Titan cards include amped weapons and enhanced Titan abilities.
Titan Customization(Visual and voice over) - Players will be able to choose between 3 Titan VO packs. "Betty" is the original voice and this update adds Lisa and Jeeves. Players will also be able to select Titan decals. You'll unlock these as you complete challenges in the game and apply them to the front of your Titan. Our friends over at Penny Arcade were kind enough to contribute a cool decal to the mix too!
Matchmaking Updates - Titanfall now shows when players are connecting into a lobby as well as shuffling teams to keep skill levels and matches closer.
Some of the smaller changes include burn card overflow protection, new menu art and the ability for auto-titans to use smoke and particle walls.


That's ok with you guys?

Posted 02:30pm 11/6/14
Cheers for that Jeffro, will add :)
Posted 03:19pm 11/6/14
Good to hear some customization infused into titans, it needs it to keep the game going..

Also howcome there's no Killer Instinct love on the forum? (new character reveal, stage, gameplay, additional content)..
Posted 03:27pm 11/6/14
We are slowly going through all E3 info, there is quite a lot.
Posted 02:24am 12/6/14
Cheers for that Jeffro, will add :)

Abbie from Respawn even did a little video for us about the update too.

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