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AusGamers Guide to Surviving E3 2014
Post by Eorl @ 02:38pm 09/06/14 | Comments
AusGamers' guide to surviving E3 2014 including conference schedules and what to expect...

One of the world's largest gaming events is fast approaching, and as we count down the hours until E3 2014 is upon us, here at AusGamers we felt that a survival guide was in need to help those feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the dates and times to remember.

What you will find below is a comprehensive list of those holding press conferences at E3 2014, including a list of available livestreams and dates to help you pencil in to your calendar. As always, AusGamers will have rolling coverage of the full event including hands-on coverage live from Los Angeles so make sure you keep an eye on our frontpage!


Beginning on Tuesday, June 10th at 2:30AM AEST, Microsoft will start the press conference schedule with what will undoubtedly be a number of Xbox One announcements ranging from new games to new services and hopefully a smidgen of TV. Microsoft will have a number of places to watch their stream, including Xbox.com, on your Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone app plus through Twitch as well.

  • News about Xbox One features
  • Xbox 360 price drop
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360 games - Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Killer Instince Season 2, Fable: Legends, Forza Horizon 2
  • TV and Sports, but not too much

  • Electronic Arts

    Electronic Arts will kick off their conference shortly after at 5:00AM AEST, and we are expecting a number of titles from the publisher including Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield: Hardline, Star Wars: Battlefront and more. EA has set up an official stream through their E3 2014 hub, however again Twitch will also be running a stream.

  • Battlefield: Hardline
  • Sports, sports and more sports
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Mirror's Edge
  • The Sims 4
  • New Criterion IP

  • Ubisoft

    Ubisoft will take the stage at 8:00AM AEST on Tuesday, June 10th, with hopefully a look at the new Assassin's Creed: Unity plus some other hopeful titles like Just Dance, Rayman and more. Comedian Aisha Tyler will once again be appearing on stage for her third time, and you can catch all the glitter directly through their E3 2014 hub on Uplay.

  • Tom Clancy's The Division
  • Far Cry 4
  • The Crew
  • Valian Hearts: The Great War
  • Just Dance

  • Sony

    Sony closes out the main staged conferences at 11:00AM AEST, and we are expecting some huge titles from them to celebrate PlayStation 4 now being out in the wild. These include the rumoured Project Beast in development by From Software, Uncharted, The Last of Us: Remastered, PlayStation Vita titles and most likely some PlayStation 3 support. Sony will have streams running through Twitch, Ustream, on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 plus their official E3 2014 PlayStation Blog hub.

  • 70+ games to be featured at their booths
  • DriveClube
  • Indies
  • The Order 1886
  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Uncharted 4
  • Project Beast

  • Nintendo

    Every year, Nintendo looks for the best way to show its games and share its news with fans, media and other key audiences. In 2013, Nintendo decided to forgo a traditional press conference and use a video – in that case a Nintendo Direct – to share its news from E3. The company is building on that approach at E3 2014 with the "Nintendo Digital Event," a new kind of video program that will reveal and provide further detail about the gaming experiences on the way for Nintendo platforms in 2014 and beyond. The Nintendo Digital Event will air at 2:00AM AEST on Wednesday, June 11th and can be available for viewing directly through Nintendo's website.

  • NFP products and compatible titles
  • Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS
  • The Legend of Zelda for Wii U
  • New Wii U software
  • New 3DS software
  • X (Monolith Project)
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby
  • Sonic Boom
  • Bayonetta 2
  • Hyrule Warriors

  • Latest Comments
    Posted 05:06pm 09/6/14
    You guys making a youtube video of the event? A live stream maybe?
    Posted 05:10pm 09/6/14
    Not this year sadly, but we'll keeping up-to-date with all the news so stick around :)
    Posted 05:15pm 09/6/14
    When's the next LAN?
    Posted 05:19pm 09/6/14
    i'll be staying up for the conferences.
    Posted 05:50pm 09/6/14
    i'll be staying up for the conferences.

    Yea same. Should be a interesting one this year.
    Posted 11:17am 10/6/14
    And the Sony stream is f***ed. Pretty piss poor, you'd think they'd expect the load and actually account for it. XBox wins E3 for me this year because Sony can't even manage to stream their press conference properly.
    Posted 11:22am 10/6/14

    Where you watching the stream khel? twitch is laggy as hell, try gamespot


    Posted 11:30am 10/6/14

    I personally never bother with the live stream, its a fight for bandwidth that I always lose, instead I go for Joystiq live blogs.


    Then watch the trailers when things get less hectic

    Posted 11:38am 10/6/14
    The Gamespot stream is fine. I gave up trying to watch it on Twitch though.
    Posted 12:32pm 10/6/14
    Yeah, I ended up on the Gamespot one, its better. The official one is f***ed though
    Posted 12:50pm 10/6/14
    sony won again.
    Posted 01:25pm 10/6/14
    sony won again.

    I can tell you now there are many fans on my side of the fence who are in gamer heaven with Halo 2 & 3 multiplayer on dedicated servers @60fps 1080p. What more do you need in life?
    Posted 01:32pm 10/6/14
    i never liked the halo games so the remakes hold zero interest for me. the only exclusive i thought was interesting at microsofts conference was sunset overdrive.
    Posted 01:40pm 10/6/14
    My 11 year old son is keen as s*** for Halo, so enjoy playing with him and his mates.

    IMO Sony delivered a more impressive conference, I always finding them more interesting and I was let down that Microsoft had really nothing to reveal except for games. I know they got s*** for wanking on about the Xbox One and its TV functions last year, but honestly I watch there streams to hear them talk about hardware, not strip the excitement of announcing new titles away from developers. Whilst Sony did much the same thing they at least made a bit of time to talk about there product.

    Glad GTA5 is coming to PS4, XBONE and PC, Looking fowarded to replaying the Last of Us & and can't wait for more Uncharted.

    2014, the year we re-buy a bunch of games.
    Posted 01:43pm 10/6/14
    i never liked the halo games so the remakes hold zero interest for me

    Same can go the other way too though, Little Big Planet or a Ratchett and Clank movie hold zero interest for me either.

    Tbh, most of the best stuff from Microsoft's and Sony's conferences was cross platform stuff. Sunset Overdrive and the Halo stuff looked good from Microsoft, and MGS5 and a new Uncharted is always good from Sony, but the rest like MKX and Arkham Knight and Destiny and Far Cry 4 and The Division and Assassin's Creed, etc, etc, etc, are all cross platform anyway. It just becomes a competition of who can offer the most exclusive pre-order bonuses.

    But yeah, I wish Microsoft had spent just a little bit of time talking about non-game stuff. Specifically, I was wanting to hear more about their live action Halo series plans and that documentary they're making about the history of video games and any other stuff like that they have planned. And Quantum Break, where the f*** was Quantum Break?
    Posted 01:45pm 10/6/14
    @60fps 1080p

    Posted 08:47pm 10/6/14

    1080p@60 fps on dedicated servers. Sorry I had been up all night :p
    Posted 12:33pm 11/6/14
    we'll see.
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