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Post by Dan @ 01:19pm 11/06/13 | Comments
The actual E3 Expo itself doesn't open its floors for two more days, but the pre-show press conferences have already generated a lot of news. The last big event for the day, is Sony's PlayStation E3 Press Conference, where they'll be telling us about all new things on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

We're expecting to finally get a look at what the physical PlayStation 4 console itself, and hopefully some pricing, and although Sony had a lot of new titles to show off at the PS4 reveal back in February, perhaps they still have a few surprises in store for us today.

Sony's PlayStation E3 Press Conference kicks off at 11:00AM AEST. Watch the video embed below for the full show, or read on for our rolling summary of the event's major announcements:

After a delayed start, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton followed up his opening pleasantries with a pep-talk on the PlayStation Vita, with the first announcement being that Telltale's acclaimed The Walking Dead episodic adventure game series will be coming to Vita.

The exec then reiterated the commitment to PlayStation Vita remote-play with the PlayStation 4, before seguing into PlayStation 3, and some new footage of The Last of Us, due to launch on the current-gen platform this week.

A new trailer for The Puppeteer, was followed in quick succession by a new clip from fellow PlayStation 3 title Rain.

All new footage from BEYOND: Two Souls was shown, showing Ellen Page's character in a military training scenario, looking more rough and ready than in previous scenes.

The PlayStation 3 trailers continue to flow with a new sizzle clip from Gran Turismo 6, getting what seems to be all of the PS3 coverage out of the way before PlayStation 4 takes the stage.

The first third party, mutliplatform game to feature in the show is Batman: Arkham Origins, with a trailer that we've seen earlier today, and straight into mention of Rockstar Games' hugely anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5, with a planned PS3 bundle, but no PlayStation exclusive features of note.

Now it's PlayStation 4 time! And there it is, the console, a slanty-looking PS2 perhaps?

Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton then takes stage to give PlayStation's own take on the TVTVTV mantra, continually stressing that all of the content they're producing is being tailored for a gaming audience.

More non-gaming content continues, announcing more streaming services for music, movies and TV's that are probably only going to be available to North American market - Netflix, Flixter, and Redbox. However, a new Live Events feature was mentioned as working "with partners across the world".

Now it's thankfully back to talking about the games, and Shuhei Yoshida boasts that Sony Computing Entertainment Worldwide Studios has over 30 PS4 titles in development, with 20 of them expected to launch in the console's first year.

The Order 1886 is revealed, as an action title set in 19th century London with strange steampunk weaponary, in development at Ready At Dawn (pronounced amusingly by Yoshida-san as "ready at dong").

A new trailer for Killzone: Shadowfall debuted, with what sounded like a voiceover from Homeland actor David Harewood, followed quickly by new clips from the also previously announced Driveclub, Infamous: Second Son, and Knack.

Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club and Knack will be PlayStation 4 launch titles, with Infamous Second Son coming in Q1 2014.

Another of the always-impressive technology demos from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is shown off. Titled The Dark Sorcerer, it appropriately features a grizzled old mage, and some very fancy magic spell effects, whom in a fourth-wall twist, is shown to be a virtual actor in a green-screen set.

Sony's Third Party Relations Chief Adam Boyes hits the stage to talk up the platform holder's devotion to indie developers, introducing Amir Rao and Greg Kasavin from Bastion creator Supergiant games, to talk about their new title Transistor, which will be making its console debut on PlayStation 4 "next year".

Don't Starve Shank and Mark of the Ninja developer Klei Entertainment , Mercenary Kings from Scott Pilgrim vs the World Tribute Games, Octodad: Dadliest Catch from Young Horses, Secret Ponchos from Switchblade Monkeys, Ray's the Dead from Ragtag, Outlast from Red Barrel, New N Tasty Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (a remake of the original Abe's Odyssey) from Oddworld Inhabitant, and Galak-Z The Dimensional from Skulls of the Shogun developer 17 bit Games are all coming to PlayStation --a huge stable of games to bolster the PS4's indie cred.

Diablo 3 will feature some exclusive in-game items on PlayStation 4, themed on PlayStation content, such as Drake's amulet, and bracers from Journey.

Continuing the third party-fest, Square Enix popped in to show Final Fantasy Versus 13 with a trailer full of quick-cutting action gameplay that will probably be nonsensical to those of us not overly familiar with FF thematics.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was then officially announced with a teaser trailer flicking through the history of the Disney-collaborating JRPG series, and finishing with some brief game action.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, the revamped MMO was confirmed as coming console exclusively to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Then it was time for yet more of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, with a new live gameplay demo. This one is on dry land, with protagonist Edward Kenway strolling through a tropical Caribbean market village and into the jungle in pursuit of a mark. As the action winds its way through the trees and undergrowth, the movements are very similar to those seen in AC 3.

Kenway escapes the jungle under a barrage of cannon fire, and the scene finishes with a naval skirmish, with what we presume would have been a victory for the pirate crew, if not for an awkward interruption by technical difficulties.

Ubisoft promptly ushers off the bombed out Assassin's Creed demo with more of Watch_Dogs, showing another new gameplay demo, featuring car driving in the game's open world for the first time, and giving a better idea of the scale of the city.

Gameplay then transitions into stealth scene, with the player supporting an escaping NPC character via remote access of security cameras and electronic objects around the world.

2K Sports' NBA 2K14 makes its gameplay debut, and predictably, is another Basketball game that iterates on the previous title, which was called NBA 2K13, and makes your basketball dudes look and perform more realistically than before.

Bethesda and Zenimax Online's anticipated MMO The Elder Scrolls Online is confirmed as coming to PlayStation 4. The announcement doesn't mention console exclusivity, but does boast that a beta test will be exclusive to the PS4.

Mad Max from Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios was formally revealed, showing a gritty post-apocalyptic cinematic trailer, and not many more details.

Jack Tretton returns to the stage to close things off, and utters a phrase that gamers were all waiting for "PS4 won't impose any new restrictions on your use of PS4 game discs." followed by huge applause and Sony chants.
"We believe in the model that people embrace today with PlayStation 3, and continue to demand."

"PS4 disc-based games don't need to be connected online to play, or for any type of authentication."

"If you enjoy playing single-player games offline, PS4 won't require you to check in online periodically, and won't stop working if you haven't been authenticated within 24 hours."
On a less positive note, Tretton's following comments seemed to imply that PlayStation Plus will now required for playing multiplayer games. PlayStation Plus membership from PS3 and Vita is promised to continue over to PS4.

The first look at Halo creator Bungie's Destiny was then debuted. The live demo features two players who cooperatively meet up walk through a dystopic desert-scape, in a lush looking first person shooter. The journey takes them into a large sci-fi construct, into combat with an armoured alien species referred to as Fallen.

An assortment of hit-scan weapons and energy abilities are used by the players, who confront a boss-looking opponent --with one player dying and needing to be resurrected by his teammate. Killing the boss delivers loot, and a glimpse at a Borderlands-esque randomised weapon system.

Emerging back into the open air, the duo are joined by more players, who then encounter some manner of instanced multiplayer opportunity referred to as a "public event", and a much larger boss enemy arrives, taking around a dozen human players to cooperatively take down. A tasty montage of scenes from throughout the game finishes things off.

North American price point for the PlayStation 4 console is confirmed as USD$399, with Europe and the UK at EUR399, and GBP349 respectively, and that's a wrap.

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Posted 11:13am 11/6/13
it's been 12 mins and it still hasn't started :/
Posted 11:40am 11/6/13
wow the ps4 is tiny
Posted 11:41am 11/6/13
Seems like the next-gen are digging VCR looks.
Posted 12:18pm 11/6/13
kingdom hearts 3 and ff versus 13 rebranded as ff15. hell yes!
Posted 12:39pm 11/6/13

Seems like the next-gen are digging VCR looks.

Yeah, its pretty funny how similar the two boxes look.
Posted 12:43pm 11/6/13
massive cheers when they announced used game support

edit: yep sony just won. no online requirement at all.
Posted 12:57pm 11/6/13
destiny looks amazing. i wish it was coming to PC.
Posted 09:28pm 11/6/13
Personally i'm not a console fan, but i thought Sony put on a great show and this is what a game console should be. How Microsoft are going to convince gamers that their console is better beats me.
Posted 12:13am 12/6/13
I'm more of an XBox fan in this current generation, and I assumed things would continue the same way for the next generation, but I have to say so far the PS4 and the way Sony is handling their s*** is impressing me way way more.
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