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A Quick Chat: With Local Aussie, Okan Kaya, who Broke a Gameplay Marathon Record
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:00pm 21/11/12 | Comments
We have a quick catch up with Sydney's Okan Kaya who recently smashed the World Record for a Call of Duty gameplay marathon...

The launch of Treyarch and Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II was, without a doubt, another major success for the franchise, however, another person took on the launch in a slightly different way. Okan Kaya, a sales manager for 4Cabling Australia, decided he wanted to smash the current World Record for the longest gameplay marathon of a Call of Duty title, previously held by two Canadians who played for 120 hours and seven minutes. Last week Okan not only broke the record, but continued to play through saying that he not only wanted “to just beat the record” but “smash it”.

We managed to have a quick chat with him after demolishing the record at 135 hours and 50 minutes, to suss his motivations, what he thought of the game and more.

AusGamers: So, the obvious one first: What brought this whole venture about?

Okan Kaya: In 2010 I received the Guinness World Records book from my wife and I immediately started reading all of the marathon records done by other people in the gaming section. It was then I decided to submit my form for the longest online gameplay for Call of Duty. After searching for 18 months for someone to host the event for me, my employer was nice enough to host the event... and the rest is now history.

AG: Are you a Call of Duty fan?

Okan: Immensely, I started with World at War and been collecting the game ever since with MW2, Black Ops, MW3 and now Black Ops 2.

AG: How did you find the game for the duration of your attempt? Especially given the feedback about poor game connection?

Okan: Poor connection and constant host migration is a massive issue and it seems this is always the case every time a new Call of Duty brings game releases, however, in saying that Black Ops II has gone a different direction where you're rewarded more for supporting your team than simply running the map to get the first killstreak, a factor that helps deal with the lag. Example of this would be you would receive triple the points for defusing, capturing or defending your ground more than running around and shooting at the other players.

AG: At what point do you think you started to get delirious? Did you get to a point where the game and the real-world blended into one?

Okan: Never got to that stage, if I felt I needed sleep I made sure I took it immediately to avoid any complications.

AG: Obviously with something like this, there are health risks involved – were you concerned, and what did you do to prepare?

Okan: No not at all. You always read and hear stories about people dying whilst playing games, but I had plenty of fluids, food and moved my legs to keep the blood flowing and also made a schedule prior to the attempt for my meals. Medical checks were also conducted during the attempt.

AG: How many times did you Prestige in your session?

Okan: Seven times.

AG: What Loadout did you find yourself going back to?

Okan: I have to say the FAL Assault Rifle with the automatic switch and quick reload is useful. It's firepower and low recoil is dangerous in any size map.

AG: Favourite map?

Okan: Nuketown 2025 (bonus content) and Carrier.

AG: You’ve clocked a lot more time than most people, from a feedback perspective what would you ask Treyarch to fix/change in the wake of your mammoth session, seeing the things you have?

Okan: The obvious is the connection and the constant migration issue. I'm sure everyone would agree with the franchise being so big, yet we always have the same issue during the first few weeks of its release. Spawning still isn't fixed, so many times I’ve been shot in the back only to see from the Killcam that the other player had just respawned behind me. Although some of the changes in Blacks Ops II are great especially the first and second round option in Headquarters and Demolition. Ghost perk is only available at the very last level which may frustrate some gamers but I think it gives everyone a fighting chance.

AG: And finally, do you think you’ll go back to the game again after that much persistent exposure for such a long time?

Okan: Absolutely, Black Ops II overall is fantastic. Whether you want to prestige to the end or play with friends, the game is promoting teamwork and, really, this time teamwork wins every time. The days of your best player are no longer valid, and hey if you're still not a fan of the online gameplay, then Zombies is a must.