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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:30pm 17/09/12 | Comments
We chat with Encryption Films' Wade K. Savage about their upcoming Fallout Fan Film, Fallout: Lanius. Read on for what the director had to say...

A little while ago we were told about a Fallout fan film being created by a team of Aussies in WA. But this wasn't just a group of gamers wanting to create fan-service, rather it's a group of dedicated people bent on taking a slice of Fallout narrative, set in the New Vegas chapter, and giving it the stylish, top-notch love it deserves. And they're no stranger to the art of film, either.

Director and creator of the Fallout: Lanius project, Wade K. Savage, has had short films shown worldwide, and has equally won myriad awards for his efforts. He also drew upon members from Obsidian to ensure he was crafting a tale consistent with the brilliant work of fiction that team did with Fallout: New Vegas, and he also called upon special effects artist and designer, Jeremy Shaw, whose works include both Lord of the Rings and King Kong, to create Legate Lanius' iconic headgear - just for authenticity.

Wade took some time out to answer a handful of questions we sent him regarding the project's genesis, what he hopes to achieve with it, what hurdles they've faced and much more. Read on for what he had to say.

Concept art for Fallout: Lanius by Melbourne-based Simon Boxer shows an understanding of the source material.

AusGamers: So this is the obvious one, but how did this whole thing start?

Wade K. Savage: Having seen the great work the NukaBreak guys did, I started thinking about the opportunity to do something in the Fallout Universe but with an altogether different tone. I've always loved the Fallout games, and I thought it represented a real challenge in terms of film making. What if a Fan Film was something more than a Fan Film? What if you could really produce a piece of cinema from a game world?

AusGamers: What made you think it was a project worth the extra attention you’re giving it?

Wade: Well, in the end it just comes from my love of the subject matter. I love the notion of warring civilisations, science-fiction and high action. I loved the writing of Fallout: New Vegas, and its characters who were multiple shades of grey. For me, Fallout: Lanius is a pure work of passion. I want to use all the lessons I've learnt directing shorts and theatre and apply them here.

AusGamers: Have you been following other Fallout Fan Films? What’re your overall thoughts on this bustling scene?

Wade: The standout is NukaBreak. It's a really great comedic outlook on Fallout. I also have a great relationship with the guys from Fallout: Houston. I think there is some fantastic stuff happening in the Fan scene. I mean, the NukaBreak guys raised over $100,000 and that's because they produced a great series and worked really, really hard. I'm hoping that Fallout: Lanius can add to the caliber of these films.

AusGamers: Are you a fan of Fallout from its beginnings, or did you find it at Fallout 3?

Wade: I started playing Fallout in 1997. I loved the desolate beauty of it. I especially really connected with the characters and organisations that the player has to interact with. It's been basically an obsession ever since. But, with Fallout: New Vegas we were given this amazing reinterpretation of what Fallout means. I really enjoyed Fallout 3 too, but in terms of the core dynamics I'm obsessed with Fallout: New Vegas.

AusGamers: Can you tell us a bit about what sort of theme you want to convey with your film? Fallout is a brand of many faces and emotions – will you try and tap into them all, or utilise a specific one?

Wade: Fallout: Lanius mainly explores one of the core themes that I love about Fallout: that each civilisation consumes the next. It's present in all of the Fallout games. In terms of Lanius and his tribe and how they are absorbed by Caesar's Legion, it's paramount. I also want to look at how the legend of one man can come from many places.

AusGamers: What hurdles have you faced in the production of your film?

Wade: It's been tricky getting the hardcore Fallout Fanbase on-side. The websites have run our stories, but the older fans are very skeptical of the film. It's funny, we've been given money by Chris Avellone (Obsidian Entertainment) but a majority of the hardcore (or perhaps older) Fallout Fans are very quiet about the film. I'm thinking they are waiting to see what it'll be like.Which really, I can't blame them. In terms of the production, it's been quite smooth. We've just planned and worked hard - and that seems to be helping.

AusGamers: What would be your dream outcome for this project?

Wade: We just want as many Fallout fans to see the film. We also want to do the material justice. We have a lot of people already counting on us to do something special, so we need to make it work. Which means we need the funding and support to make it happen!

Our Crowd Funding Campaign is here at IndiGoGo.

For a taste of what the team want to do, and a plea from Wade for support, watch the video embedded below.

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