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E3 2012: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Preview
Post by Naren @ 05:54am 09/06/12 | Comments
Just prior to E3 AusGamers checked out Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Read on for our full thoughts....

High Moon studios is back with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, their follow up to the sleeper hit War for Cybertron. Instead of simply offering a sequel, they’ve gone deeper into each character and really fleshed out the story.
There are the obvious carry-over characters, such as Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Starscream from the previous game, but with an updated look. This time, however, we'll see the likes of some huge Transformers in Metroplex and the introduction of Dinobots and Insecticons into the story, complete with the details of their origins.
While it look as though Metroplex will still rely heavily on Optimus Prime’s direction, it really is amazing seeing a Transformer of that size dealing out destruction on the Cybertron battlefield.
One of the most anticipated characters though for a lot of Transformers fans will be the addition of Grimlock. The option to play as the huge fire-breathing T-rex Dinobot is definitely one of the most exciting characters added to the roster. And while both Grimlock’s forms are awesome and tempting to switch between as much as possible, any transformations for him will have to be earnt.

Furthermore the writers have come up with their version of how Dinobots and Insecticons came to be on Cybertron. Check out our upcoming interview with Mark Tieger to find out… or just play the game when it’s out.
With an even more open environment than the previous game, which offers more options in playing and attack style, as well as the up-scaled detail, it really gives a great sense of what it’s like navigating Cybertron and engaging in combat upon it.
Acting on the feedback on the linearity of the previous game, the developers have really gone into customising each character as well as the chapters of the story. Rather than playing a Decepticon campaign, and then the Autobots campaign without much variation, this time we’ll see a mixed campaign still with chapters, but combinations of each side, and some treason mixed in as well. You really get a good feel of experiencing the story from the many character's perspectives.
Each Transformer itself is a lot more individualised than before as well. By avoiding crossover characteristics as much as possible and giving each Transformer their own traits, actions, attacks and transformation capabilities really cements the individual experience. This also opens up numerous possibilities for playing style, without just repetition of similar moves.

We’ll see the return of multiplayer, and hopefully it will have enough of a turnout of players who see the potential of it this time around to really see a lot more happening online. Character creation is also back and has apparently been turned up to 11, giving you hours of customisation potential.
A PC version of the game has also been announced, though this is being handled by a separate team given the lack of PC development experience within High Moon. Mercury Systems should do the game justice though. And hopefully we see it release day and date with the console.
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