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E3 2012: Xbox 360 Pre-E3 Media Briefing Live Blog
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:04am 05/06/12 | Comments
For anyone not watching the live stream of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Pre-show media briefing, yours truly is sitting in on the presentation (in the nosebleeds), and will be dropping in tidbits, live, about what the guys in green have in store until next year.

For anyone not watching the live stream of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Pre-show media briefing, yours truly is sitting in on the presentation (in the nosebleeds), and will be dropping in tidbits, live, about what the guys in green have in store until next year. So stay tuned for more as it comes in:

9:25am (2:25am AU): Media briefing begins in five minutes...

9:30am: Good one Microsoft, we have a giant boom arm right in front of every screen...

Halo 4 trailer kicks off with live-action components...

Gameplay has kicked in and there's no doubt this is the best-looking Halo game to-date...

HUD remains much he same, there's no iron-sights in classic Halo form. New enemies are introduced that aren't convenient or flood, but rather some sort of mechanical AI. The confrontations look amazingly hectic and even more sci fi than any of the original games, which is a good thing.

There's a new thermal visor and the closing of the trailer hints at Cortana freaking out and being corrupted, while the tag "an ancient evil has been awakened". End trailer and demo...

9:40am: New Splinter Cell gameplay demo starts, and features similar mechanics to the last game, including interrogations.

Killing in Motion is a new featu that allows Sam to kill quickly and with style, it should also be said this looks off-the-hook, and is visually stunning. There are also nods to Assassin's Creed with some parkour and a ledge takedown (maybe it'll turn out Sam is member of the Assassin's Guild). All of the game's combat is intense and brutal.

The game also features Kinect voice-support to utilise backup.

It's also definitely not Michael Ironside's voice, which is strange. But it looks incredible and will ship with multiplayer and Spies vs Mercs.

9:47am: FIFA 13 and Madden will now featu Kinect voice-support. Joe Montana comes out to help demo Kinect for Madden...

He called a "flip run" and "hiked" the ball for a successful 15 yard run. It actually looks pretty responsive, and one of the better uses for Kinect voice-support so far.

9:52am: Fable: The Journey, looks to further cement the once-loved action RPG into the realms of mediocrity as a full Kinect game. Did not look good at all.

9:54am: Gears of War Judgement trailer airs... Looks like Gears of War.

A new racer called Forza Horizon is revealed and looks cool. It apparently features authentic Forza driving with a more open-road approach. Unfortunately the trailer falls short thanks to its over-the-top use of dub-step.

9:58am: BING voice service ala Kinect is revealed where you can search your Xbox media via genre now. Also, once you've chosen a movie, you'll have the option of choosing which provider you want to watch it through. It also has multiple languages support.

NBA is joining MLB.tv on Xbox 360 as well as NHL from next season.

10:10am: Xbox SmartGlass is a new service designed to keep your smartphones and tablets better connected to your TV watching experience with the likes of movies, TV, sport and more.

An example shown was watching a movie on your tablet on the plane, means you can stop watching at any time and push where you were at to your Xbox at home, so you can pick it up, to the second, where you were. The tablet will then switch over to details related to what you were watching, such as behind-the-scenes info, bios and more.

The best example of the above was with Game of Thrones where an interactive map of Westeros showing exactly where a character on-screen, such as John Snow, is and what the history of that area is.

For games this service also has exciting features, such as in Halo where focusing on an area in the game will unlock new expanded story information to your tablet or smartphone. Obviously some of this is borrowed from Nintendos's new Wii U, but here, no new hardware is required, which is a massive boon for Microsoft.

Internet Explorer is also coming to Xbox. With this you'll be able to use voice-support to, say, watch new trailers on your TV rather than your tablet or computer. While you'll also be able to use either a tablet or smartphone as a tracking device, lke a mouse, in companion to IE - essentially turning your TV in a smart TV.

10:22am: New Tomb Raider content is being shown...

While most of hat we've seen if the game so far has been more measured and slower in pace, this demo is an action sequence that shows off the game's use of fire propagation, as well as the seamless transition we'll xperience brought player control and cinematic direction. Destructible cover, stealth, explosions and brute force are all demonstrated to be key focuses in combat in the game.

10:27am: Phil Spencer comes out to introduce three new games:

Ascend New Gods: From the team behind Toy Soldiers on XBLA.
and from Gore Verbinski, a game called Matter

10:33am: Resi 6 is up and looks like what you would expect from a true sequel to the franchise. It's very action-packed, and looks to actually be more responsive and fast-paced than either Resi 4 or 5. Zombies feature a dismemberment system, and you can even blow holes and pieces out of their torsos. Leon was shown in this demo, and even though he's my favourite character in he series, his running animations looked a little... Dainty.

Overall though, it looked awesome and the closing scene where Leon dropped into a room with thousands of zombies was very cool.

10:39am: South Park: The Stick of Truth is up, and being presented by Matt and Trey on stage (OMG!).

They talk about how they only wanted to do a game if they could make it look like an episode of South Park ie "crappy". You'll play a new kid who has come to two and wants to become the fifth of the four boys, but it sounds like all they want to do is make it very genuine.

10:45am: Usher came out and danced for the new Dance Central (the opposite of Matt and Trey coming out).

10:50am: The show closes out with the same video AusGamers saw out at Treyarch a little while ago for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Mark Lamia is out on stage driving the gameplay demo, but we've seen this one already (thanks Mark).

Stay tuned for more later today from Ubisoft, EA and Sony at their respective press conferences, and obviously for the rest of the week as we give you everything we can from the show floor and at home (thanks Dan, Trog and Eorl).

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Posted 02:52am 05/6/12
Run through the jungle, shoot up the aliens.

This is Halo?

Btw, streaming links are everywhere this year (e.g. https://apps.facebook.com/elc_ent_expo/)

I would expect a replay will be available on XBox Live once it's done (for people that prefer to sleep at night :)
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