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E3 2011: Nintendo Pre-E3 Media Briefing Live Blog
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:14am 08/06/11 | Comments
Live blogging of Nintendo's pre-E3 media briefing right now...

US 9:10am: Nintendo's press conference opened with a 25-year retrospective of the Legend of Zelda series in celebration of its quarter century life-span this year, with the series' creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, coming out on the stage and talking about the importance of the series' music.

Sorry missed a little bit of the opening, but Miyamoto just announced an orchestra would be playing in each city around the world in celebration of the above anniversary, alongside the release of a soundtrack for Ocarina of Time.

He just invited some of the development team from The Legend of Zelda series to also celebrate their success, to much applause.

Also, not sure if this is applicable to AU (most likely it is though), he announced that from tomorrow The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords would be made free to download from the new e-Shop (as part of the new system update for 3DS).

US 9:22am: Satoru Iwata just came out and is talking about their success in capturing the mainstream audience. He says as an industry, they haven't found a balance between capturing both the mainstream and core on the same level; something they hope to do with their next platform.

"See Games in a Different Way" is the motto, and then he just said they won't reveal the console until a little later in the event.

He's reiterating their next home console isn't coming until next year and wants to make sure we embrace the forthcoming releases on 3DS.

A trailer is now playing showing off Mario Kart, Star Fox and what appeared to be a new Mario game. Now we're seeing Kid Icarus, and Luigi's Mansion 3D was just revealed. Sweet.

US 9:27am: Reggis Fils-Aime just came out and began by saying "look, we hear you", in reference to the hundreds of thousands of core gamers screaming for a return to the Nintendo glory days. However, he's also now shifting the talk to 3DS before we see anything more about it though.

He's now focusing on Mario Kart for 3DS - "a new tricked out version, you haven't seen before"; followed by a gameplay trailer that shows gliding and even driving under water. There's also a light customisation option for karts.

Coming this holiday season.

Now he's shifted focus to Star Fox; multiplayer in the game will feature pictures and voices of your opponents utilising the system's face camera. Pretty cool.

Now it's on to the new Mario for 3DS. This is the first Mario built from scratch for a handheld and fully takes advantage of the 3D perspective on the device. We're now watching a gameplay trailer...

It looks like a 3D Mario game, with great puzzles and lots of cool platforming and will be out by the end of the year.

Now we're looking at Kid Icarus, which sounds like it's fully voiced (and that's Spike Spencer's voice if I'm not mistaken - Shinji from Neon Genesis for those of you up the back).

It will also feature StreetPass and three on three multiplayer. Augmented reality cards will also be supported. Nopw on to Luigi's Mansion.

It looks essentially the same as the awesome GameCube version, but will take advantage of 3D as a gameplay tool, so it's hard to see that in a trailer. But it's also coming this year.

Up next: a trailer showcasing the third-party titles coming for 3DS which includes Resident Evil, Ace Combat, Driver, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, and a few others (kind of actually not that).

Now Reggie is talking about the e-Shop and Internet Browser, and mentioned they'll start releasing game demos for downloading, and also a Virtual Console specific to the 3DS with classic games that have had a 3D make-over, such as Excitebike.

Now he's talking about Pokemon and that an enhanced Pokedex will be released on the platform and that players of Pokemon: Black and White will need to use the Pokedex to fully "catch 'em all", and you'll be able to do this via SpotPass or scanning specific AR cards. It's apparently free "a gift from us to you".

Here comes the new console announcement...

It's called Wii U *sad face*

The controller is essentially a tablet with dual analogues, a D-Pad and face-buttons. You can use it to interact with your TV, as a different view-point (such as on the ground for a golf game to see the lie of your ball while you use a Wii controller to swing your club). You can take your game with you from the TV anywhere.

It has a touch-screen, a microphone, a face camera and gyroscopic control, and you can even make video calls with it.

The reveal video showed a highly detailed Legend of Zelda that looked incredible.

US 9:56am: Smash Bros. is coming to Wii U and 3DS, but we won't see it today or for a while...

Now Reggie is back to talk about what software we'll see from Wii U this week, but reassured it's not final games or ideas, just interactive demonstrations.

Now we're watching a video that looks pre-rendered of a bird flying through a Japanese garden, if this is real-time rendering... holy crap.

Interesting ideas, like multiplayer that features two people watching the TV and are using Wii Remotes to shoot a spaceship, and the spaceship is being controlled by a third player watching on the Wii U controller.

Lego City Stories is the only game announced... hrm, umm...

Okay, Darksiders 2 and Batman: Arkham City are both coming to the console and third-party developers seem pretty keen on it and keep referring to it being "core".

Now we're watching a video of third-party support that includes Aliens: Colonial Marines, Tekken, Ghost Recon, Ninja Gaidan, Metro Last Light and an EA sports line-up of just what you'd expect.

Now EA's John Riccitiello is on-stage. Hew's talking about the console being key to EA's core sports games, and is even talking about Battlefield 3 coming to the Wii U, and the possibilities of social connection and gaming with Wii U. We only saw a few images of a handful of EA games like Army of Two, Harry Potter and various sports titles.

And the show is over, with no actual specs on the new system, a bare-bones line-up, no actual detail on online specifics, profiles, media partners or anything. The verdict is more than out on this one... stay tuned to AusGamers for more from the actual show-floor when we get a chance to see the system up close and personal.