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E3 2011: Sony Pre-E3 Media Briefing
Post by trog @ 12:05pm 07/06/11 | Comments
AusGamers coverage of the Sony press conference, fresh from E3 2011 in Los Angeles.

Packed into a massive stadium, Sony handed out 3D glasses for their Pre-show press event and asked all attendees to don them before festivities kicked off.

When they did a stylish 3D video showed off upcoming games like Uncharted 3 and inFamous 2, among many more.

After the video, as expected, good old honest Jack Tretton came out and immediately addressed the PlayStation Network outage, offering a joke but also some humble pie to the third-parties and retailers who have been hit hard by the outage.

However he singled out consumers and appologised "for any anxiety" Sony caused in the wake of the PSN outage.

He then talked about the PSN being at 90% of it's previous usage among users, and then went on to talk about the PS3 being a full entertainment experience, revealing CinemaNow as a new partner.

The NaughtyDog lads took the stage next to show off some new Uncharted 3 stuff.

We begin with Nate Drake aboard a ravages cruise ship in rough waters. Rain soaking the deck as it rocks back and forth - damn these guys know graphics.

The gameplay demo is largely built around stealth, with Drake performing a number of silent take-downs before entering a large part at the heart of the ship where he's surrounds and all hell breaks loose. Before we know it, Drake has blown a hole in the side of the ship in his attempt at taking out the bad guys and the ship is both sinking and filling with water fast.

Now he needs to escape the ship in some of the most nail-biting cinematically awesome gaming sequences I've ever seen.

All of this is followed by a proper trailer for the game in 3D, and believe me, Uncharted 3 looks like it could be a reason to invest in a 3D TV. Simply amazing.

After Drake, it's time for Nathan Hale to rock the stage in 3D in the final chapter of Resistance, which looks awesome as well, and offers just what you expect.

Tretton added that in September, the game would ship as a Sharpshooter bundle.

Next up he revealed there'd be another HD god of War collection, this time in 3D, also in this vein was ICO and Shadow of the colossus.

He then revealed a PlayStation-branded 3D monitor that also allows for split screen multiplayer play on the same monitor through glasses and not a horizontal or vertical split. This is actually very, very cool.

2K Sports took the stage next to reveal "NBA on the Move" a Move-enabled casual NBA 2K title that looked stunning. And they invited Kobe Bryant out to play, and he pretty much sucked.

Next up was another Move title called "Medieval Moves". Again we saw this in 3D, but it was odd; the avatar was essentially see through, and when he used ninja tars or a bow and arrow it switched to a crazy and weird-looking 3D. Accuracy looked 1:1 and for all the wagglers it could be cool; especially since item are managed by certain Move gestures and not an inventory screen.

Jack came back out to reiterate the functionality of Move, and mentioned inFamous 2 would support it. For more on this game though, check out the AusGamers review right here.

He then mentioned that LittleBigPlanet 2 would get an update later in the year for full Move.

StarHawk was then revealed from Light Box and Santa Monica Studios, as a third-person "run and gun" shooter that looked like RAGE and Borderlands. Only saw a CG trailer though.

Much like the return of Sly Raccoon which was only shown in CG form.

HilmR Petersson then came out and revealed that Dust514 would be a PS3 exclusive and would actually be a fully cross-platformed linking to EVE Online (presumably through Steam). About time, if you ask me.

We saw the game in action and it looked very cool. A closed beta would be launched by the end if the year.

Next up we saw new footage for BioShock: Infinite which is easily one of the top games here at the show, and my most anticipated game of 2012.

Ken Levine then came out and humbly mentioned he was anti Move, until Sony called him and asked him to experiment with it, and he's now decided to use it for the PS3 version if Infinite. He then revealed there was another game set in the BioShock universe they would be releasing on NGP. Big news.

Tretton then added that BioShock: Infinite would be bundled for PS3 with the original game on the same Blu-ray.

A Star Trek game was then revealed that would launch alongside the next JJ Abrams film next year. The game is an original story though, and would support Move and even come with a phaser housing for the device when it ships.

Battlefield 3 was revealed to be coming to PS3 bundled with Battlefield 1943.

Tretton then revealed SSX on PS3 would come with an exclusive race down Mt. Fiji, and that the next Need For Speed would come with an exclusive disc featuring unique and exclusive cars to the PS3.

Kaz Hirai then came out and revealed PlayStation Suite, an IO or app for certain devices. More info to come, apparently.

He then moved onto NGP which is officially now known as PlayStation Vita.

He mentioned they'd partnered with AT&T for the device to everyone in the audience's chagrin and boos.

A user can have a "party room" for a game, and ca. Then chat to anyone else in that room via headset, regardless o location and for free.

He also revealed "Near", which is like your Vita profile to share.

We the got a look at Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Full of water shaders and dynamic lighting. It also incorporates touch-screen functionality for, say, melee. But you can also slide your finger on the screen to "paint" a path for Drake while he's climbing walls. You're also not locked into playing the game one way, you can choose to use the configuration that you prefer. The game really does look amazing on the Vita though.

Ruin was brought in next and is an action-based RPG. It's an isometric dungeon-crawler in the vein of Diablo. There's also a competitive mode where you can invade another player's "Lair". You build your own lair and pack it with what you want.

Finally, they showed you could save your game to cloud and then fire it up on PS3 and play on the big screen.

ModNation Racers is also coming to PlayStation Vita and would not be a port of the original and would still feature full track editing tools on the new handheld. Editing tools looked laggy, but that could just be early development.

When you get the Vita ModNation Racers, from Day One you'll have access to the whole catalogue of shared created content from the PS3 game.

LBP came into view next with a ton of features. It uses the full sixaxis, front and rear cameras (take a photo of anything, edit it and then drop it in the game as an item for level creation. Touch and pass multiplayer, dual touch and online as well.

Next up was the awesome Yoshi Nori from Capcom to talk about Street Fighter X Tekken, which would also arrive in Vita.

The game would also include Cole from inFamous as a playable character, exclusive to Vita.

He then demoed the game with Cole who looks kind of n ncool as a Streeties character.

Sony also revealed there were more than 80 games in development for Vita, some of which were shown in a compilation trailer.

Kaz came back out and revealed the Vita would launch this Holiday season with the Wi Fi model retailing at US$249 and the 3G Wi Fi for US$299. We'll try and get Aussie pricing for you shortly.

End of show.