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E3 2011: Ubisoft Press Conference Highlights
Post by trog @ 08:45am 07/06/11 | Comments
AusGamers covering the Ubisoft press conference, direct from E3 2011!

The event kicks off with a compilation trailer of all of Ubi's biggest titles; celebrating 25 years in the game

Yves Guillemont comes out and talks about how in their 25 year life spam they've shipped more than 25 billion games

"not bad for a company with no arms or legs"

Michel Ancel - Rayman Origins

It's a way to revive his first love in gaming

Blue Fif can run up walls and land Rayman's head - there's a Twtris homage level, and this is truly classic side-scrolling platform action with many throwbacks to yesteryear and classic games. It oozes character and looks like a co-op treat. Swim, fly, run, jump... You name it, Rayman has it. In this style, the game would look fantastic on 3DS.

4-Player co-op, no release date

Aaron Priceman Ubisoft's "Mr Caffeine"

He performed a few puntastic dick jokes, but ultimately talked about "gaming is adventure"

Starting with Driver: San Francisco. Showed a trailer - all in-game visuals. Looks like Reflections have had a good look back and are creating a game true to its roots.

Up next Far Cry 3 with Dan Hay. Check our extensive preview and interview on AusGamers for more

Up next a new game from Gearbox Games, presented by Randy Pitchford. He revealed a new World War 2 four-player co-op shooter, Brothers in Arms: Furious Four. We only saw a CG trailer though

They revealed Tin Tin next, which was presented in video form by Steve Spielberg and Peter Jackson. A pseudo 3D side-scrolling beat 'em up/platfomer, which looked authentic to the source material.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Tommy Jacob - creative director, introduces it as we're presented a live gameplay demo.

They used an information and objective system like Splinter Cell.

Cooperative play features picture in picture updates on where your teammates are to perform real-time teamwork.

Iron-sights bring you to first-person.

Live satellite feed gives you a better look at the area.

Use drones to also recon the area and deploy your team for the best tactical advantage.

Cover to cover maneuvering a well as destructible cover depending on the compound (ie concrete)

At the end. To combat to attack choppers they called in a thermabarick charge.

Revealed a multiplayer mode called conflict.

They then talked about Ghost Recon Online, developed by Ubi Singapore, it's entirely free and exclusive to PC - you'll also be able to carry your achievements from one game to another.

"Gaming is Sharing"

Anne Blonde-Jouel comes out to talk about Mania Planet's Trackmania2 - full dedicated server support for private servers.

Apparently what we're seeing is in-game footage but it's hard to believe - another PC exclusive from Ubi though

Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking

Antoine Henry demos the game on Kinect - augmented reality Rabbids party game with four-player support.

Coming November 8

"Gaming is Life"

Just Dance 3 for Wii, Move and Kinect. New songs and dances - exactly what you'd expect from this.

A bit late to the party, or like an old rocker who doesn't realize he's old, Ubi introduced Rocksmith - game that let's you use an actual guitar to both play and learn. It gets harder the better you get.

More Kinect up next: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012. Again, more of what you'd expect.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations tops out the event, but again check out our extensive coverage right here on AusGamers.