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E3 2011: EA Press Conference Highlights
Post by Dan @ 07:38am 07/06/11 | Comments
Following directly after the Xbox press conference, Electronic Arts are the next big publisher to share their new upcoming goods with the world. Here are the highlights.

US 12:30am: EA's press conference opens with a Mass Effect 3 trailer that is epic, documenting Earth's invasion of the Reapers
Casey Hudson of BioWare comes out and introducves the game showing off a live gameplay demo that is very action-packed. No look at Kinect voice recognition though.

We see Shepard in a massive boss battle with a live Reaper, which ends in an on-rails shooting sequence moving away from the Reaper as it pursues.

We end the Mass Effect 3 portion with another E3 trailer, that is equally epic

John Rioccitiello - we don't do a big stage and random celebrities, we just have games and nine dedicated developers, showing you what we do best
Check out as a hub to follow EA titles in development moving forward

Black Box Games: NFS: The Run "elicite high speed race across the country"
Your entire career is logged via autolog and the game features third-person action sequences that are essentially interactive quick-time events from scripted sequenbces

Dr. Greg Zeschwick came out and introduced a new trailer for Star Wars: Old Republic

Peter Moore introduces SSX and mentions up-to-date live NASA satellite images to recreate the best mountains in the world
42 milloion consumers worldwide play a version of FIFA

Matt Bilby - boss of Football globally at EA comes out to introduce FIFA 12

Tactical defending - all new; positioning is now as important as defending, player-impact engine - nearly two years in development makes on-pitch impacts mean more and changes the pace and strategy of the game
The game is barely alpha, and anyone who has played it proclaims it the best playing FIFA so far

EA Sports Football Club - A live social service; use smart phone, facebook anywhere to keep track, compete bwith friends on leaderboards and accept weekly challenges

Madden 12 trailer

Ray Lewis, Peyton Hillis, Clay Matthews - NFL dudes come out all geared up and Peter Moore introduces them and talks to them about the bigger changes, based on them and their style or their teams, in the game.

The Sims Social - a Sims game for Facebook, took a dig at Farmville. Basically animated, contextual updates on Facebook through the Sims

EA Partners

Boston Red Sox, Curt Schilling - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - 100s of hours of gameplay
new trailer for the game
heavily combat focused
Insomniac Games' Ted Price comes out "excited to expand to the Xbox audience" OverStrike

Karl Magnus - Battlefield 3
extensive gameplay demo with Patrick Bach. Game looks incredible. Tank

Latest Comments
Posted 05:38am 07/6/11
Not much gameplay compared to MW3's on gametrailer.
Posted 05:41am 07/6/11
Need for Speed - now with more not-in-the-car gameplay. :P
Posted 05:47am 07/6/11
Yeah, that was really weird. Don't know what they are trying to get with that. And meh on this TOR. Just gonna die along side all other MMO's.
Posted 05:55am 07/6/11
Also, sham TOR was all just pre-rendered cutscenes. Guess they're embarrassed.
Posted 05:56am 07/6/11
Oh look - the new FIFA game allows you to have realistic QQ when you fake a trip.
Posted 06:03am 07/6/11
Just checked out and there's a BF3 multiplayer trailer there!
Posted 06:12am 07/6/11
Gah, I'll see if it's in the live.
Posted 06:24am 07/6/11
Holy s*** BF3 on PC demo. My god I f*****g love you DICE. You have won. You have clearly won the race. 100% free tools like Elite.
Posted 07:11am 07/6/11
BF3 looks pretty damn hot, as does Mass Effect 3.

BF3 has much prettier explosions than Modern Warfare does :P
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