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E3 2011: Xbox Media Briefing Live Blog
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:12am 07/06/11 | Comments
AusGamers is in attendance at this year's Xbox Media briefing at E3, stay tuned for live updates...

US 9am: Galen Centre: Sitting and waiting for the magic :)

US 9:24am: "Please take your seats the briefing will begin in five minutes..."

US 9:30am: It's about to begin

US 9:30am: Modern Warfare 3 opens this event with Robert Bowling playing the game live, a minute in "Please reconnect your Xbox Controller" appears on-screen...

It's an underwater mission following SEAL Team on their way to a sub - very atmospheric

Following the sub now, and adding a an explosive to its tail before surfacing in a war-ravaged New York (presumably the Hudson River).

Honestly, despite not looking as good as BF3, the game really is leaps and bounds above all other CoDs in terms of visuals

They've entered the sub and are fighting deck by deck to the control room for the launch keys; the SEAL Team are launching the missiles from the sub...and head to the top of the sub before jumping in a rubber dingy to engage in an on-rails-esque vehicular spectacular; full NAVY around them, shooting out enemies on different ships, exploding platforms and finally boarding a chopper...

US 9:40am: Glen Schofield and Robert Bowling address the crowd...

They thank the crowd and fans of the series for their continued support...

US 9:41am: Enter Don Matrick...

"We've got the hottest games"

"More Kinect titles"

"Better ways to watch TV"

US 9:43am: Live Tomb Raider gameplay...

Lara is captive and hanging upside down, apparently on an island somewhere

She escapes hanging upside down by sacrificing her body to immense pain. Once free she's walking through caverns underground. Her health appears to be a big part of the game, along with her fears. She's reassuring herself the whole time (apologies for spelling)

Visually the game looks *okay*

Puzzles in rooms underground abound - still very much Tomb Raider.

Playing with puzzle triggers, Lara sets off an event that means she's running from the caverns Indy Temple of Doom style... the camera shifts a lot for dramatic effect, but doesn't appear conducive to gameplay. Nat Drake is still the new tomb raiding king IMO

US 9:49am: Peter Moore comes out as head of EA Sports and says they have four Kinect Sports titles on the way.

Dr Ray Muzyka comes out - Mass Effect 3 time (brb)

JK, "Mass Effect 3 is all about kick ass action" will also support Kinect with voice recognition, about to demonstrate in real-time

Game looks rad, as expected...

It's definitely working, they guys are demoing the tech by saying the normal lines you would select via controller or mouse

Holy shit, in combat announce commands via voice to your team, such as "move up" or "attack" or "singularity"

Not sure how it will work for such a a long game, but a great implementation of Kinect for a core game finally

US 9:56am: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer...

Yves Guillemot comes out - "we have been big believers in Kinect from Day one"

Demoing Ghost Recon with Kinect - customise 20 millions different weapons through gesture and voice.

Through a series of voice commands such as "Randomise" you can create various weapons, and then use them in-game with actual gunplay gestures... honestly didn't look very fun, but was functional and working in real-time...

US 10:02am: Xbox Live time. Demoing Kinect voice control over the dashboard... cool but *yawn*

Increasing partnerships on Xbox Live (including YouTube) by a factor of 10... we'll likely only get YouTube in Australia (will suss this later today)

Surprise! Bing is coming to Xbox Live (hardly a "partnership")

ZOMG! They just announced On-Live TV and mentioned Foxtel in AU... did we lead the way? But this is old news, and was pretty much expected.

UFC guys comes out and mentions being able to control your UFC viewing as well as play.

US 10:10am: Phil Spencer comes out and starts talking about TV on Xbox Live... "but at its core, Xbox will always be about games".

All the next batch of games on show will be Xbox 360 exclusives, opening with Gears of War and good ol Cliffy B just came out. He's about to show a section of the campaign in co-op, Ice T comes out to help him out

Marcus and co are on the deck of a ship essentially fighting a giant sea-monster

The guys finmd and use "Silver Backs" - Mech Suits, which are pretty cool.

This is an A-Typical Gears boss battle, but it's a guilty pleasure to be sure... hahaha Bodycount are apparently reforming to perform a special song for Horde Mode

New Crytek game set in Ancient Rome. Called "Ryse", it's a first-person Kinect game where you motion actions... *cough*

US 10:21am: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary -m a fully remastered Halo, newly revamped visuals, online co-op and classic MP maps

Now it's Forza Motorsport 4 time - will support Kinect Voice and Headtracking; releasing October 11

US 10:24am: Molyneux is out to reveal Fable The Journey

"Heros are no longer borne, they're made"

Watching a a CG trailer, followed by a gameplay demo, in real-time, featuring horse and carriage gameplay where you control the reigns... ah, it's an on-rails Kinect adventure through Albion in the first-person. Hrm...

Phil Spencer just announced Minecraft making its console debut on Xbox 3w60, with... you guessed it, Kinect support. This Holiday season...

Kinect Disney... go to Disneyland through Kinect (exactly what you're thinking it might be)

US 10:32am: And... Kinect Star Wars... features Pod Racing, flying and Saber fights, but you have to say "light saber "ON" :(" it's also pretty much on-rails and honestly, very, very static in its depiction of movement. Pretty sure it's the antithesis to what being a Jedi or Sith is about... C3P0 has better movement

US 10:37am: Tim Schafer comes out to introduce "Once Upon a Monster" a Sesame Street game, again, Kinect enabled (but this one makes sense)

US 10:42am: Kudo Tsunota comes out and reveals Kinect Fun Labs - basically their portal for all Kinect open dev stuff

Make yourself as your own Avatar

Kinect Sparkler: Uses Kinect finger-tracking and is a very, very basic 3D imaging program... not really worth the stage time

Kinect Googly Eyes allows you to use Kinect to scan in objects... hrm, how will they moderate sex toys?

Kinect Fun Labs goes live from today.

US 10:48am: Kinect Sports Season Two. Golf, American football...

Harmonix comes out with Dance Central 2, carry across all tracks from Dance Central 1.

US 10:55: Don Mattrick is out reiterating everything we just saw, but like a decent band, they'll have an encore... I'm goimng to call it now - Halo 4 will be the end of show trailer (with Kinect support :P)

Start of a new trilogy...

Yep, Halo

Latest Comments
Posted 02:12am 07/6/11
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:24am 07/6/11
Posted 02:51am 07/6/11
Holy crap, that Tomb Raider was damn near making me on edge. Piercing the side of her chest, holy crap. And the guy's head getting squashed! Man, that already out did MW3 haha. Also, what the hell was with that last scene in MW3 with the boat jumping into the chopper, not even wrecking the chopper, and the two guys jumping straight out and pulling the boat in.
Posted 02:54am 07/6/11
Hmmm, Mass Effect being Kinectised. Interesting.
Posted 03:00am 07/6/11
Ok, this Kinect stuff is starting to get out of hand. It's cool and all, but I don't want it to become the game. I don't want it to be the only way you can have fun. But damn the use for it in tom clancy is cool.
Posted 03:04am 07/6/11
Steve, did Xbox just say Live is going free?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:08am 07/6/11
Nah, you still gotta pay dude :(
Posted 03:08am 07/6/11
Bugger, must of been the updates being available for their free version.
Posted 03:14am 07/6/11
Posted 03:15am 07/6/11
Where are ya in the audience Steve? Try and spot ya haha
Posted 03:23am 07/6/11
Jeez, that's a lot of Kinect enabled games. They are really pushing Kinect into everything. Guess they aren't ready to let go of the 360.
Posted 03:30am 07/6/11
Ok, that is just stupid of Minecraft and Notch. He hasn't even finished the game, and it isn't even at it's full potential, yet his making a mobile version and a Kinect version.
Posted 03:36am 07/6/11
Is it me, or is Kinect rewriting the notion of gaming in that aim means nothing anymore? Seems all you do is just face in the general direction, do the move and hey you win!
Posted 03:37am 07/6/11
Pretty much creepy.
Posted 03:52am 07/6/11
Steve, do you feel embarrassed?
Posted 03:53am 07/6/11
Btw, if it's not clear to Aussies watching - "coming this holiday" means "available around late November/early December."
Posted 05:18am 07/6/11
happy to see Kinect being used to augment existing experiences finally with Mass Effect 3's voice commands. Really not interested in any of the games that require you to sit there holding your hands up the whole time though (Ghost Recon). It's a nice gimmick, but really not what the tech should be being used for.

Ghost Recon should have just gone with voice commands and off hand guestures while you use a regular controller.
Posted 05:19am 07/6/11
Also. Have to agree that Fable as a rail-shooter looked pretty weak.
Posted 05:20am 07/6/11
Yeah, the whole "bond with your horse" was very, uhh, creepy.
Posted 06:58am 07/6/11
Another Halo, thought they finished with that?
Posted 03:22am 08/6/11
Damn you Eorl I really thought they were making a ninja gaiden 3 :(
Posted 04:43am 08/6/11
They are, theres trailers out for it, and it was in the Nintendo presentation as well
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