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Unique Australian Indigenous Nintendo Wii Artwork
Post by trog @ 11:27am 18/02/11 | Comments

From Nintendo: Nintendo has commissioned four of the country’s most highly regarded indigenous artists to paint inspired artworks on eight Wii™ consoles to benefit the indigenous education programme and charity Shalom Gamarada.

The Wii consoles will be auctioned exclusively online via eBay; to bid visit

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Reverend Evil
Posted 11:39am 18/2/11
Hmm, don't mean to sound like a prick but they look pretty crappy. But it's for a good cause I guess.
Posted 11:39am 18/2/11
Rofl at those first two. My daughters have come up with something very similar, maybe I should get them to paint my Wii and I can sell it.
Posted 11:54am 18/2/11
Indigenous? Can't I just have a massive triforce on the side of mine?
Posted 12:03pm 18/2/11
1,2,6 and 8 are kindergarten paintings, right? the others are quite nice though.
Posted 12:04pm 18/2/11
Yeah its insensitive to call aboriginal art crap, but really I've seen alot better aboriginal art, this is just random swirls and dots.

Is it "subjective" or something?

Maybe its just crap, yeah I reckon its just crap.
Posted 12:05pm 18/2/11
Check out all the art critics
Posted 12:08pm 18/2/11
does your monocle fog up every time someone buys something from ebay, trog? :-)

Posted 12:10pm 18/2/11
Check out all the art critics

Everyone is a legitimate critic IMO.

I watched an interesting doco on SBS about indigenous artists and how there was quite a racket setup to flog their work with very little of the money made making it back to the artists and communities. Basically our local slave labour. I don't know how it stands now, but I guess they would still be a target for some dubious types.
Posted 08:31pm 18/2/11
Umm, I normally dig indigenous xray paintings.

Those look like s***.
Posted 04:43am 19/2/11
they look alright to me :/
Posted 09:21am 19/2/11
I hope that washes off.
Number 4 is the only decent one

edit* in order to validate my assessment, I'm a professional art cricket
Posted 09:15am 19/2/11
3 and 4 are okay. Rest are crap.*

*this critique was performed in accordance with the international rules on art critiquing, drinking tea with little finger in the air.
Posted 09:27am 19/2/11
apply with in for modding of your wii after you purchase one of these delightfully decorated ones!
Posted 12:15pm 19/2/11
Just don't paint your playstation or you'll be banned from sony's internet
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