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AusGamers Bulletstorm Video Interview and Transcript
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:28pm 06/12/10 | Comments
AusGamers chatted to Bulletstorm's Senior Producer, Mike Ress at a pre-TGS event. Check out what he had to say...

Watch the full interview in the embedded video above, or download it right here

AusGamers: Welcome back to AusGamers, we're here once again at the EA Pre-TGS press event. We just had a bit of a look at Bulletstorm and I'm here with Mike who is the Senior Producer on the game. This game is awesome! I hadn't had a chance to play it yet [until now] but it's really, really fun. Just going into it, had you been part of the project from day one?

Mike Ress: Yeah actually I have. We've been working with People Can Fly for quite some time now -- a great group of guys, very creative -- and as you can see the game is absolutely amazing, it's very, very unique; it's all part of the creativeness that they posses. They worked on Painkiller, obviously the creators of that.

AG: It seems like the game is built around a basic amount of core mechanics. One of those is the slide, another is the leash and the rest is bullets flying everywhere and a combination of all of those. Were there heaps more moves before that and was there a kind of process of eliminating different concepts and ideas?

Mike: Yeah, what you kind of do is.. they've got a core set of moves that they think they want to use. You've got a kick, you've got a slide. We had -- well obviously not we, but Adrian [Chmielarz - Creative Director] and PCF -- they had the leash mechanic that they wanted to use, which is a really cool way to pull somebody to you and shoot them, to bring a kind of juggling mechanic to your gameplay. Then obviously, you just expand on that as you go, so you think of the different skill shots you want to do: how can you expand that? How can you expand the weapons to serve those skillshots? How can you use the environment to do that as well?

So you start off with your core set of abilities and just go from there -- the sky's the limit really, just see where you go with it.

AG: Is there a certain number of combinations that you can do? Could somebody just juggle somebody for 20 minutes or something?

Mike: You can do combos. There are skill-shot combos that you can do. So the idea is to really play with the environment; play with the enemy and see what you can come up with. If you can think of it, you can probably do it and you'll get a pay-off with a nice little skill-shot bonus as well and go "wow, I've never seen that before, that's really cool".

AG: So the rest of the game is basically built around this idea of fun and those core mechanics. Obviously the level design reflects that as well. But you can't jump! It seems to me jumping would be a really fun thing to be able to do in this.

Mike: You don't need to jump, really. You've got slide, anything you can do in the game in terms of closing distance, you can do. It's a cat and mouse situation. Jumping is really something that, you know, we thought about and ultimately it's really not needed. You've got so much to do that it's good as is -- it's really, really awesome.

AG: Okay, so the skew for any game these days is basically all three platforms; PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Obviously running off a brand new version of Unreal, it looks awesome. Is there any difference in any of the builds at all, or...

Mike: They're identical, absolutely the same across.

AG: So anything specific with the PC though? Like obviously you can get it running better on PC?

Mike: No not necessarily. I wouldn't sell any of the versions short at all, they're all equally going to be awesome in their own right.

AG: And what about multiplayer? I know you guys haven't really talked that much about it just yet. We've been playing a fair bit of single-player. Will all of the mechanics be in there? Are there going to be massive arenas? Because the slide alone is going to get you across maps in no time?

Mike: Yeah. Well at this point we're not commenting on multiplayer, we're going to be announcing that at future events by itself. But rest-assured, it's happening.

AG: Co-op?

Mike: Well, no comment right now.

AG: Okay, and just quickly: the lead character looks exactly like Ben Stiller from Dodgeball, crossed with Hugh Jackman.

Mike: Does he? Okay. I haven't seen that, but I'll have to take another look. You may have probably burned that into my head now -- thanks for that.

AG: Have a look, it's the "Dirty Sanchez" moustache [laughs].

Mike: Okay

AG: Cheers, thanks for that.

Mike: Thanks for your time.

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