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TGS 2010: A Day in Photos From the 2010 Tokyo Games Show
Post by Dan @ 01:55pm 30/09/10 | Comments
AusGamers was on scene for the 2010 Tokyo Games Show and we took a bunch of photos. Here's what happened on Saturday, the first weekend day where TGS is opened up to the general public.


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Posted 02:56pm 30/9/10
Heh, cool pics
Posted 03:21pm 30/9/10
Lucky bastards :)
Posted 05:28pm 30/9/10
Posted 06:11pm 30/9/10
Bummer, I was hoping that I might have snuck into a few of your shots. =P

Some good shots of the cosplayers in there. I didn't really have a good look around the cosplay area. Way too many people, and I hate pushing my way through a crowd.
Posted 07:53pm 30/9/10
haha this one is awesome:

Yea I'd be solid too if I could find a blonde haired; blue eyed Asian girl with nice cleavage. Great photos.
Posted 08:05pm 30/9/10
I think those tits are fake, i can see the surgery scar.
Posted 08:58pm 30/9/10
thumbs down for the javascript gallery bulls***
why not set it up like a thumbnail pornsite where I can open the asian chicks in a new tab?
Posted 09:24pm 30/9/10
SO much mess in pants. <3 asian chicks
Posted 09:32pm 30/9/10
thumbs down for the javascript gallery bulls***
why not set it up like a thumbnail pornsite where I can open the asian chicks in a new tab?

Yeah. Ive noticed this happening lately, it does indeed suck the fat one.
Posted 10:01am 01/10/10
thumbs down for the javascript gallery bulls***
why not set it up like a thumbnail pornsite where I can open the asian chicks in a new tab?
This is just something that we threw together in a few mins because we had all these photos that we wanted to share, in no-way is it considered ideal.

We'd definitely like to hear feedback on whether people are interested in us doing more of this kind of thing (photo slideshows from events we attend, or slideshows of anything else gaming related really).

What are other features that people think are useful/important in photo galleries like this? I agree about the ability to be able to open-in-new-window on the thumbs that look most interesting btw.

Anyone have good examples of sites that do slideshows/thumbnail galleries in a good way?
Posted 11:40am 01/10/10
I vastly prefer galleries that let me just open the full-size jpeg in another tab. I like to just middle-click all of the thumbnails that look interesting and then go through them in their own tabs one at a time (no waiting for each one to load then, either).
Posted 11:48am 01/10/10
Slide-shows are anoying as well.
Just have an open gallery of thumbs, the size on that page is good to see if you want to see it bigger. Then have the image open the full-size jpeg in a new tab.

You could have 2-3 of your best pictures (Full or 1/2 size) with the News Report/Article then a 'Click here for the full gallery' which opens a gallery window of thumbs, which can then be opened just as Midda suggests.
Posted 02:39pm 02/10/10
Yea I'm with Midda and Scooter, not often you see a slide show that is not annoying in someway, can't think of an example of one right now. Thumbs > tab with full size image and nothing else so it loads fast.
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