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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:01pm 02/07/10 | Comments
AusGamers nabbed a very quick interview with GT5's North American Senior Product Manager for a few details. Read on for more...

AusGamers: (Playing GT5) It immediately feels very realistic... (crashes and laughs).


We're standing here with Stephanie Yoshimoto, she's the product manager for Gran Turismo 5 here in North America, we're going to get some Australian details regarding the game's release in just a bit, but in the interim this game is very, very much anticipated - it's been coming for a long time and we finally have a release date, Stephanie, can you run us through some of the features we'll be seeing around November?

Stephanie: First of all, GT5 is the most realistic driving experience and it's also the most comprehensive experience. We're going to see many cars - over 1000 cars - the most in any game. So much fine detail; everything from rollover to when you see the bottom of certain cars - detail so fine that when you look at certain cars you won't be able to tell if these are the real things or not.

You're also going to see a very detailed lighting system and one of the new courses that was unveiled, Tuscana, a rally course that you can actually drive - you're going to see a transition from day to night. You'll see headlights come up and down, debris kick up and the like and those are just some of the examples. We've also unveiled an advanced photo mode, which we had in GT4 before, but actually now it's almost like a PS where you can walk around and take photos and you can do that in the race mode or you can just do it in the photo mode as well.

And also finally, a very robust online community system - everything from private race lobbies, which have been very anticipated from GT5 Prologue, to spectator modes and more that are really going to make it a great experience for GT fans.

AG: Now the PlayStation Eye sitting on the pods behind us, what are they for?

Stephanie: So there's face-tracking in the game and what that allows you to do is have peripheral vision to your left and right, so you can move your head and it'll actually track your face and you can see to your side. We also have 3D and they work independently but they also work very well together; it actually gives you really great visual depth.

AG: Okay that's all we really have time for, but thanks Stephanie, it's great to see the game is finally coming out.

Stephanie: Yes, so am I (laughs).

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Posted 01:24pm 02/7/10
you are not at all what I had pictured Steve, for some reason I thought you'd be early 40s and slightly overweight

also Stephanie can talk for a long time without taking a break

also I still can't wait
Posted 01:26pm 02/7/10
gj - yea will be getting this title for sure, the head movement to look left and right sounds pretty cool.

Posted 01:29pm 02/7/10
firstly, for a senior product manager she doesn't speak too well and didn't really know a lot about it!

secondly, you're hat is never on straight Steve, best fix that. You're to old to try and be hip and cool and wear it sideways.

lastly, I am excited - can't wait for this game :D
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:31pm 02/7/10
tequila, on that description, I am VERY glad to disappoint (though still nerdy as hell - hence LucasFilm tee).

HeardY, I don't tell you to drop the capital Y at the end of your handle, so the hat stays that way ;)
Posted 01:35pm 02/7/10
you know what I've tried changing it to lower case, but the uber ausgamers system keeps telling me that a heardy already exists and won't let me change it.

also bite :)
Posted 01:37pm 02/7/10
at the end of the day, your hat is still lopsided irl

game looks awesome
Posted 02:13pm 02/7/10
Also, did i see the top gear track? lol
Posted 04:27pm 02/7/10
Thats a whole lot of eyecandy for an arcade racer
Posted 05:44pm 02/7/10
whos the noob driving 3rd person view lol wodda noob
Posted 07:36pm 02/7/10
I pictured you looking like Fry
Posted 07:40pm 02/7/10
ok, 3d and face tracking for peripheral vision does sound ok.

still, id take a decent handling model over all the visuals and gimmicks in teh world
Posted 03:50am 03/7/10
steve! I like your tattoo is there a proper picture of it ^__^
Posted 09:23am 03/7/10
whos the noob driving 3rd person view lol wodda noob
Tehe Scooby I thought the same thing :)
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