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E3 2010: Mortal Kombat Interview Transcript
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:46pm 22/06/10 | Comments
AusGamers talks to Hans Lo, Senior Producer on Warner Bros Games' forthcoming reboots of Mortal Kombat. Read on for our full transcript...

To see the video interview with Hans, click here.

AusGamers: We're at Warner Bros' Booth at E3, it's the last day and we just checked out Mortal Kombat. I think the buzz around the show floor is that it's pretty awesome and what we just saw was pretty awesome.

Hans thanks for joining us.

Hans Lo: Glad to be here.

AG: What's your role on the game?

HL: I'm the senior producer on the game, so I oversee the project.

AG: Were you a Mortal Kombat fan before you landed this?

HL: Oh yeah, that game definitely ate a few of my quarters growing up, so yeah.

AG: So we saw that you've kind of gone for a refreshed look at the first three games, but there's going to be some changes in there as well. Can we talk about any of that?

HL: We as you say, it's kind of like a refresh of the game. We've gone with the name Mortal Kombat, there's nothing else to it, it's straight and simple - kind of like a new beginning - Warner Bros, a new start for us so we're really excited. You're going to see some of the more iconic characters from the past - re-imagining visions of the backgrounds as well as the look of the character, but they're still going to have very familiar things about them, like their moves -- the iceball from Sub Zero etc, you'll see that.

It's really exciting, we've got a couple of new modes in the game - one of the things we have is what we're currently calling "X-Ray" mode, which basically what happens is when you fighting and you call up this X-Ray mode, it gets in really tight and close and you actually see, like, ribs getting cracked, internal organs getting ruptured - it's just down and deep.

A lot of fans kept coming back to us and saying "we want a mature game; we want the gore; we want the fatalities" and that's what we've given them. The other thing that we've gotten are comments wanting the 2D gameplay aspect again, so what we've done is gone back to the 2D playing field. The characters and their environments are all 3D, but the way you play the game is 2D, so you get a lot quicker, faster action going on, do some really great combos that you can link together - I'm amazed at how far we've gotten this time.

AG: Are there levels in the game like in MK3 where you could punch someone through a wall or a floor and drop into a whole new level, is that returning?

HL: You know what. I'm going to let you guys wait and see on that one, but I can tell you that we do have things like "Pit Fatalities", so you remember the one where you would knock the guy off the bridge and he drops all the way down to the bottom, yeah we've got a new version of that in there, so I think people will be pretty excited to see that as well.

AG: For some throwbacks to fans, are we going to see the "Toasty" guy come back?

HL: Well that's Dan Ford. Dan's a little older now, I don't know if he can do that high pitched voice anymore to be honest, it'd be more like "Toasty" [baritone]. I don't know, we might but we haven't quite decided. We're still working out ideas on the game but we'll see.

AG: Can you talk a little bit about how online is going to work? Is there going to be a tournament mode out of the box and all that sort of stuff?

HL: We're going to have more information about it as we go along, but we're definitely going to have online in the sense that you'll have full one on one play. We're also going to have tag-team which is a new mode that you can play online and offline. So you and your buddies can get online and play some tag-team. We're going to try and make it a really robust online experience.

AG: So re-telling the first three games, is there a more cohesive story now to tie them all together?

HL: There is... but I'll say there's a twist to it, and again this is one of those things we're you going to have to wait and see and we'll reveal a bit more as we go down the road.

AG: What's your favourite fatality in the game so far?

HL: Oh my god there's so many, and the thing is there's some that aren't even in the game yet that we're working on. I just keep getting amazed. For right now, I like Kung Lao's. The one where he throws his hat on the ground and drags the guy towards the hat - that one made me squirm the first time i saw it.

AG: And you guys aren't worried at all that the game's just not going to get through the Australian censors?

HL: That's something we're working on, we're going to have a look and see what we can do. I know you guys and your ratings board down there are possibly talking about coming up with a new level of rating. We'll do what we can and work with the groups needed and try and get it down there for you guys.

AG: So is it just on PS3 and Xbox 360? Have we got other skews?

HL: No, just those two skews right now.

AG: And no plans to bring it back in the arcade?

HL: No, not really. Warner Bros isn't really known as an arcade company so I haven't heard anything at least, no one has talked to us about it.

AG: We'll thanks very much Hans, that's awesome, cheers.

HL: Thank you.

Latest Comments
Posted 03:12pm 22/6/10
this is going to be god damn awesome

and i was the same as him when i saw the kung lao fatality i couldn't quite beleive how full on it was, the guy screaming as he dragged him towards the hat just gave it that little bit of realism
Posted 03:19pm 22/6/10
the bit that gets me is when he lifts up the two halves of the body, couldn't believe it
Posted 03:22pm 22/6/10
No PC support... Very SAD Panda
Posted 04:51pm 22/6/10
NOOOOOOOOOO need PC support... thx for asking at least Steve, good interview.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:09pm 22/6/10
sucks because he couldn't really answer any of my questions, and we were massively pressed for time :(

we have a few really good ones you guys'll like coming soon though
Posted 06:24pm 22/6/10
there has never been a pc version of mortal kombat...
Posted 11:09pm 22/6/10
My copy of Mortal Kombat Trilogy for PC says otherwise. Also there's MK4, and possibly others.
Posted 11:14pm 22/6/10
I think at the end of the day it comes down to which platform is going to have more people online to play against, cos I never bought Streetfighter 4 for PC, but a few guys I worked with at the time did and they said it sucked cos there was hardly anyone local to play against online. I mean, I'll get it on 360 probably, cos most of the people I'd play it with would be getting it on 360, and MK does kind of feel like it belongs on a console (even though I've got MK Trilogy on PC as well).

Either way though, who cares, this game looks f*****g awesome. If you do get it on PC, at least buy it and don't use the "OMG ITS SO MUCH BETTER ON PC" as some lame argument to pirate it. Buy it and make sure they make more MK games like this!
Posted 11:36pm 22/6/10

Been waiting for a new MK game for awhile now :D
Posted 12:03am 23/6/10
I'm a a sucker for 2d beat em ups so i'll prolly end up getting this on 360 even though i don't really rate MK anywhere near SF. This is looking pretty good though i must say, i lub those xray moves.
Posted 07:48am 23/6/10
heh never knew there was any pc versions made

now that i think about it i can kind of picture a box in the pc section of the EB i used to go to back in the day

it definitely does feel like it belongs on a conslol

matchy i bought sf4 on the weekend (for ps3) i'm pretty s*** at it, haven't played it since like the mega drive days

are you able to do like big 10 hit combo's and s***, most i've seen is like 4 or 5 so far? (i'm too scared to go online with it cause i'll probably come up against some korean pro)
Posted 07:58am 23/6/10
yeh i have MK trilogy and MK4 on my PC right now
Posted 08:49am 23/6/10
mk1 & 2 were released for pc for sure. kicked the crap out of the snes / megadrive ports.
Posted 12:13pm 23/6/10
matchy i bought sf4 on the weekend (for ps3) i'm pretty s*** at it, haven't played it since like the mega drive days

are you able to do like big 10 hit combo's and s***, most i've seen is like 4 or 5 so far? (i'm too scared to go online with it cause i'll probably come up against some korean pro)
Yeah depending on which character you use you can get 20 hits plus. Duddley's super move on its own is something like 12 hits.
Posted 12:42pm 23/6/10
heh never knew there was any pc versions made

now that i think about it i can kind of picture a box in the pc section of the EB i used to go to back in the day

it definitely does feel like it belongs on a conslol

Of course it feels that way it's a fighting game. Fighting, sports & driving games are the console genres, they share a common thread.
Posted 01:14pm 23/6/10
I've been playing MK4 on PC lately since all this MK hype. It's f*****g terrible. Wish I had MKII.
Posted 01:21pm 23/6/10
trust me you don't wish that thermite, i downloaded it from psn

it's so slow, the last mk i played was armageddon which i think is number 4?

the speed of number 4 with combos and s*** is better, obviously the weapons and s*** was crap

number 1/2 are so sluggish compared to newer fighting games, you'll probably be disappointed
Posted 01:35pm 23/6/10
Nah, Mortal Kombat 4 was way before they reinvented the series with Deception and Armageddon, it was the last MK to show up in the arcades. It had pretty traditional MK mechanics (except they added weapons), but the characters were in 3D. Armageddon is like MK7
Posted 01:42pm 23/6/10
ah ok i f*****g wish we could get mk3 on psn
Posted 01:46pm 23/6/10
Best mortal kombat imo was Shaolin Monks. Wish they'd make another one, or that someone else would make a game in a similar style. How good could a street fighter game done the same way be?!?
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