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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:56pm 22/04/10 | Comments
AusGamers was invited to sunny Hawaii for Capcom's Captivate 2010 to check out their line-up, beginning with Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Read on for more details...

We saw a lot of great games at Capcom's recent Captivate event in Hawaii (as well as drank plenty of Mai Tais), but none intrigued us more than the elusive and tantalising Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds which was revealed in short video form (click here for the goods) and via presentation. However, we did grill them during a group Q&A which you'll be able to grab nuggets of info from shortly, as well as a pretty awesome interview with the game's producer, and Capcom veteran, Ryouta Niitsuma. The basic point is though, for the first time in this franchise's history, it's looking like this could have the goods to steal the crown from Street Fighter IV as the king of fighting games, and this comes in short form based on Capcom's level of seriousness about its potential, the technology behind it, and just how important both the fighting game genre is, and this series to it.

So one of the key points delivered to us early in the presentation was the idea of "maximised depth" with "minimised complexity". This can usually be pushed towards a more mainstream direction for a game, but in the case of Marvel Vs Capcom 3, the sentiment might actually ring true. Seth Killian, Capcom's community manager reiterated that this game would invite newer players, who may have missed the series prior to Marvel's silver screen explosion, or even Capcom's Monster Hunter Tri (et al) success, yet maintain "core mechanics" and plenty of "fan service" for the more hardcore out there. You can probably take this to assume the list of characters in the outset (ie not unlockables) will be more indicative of the recently popular side of both companies, which of course is resonated in the debut trailer which features Wolverine, Hulk and Iron Man who, although hale from the series' past, all have had major films super recently.

Further proof of the idea the game will maintain elements of its signature past, and depth, is that key team members from the Vs past are working on MVC3, and Marvel also have a heavy hand in how it's being delivered, though when I asked Marvel representative, Chris Baker, at the event where the core artwork was coming from, Capcom was his proud answer. And you can see just how serious the development and art team are about the treatment they're giving this revered series and its iconic cast of characters - Wolverine himself looks derived from his Mark Texiera days, while Hulk could easily have been penned by Adam Kubert; yet there's an insanely awesome consistency in the presentation, which is proof enough using Capcom's proprietary engine, MT Framework, was the correct choice.

During our Q&A the team were pressed by the err, press on-hand about characters, and the extent of the cast before we were given a current roster figure of some 30 characters, though it was carefully qualified that it's still early in the development stage (the game is due in our Autumn 2011), and that that list could grow or shrink, based on balance and in keeping the game accessible and fun for everyone without alienating the core audience who demanded its revival (or continuation) in the first place. What was interesting was me throwing out a question of story, or at least "context", and the potential for it this time around being more robust, and Seth was inviting in his response, as was Marvel's Chris Baker. The two enthusiastically sold the idea that the game's sub-head "Fate of Two Worlds" would actually have meaning and that they would be utilising the MT Framework to ensure a visually compelling story for each character could be taken advantage of.

The last real morsels of information to come out of the team was that Hyper Combos would indeed make a return and that, surprisingly, there are currently no plans at all for the game to make its way into Arcades, though if the response from fans the world over is strong enough, it's definitely not out of the question. For now though, it's strictly in development for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on arguably one the best console engines of this generation. We took time out with the game's producer, the venerable Capcom veteran, Ryouta Niitsuma, which you can check out below.

AusGamers: Okay, one of my first questions is something we touched on during the presentation's Q&A, but choosing the characters - both from Marvel and Capcom's side - and adhering to both the new fans of Capcom and new fans of Marvel, while keeping the fan-service as was promised in the presentation - how do you balance that? How long has it taken to trim down the list of characters or potential characters?

Ryouta Niitsuma: Well the easiest way was we just asked Marvel "what characters do you want us to use?" and they give us a list of characters they think would be good for the game and we look at that list and come back and say "well what about this guy? Can we use this one too?" and they give us the yes or no depending on their current situation. But that was actually pretty easy, the hard part was needing to match those characters to the Capcom side and internally, the decision was to go with more recent characters; some of the more popular characters that people now know, as opposed to older ones. And so I took it upon myself to get everyone inside Capcom in agreement of which characters would be best to use in this game.

AusGamers: Although there's no precedent in terms of adding to fighting games in terms of DLC, is there a possibility down the track to utilise the DLC platform to deliver more characters for the game?

Niitsuma: As far as downloadable content goes, nothing at this stage of the game has been decided yet, but of course there's all types of things you can do with downloadable content, as I'm sure you're familiar with, and we're taking everything under consideration as far as what we can do and can't do - downloadable characters is just one of those options on the plate and in the end we'll see what we'll actually be able to deliver, but we're in talks amongst ourselves and Marvel about what we can actually do.

AusGamers: In terms of online, from an Australian perspective it's actually quite difficult to get good matchmaking and therefore good matches happening, and this was very true of Street Fighter IV which didn't have the best matchmaking system out there. However, there are a few games out there now that do cater to countries like ours, with poor connections and generally slower internet than the rest of the world, with options to search for local hosts and servers - is this something you're looking at for Marvel Vs Capcom 3?

Niitsuma: I hate to keep telling you that is something we're taking under consideration but... that is something we're taking under consideration (laughs). Because the game isn't finished yet, we're still looking at how we can integrate all the online elements and we're looking into what works best for the game itself. As for what you mentioned regarding local servers, that is something we're looking at very closely as a key idea that has been floated to us; the issue then is how do we go about implementing that so as to make sure we have a smooth system in place for everyone and that anyone can use, but rest assured it is on the table and it's something we're looking at very closely.

AusGamers: So why go with MT Framework as the core engine for Marvel Vs Capcom when you have a perfectly good fighting game engine with Street Fighter IV?

Niitsuma: Well we basically wanted to move away from using that engine, basically because MT Framework is our proprietary engine and it's really evolving every day and it's just getting easier and easier to use. And so taking that into consideration, making a really visually stylistic game is easy to do with MT Framework, and I mean the Street Fighter IV engine is a good engine, but the fact is these games are coming out close to each other and to make another fighting game using that engine; the games would look alike and that's kind of boring for them to look the same, so we wanted to distinguish between the two rather easily, and so using MT Framework was the best solution and idea.

AusGamers: So we can't talk about any characters that are in the game (beyond those already revealed), but can I ask what characters didn't make the cut from either the Capcom or Marvel side you really wanted in there?

Niitsuma: Oh, that's a really nice question. There's actually quite a list of characters who were on the table until mid-development who just couldn't make it into the game for various reasons, but I wanted to include a couple of the monster-type characters, you know, from Resident Evil such as Nemesis or Tyrant, but they were considered a little to grotesque and disgusting and for ratings reasons they just didn't make it. From the Marvel side there were a couple we were considering using, such as some of the Fantastic Four characters, but for various reasons we just couldn't implement them, or they weren't on the right table but Marvel came back and said "why not use this character instead", and we responded "oh, okay that's fine", but unfortunately we couldn't get any of the Fantastic Four into the game.

AusGamers: Thank you so much Niitsuma-san.

Niitsuma: That was a great question regarding which characters we didn't use - no one has asked that yet.

AusGamers: Heh, thank you.

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