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Deadline For R 18+ Discussion Paper Submissions
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:37pm 22/02/10 | Comments
The deadline for submissions to the discussion paper for the introduction of an R 18+ rating for videogames is upon us, and we at AusGamers urge you to get involved. Read on for more information on how you can have your voice be heard...

Australians are sitting at an incredible cross roads right now. While we live in a relatively free country, various impediments obstruct our defining real-world self in the online space. We also have, for better or worse, a track record as one of the hardest countries in the world to rate media for classification for eventual consumer consumption. While the Classification Board, a redefined OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification), are responsible for ensuring any media entering the country is appropriately rated with G, PG, M, MA 15+, R 18+ or X 18+, one medium in particular is lacking in a definitive rating - videogames.

It's no secret among the thousands of people who peruse AusGamers, and various other gaming entities on a daily basis, our beloved medium has no R 18+ rating, all at the behest of a single Attorneys-General, one Michael Atkinson. But thankfully due to public demand a discussion paper regarding the topic has been made available for public consumption and interaction, and it's something AusGamers firmly believes in.

Over the past few months we've rallied behind the issue; urging others to take part and arm themselves with knowledge of the topic, and this week it's more important than ever as submissions for the discussion paper will come to a public close on February 28.
The Commonwealth Government has released a discussion paper which briefly summarises the key arguments for and against an R 18+ classification for computer games. Censorship Ministers have considered the issue of an adult classification for computer games on several occasions. However, they have not undertaken public consultation on this issue.
The last line in that official delineate of the public consultation is the most important part, and it's with this impetus we undertook our own submission draft, as collaborated with the EFA (Electronic Frontiers Australia), to pose an intelligent and comprehensive response in hope the Attorneys-Generals who view the drafts better understand, from our position, that is the position of professionals working directly within the industry, the need for an R 18+.

That being said, the more weight we have behind our own submission the better, and so with less than a week to go before the public consultation option is drawn to a close, we strongly urge any and all reading this to equally submit their own arguments. There is an official template available directly from the government-hosted site for the discussion, but you can also read through our own submission to help you better understand what it is we're rallying for.

Bear in mind, when considering your arguments, that the issue itself has many layers that go beyond a simple call for violent or explicit games to be allowed in this country. The right to free speech, the right to choose, the need for stronger measures in protecting children from accessing inappropriate media; empowerment of parents in information regarding the nature of games their children have access to, ensured distribution of excessive products unable to be classified MA 15+; unhinged development and vision from an artistic and creative level, and beyond.

This is your opportunity to educate the government and help them realise gaming is not an idle pastime for children through intelligent arguments for an R 18+ rating for games, and remember it's counter-productive to be juvenile in your submission, no matter how fervent you are in protest to Michael Atkinson.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:04pm 22/2/10
Looking forward to playing My Little Pony online and owning some c**** at it. We need a competitive league.
Posted 06:08pm 22/2/10
Haha, injustice.
Posted 06:21pm 22/2/10
ctd your on man, I bet my pony could wipe the floor with your pony, infact im going to go and feed it and groom it now so its all pretty for the big race day.
Posted 06:39pm 22/2/10
Well I'm going to dope both your ponies. They'll be standing at the start going "yeah wha tha, oh run, now how to do that, left hoof, right hoof, damn my back legs aren't working...."
Posted 06:45pm 22/2/10
Your pony has died because it wasn't pretty enough.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:20pm 22/2/10
one of the users of N4G commented:
you Australian gamers better do your part, cause if not, you guys are gonna be playing My Little Pony for eternity, LOLOLOLOLOL
Posted 07:57pm 22/2/10
My Little Pony. Rated "R" for Retarded.
Posted 08:02pm 22/2/10
If a game is banned in Aus, and that game requires repetitive verification like Ubisoft want would we expect NOT to have it verified?
Posted 08:20pm 22/2/10
We've put together a small feature outlining the topic for you, with relevant links and a neat visual aid.

You guys thought about possibly getting in contact with someone like the MX newspaper about it? I've seen it mentioned in MX once or twice quite a while ago in the gaming section, might be a way or reaching a wider audienace about the deadline. Probably more of a chance of it getting in as a featured article if it was to come from someone at ausgamers rather than some random.
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:25pm 22/2/10
I bags being Princess Sparkles for any future pony games. Her finishing combos are off the wall!
Posted 08:35pm 22/2/10
Damn I wanted to be princess Sparkles, I hate you.
Posted 09:46am 23/2/10
submission sent. that was very easy using the template. Took no more than 5 mins. Now fingers crossed I don't have to pone anyones pony for much longer.
Posted 10:56am 23/2/10
Yea besides my little pony just ripped off L4D and replaced the zombies with ponies.
Posted 12:27pm 23/2/10
id play that viper
Posted 12:53pm 23/2/10
Could at least make the AG URL clickable :(
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:04pm 23/2/10

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Posted 03:17am 24/2/10
My little pony was raped by a big f***** war steed from WOW, I have now upgraded to a pink mule with magic armor and its a real kick ass "ha". My little pony I love my little pony. My little pony I make love to my little pony, OPPS!!!. R18+ Rape and Pillage for everyone. Oh don't ya just love the 10yr old kids playin modern warfare 2 and that is an MA game "WHAT F***** RATINGS".
Posted 03:25am 24/2/10
Posted 03:42am 24/2/10
Posted 12:07pm 27/2/10
Finally got around to doing my submission.
Posted 12:20pm 27/2/10
Would do this if I could but I don't have word, and all the .doc files come out corrupt as hell in anything else. Don't know now to edit anything in PDF files either
Posted 03:35pm 27/2/10
Great submission bones. Thanks.
Posted 05:59pm 27/2/10
DM: Print out the PDF, fill out & scan or snail mail it?.
Posted 06:08pm 27/2/10
Don't have a printer
Posted 06:13pm 27/2/10
Go to a netcafe, if you really want to do something you would have....
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