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A Decade of AusGamers News Coverage
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As 2010 kicks off, we reflect over the last 10 years of gaming history as we take a nostalgic trip through the years.

10 Years of gaming

  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009






QGL LAN, April 99

The first news post we did in our news system! For those who came in late, AusGamers was born from a collaboration between four of the major LANs around Australia, the Queensland Gamers' League (QGL), Shafted in Melbourne, MPU in Sydney, and WonderLAN in Adelaide.



HalfLife Counterstrike

Counter-Strike beta 1 is released.




Warcraft III Announced

Warcraft fans start getting excited.



Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots

A super-impressive batch of Duke Nukem Forever screenshots are released.


Counterstrike Beta 5 Released

CS continues to grow, slowly but steadily.





CS 6.1 is out




Team Fortress 1.5

The first news about Team Fortress Classic. People wish it was Team Fortress 2, but this will give them something to keep them going for the next 9 years while they play the waiting game.

RTCW announced

id Software's first FPS game is coming back in an all-new adventure.

Black & White cleans up at E3

The hype for Black & White reaches fever pitch.

X-Box Screenies

Some of the first ever screenshots for the Xbox are released


Daikatana Summary

The long-awaited Daikatana sees the light of day

Serious Sam Demo

Co-operative FPS play makes everyone happy in the fun slaw that is Serious Sam.

Tribes 2 First Look

One of the original large-scale FPS games.


Diablo 2 UberSales

Diablo 2 kicks ass and takes names.

Pandemic Studios in .au

Another new gaming studio opens in Australia! Everyone is excited at the thought of a new local gaming studio cranking out cool games.

Diablo 2 ships!

Diablo 2 finally lands in Australia. An epidemic of left mouse button failures sweeps the land.


Counter-Strike BETA 7 - Windows Client Released

It's unstoppable! Counter-Strike releases start causing Internet bottlenecks as thousands of Australian gamers try to download it all at once. We're already mirroring files, but start thinking about how we can improve the download experience for Aussies.


Deus Ex Review

The critically acclaimed Deus Ex comes out.


TF2 Interview

Valve announce that Team Fortress 2 still has 'a long way to go'.

The FPS debate

The classic debate - which still rages today - about whether it's possible to see framerates in games of over 30 frames-per-second.



3Dfx is no more...

A sad day for those who cut their 3d teeth on 3dfx hardware. Voodoo!



AusGamers Files Also Open!

Rapidly became one of the most reliable destinations for Australian gamers.


Internet Explorer 6 Beta

A dark day for web developers.

Napster Paying for Music Sharing

People laugh at the idea of paying Napster for music.

New id Engine Footage!

The first footage from Doom 3 hits our screens.

RIP Bradman

A sad day for Australians.


Shacknews in Trouble

Popular US gaming site calls for help.

CS Servers Upgraded v1.1

CS hits version 1.1

DNF at E3 This Year

Another showing of Duke Nukem Forever


CPL Pacific Wrapup

AusGamers organises and runs the first CPL event in Australia.

New Smoking Laws

Australia changes smoking laws.

AusGamers and Wireplay

The core AusGamers team takes over management of Telstra's Wireplay gaming service. Australia's online gaming scene is about to change.

IGN's New Subscription Model

IGN introduces a subscription model

Civ 3 Screenshots

Civ fans everywhere rejoice and shudder at the thought of all the impending lost hours.


Carmack Hobbies

id Software founder reveals he's into rockets as we hear about Armadillo Aerospace for the first time.

Douglas Adams dies

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

GameCreate launched on Wireplay

The game server booking service GameCreate - originally launched on PowerUp - is launched on Wireplay.


Ion Storm Closing Down?

Somewhat unsurprising news.


DoD 1.3 released

A classic Day of Defeat version.

Operation Flashpoint

One of the first large-scale FPS titles to feature vehicles and realism.


AusGamers Network Moving this weekend

AusGamers moves from WebCentral to Comindico, opening the doors for real expansion.

Wireplay Ladder System

We launch the Wireplay Ladders, changing the landscape of competitive online gaming in Australia.


World of Warcraft Announced

The formal announcement of the game that would go on to shake the foundations of the gaming world.

Max Payne Demo

Later to inspire a truly terrible film, Max Payne was widely appreciated by gamers for its action film-esque gameplay, sharp graphics and innovative story.

September 11 Attacks

The World Trade Center in New York falls to a terrorist attack.


The RTCW test lands; people everywhere stop what they're doing and play Beach for hours at a time.




Lord of the Rings Review

The Fellowship of the Rings comes out on Boxing Day.



Romero Selling His Ferrari

Romero eBays his hot yellow car amidst jokes of the failure of Daikatana.


Blu-ray 50Gig Discs

Sony's Blu-ray discs are announced, which will go on to become the media for their PlayStation 3 console.

GTA3 to blame for crime spree

Grand Theft Auto 3 blamed for crime spree, setting the scene for Jack Thompson's bizarre behaviour.


Xbox AU Launch titles announced

Some juicy news for Australians

Optus Cable to be Capped

Big changes to the Optus broadband solution cause grief amongst many Australian Internet users.

Telstra Layer 2 DSL Launched

Telstra's new DSL product promises wider broadband coverage to all Aussies.

Game R rating in the news

R ratings in the news for the first time on AusGamers.

Valve's new content delivery mechanism

Valve Software announce their digital distribution platform, which - despite initial complaints - goes on to become a gamer favourite.


AusGamers at E3!

AusGamers goes to E3 for the first time

Ausforums.com opens for business

AusForums launches and quickly becomes a popular service for Australian gamers looking to communicate.


Activision and id software announce DOOM 3

The inevitable sequel finally becomes reality.

Battlefield 1942

The game that would go on to become a multiplayer sensation.

Wireless Broadband becoming a reality.

It's hard to imagine a world without wireless broadband now, but back in the day it was all about wires.


Mozilla v.1.0 is here!

The beginnings of a web browsing revolution...

WarCraft 3 Tuesday Midnight Launch (Sydney) ....

For the truly hardcore, Warcraft 3 was released at a midnight sale in some locations.


Internode - New Gaming Network

Internode launches their gaming service with only 14 servers. It would quickly go on to become a gaming powerhouse in Australia.

WarCraft 3 Sells

Warcraft 3 quickly becomes the fastest-selling PC game of all time as gamers all over the world snap it up.

Far Cry Screenshots

The visual glory of Far Cry is revealed to the world


Winamp 3 Released

The latest version of this hugely popular mp3 player.

Battlefield 1942 Multiplayer Demo

Online gaming changes again as people go crazy for vehicles.


Band of Brothers!

Band of Brothers airs in Australia for the first time, bringing the glory of HBO programming to FTA.

Windows XP Service Pack 1

Making Windows more secure.

Blizzard's New Game, StarCraft: Ghost

Blizzard surprise everyone by announcing a game that isn't a strategy title.

Google News

Google's news service impresses and annoys, eventually leading to NewsCorp's Rupert Murdoch temper tantrums.


Quake 3 1.32 Point Release!

Three years later, id Software provide a huge, feature-packed update to their still-popular action shooter.

New AusGamers Website!

AusGamers launches our version 2 website, which would serve for around six more years.


GameArena COGS

On GameArena, we launch COGS, a revolutionary walled-garden approach to online multiplayer games.

Attorney General scuttles R-rating

The first sinking of the R18+ rating scheme.

Enemy Territory Announced

Wolfenstein fans around the world rejoice.

ISPs Consider Usage Limits

The explosive growth of broadband (and p2p) means increased costs and ISPs look at different structures to keep costs down.




Xbox Passes 225,000 in .au

Microsoft are happy with the growth of Xbox in Australia.

Kazaa Sues Back

Kazaa sues the RIAA/MPAA, claiming they're monopolising the industry.


Enemy Territory Cancelled

Enemy Territory is canned. Wolf players are sad.


Activision sign Peter Molyneux

Designer of Populous, Syndicate and many other classic games joins Activision.

Internet Filtering Laws Failing?

First mention of Internet filtering

BigPond Files Launched

We save BigPond users again with an awesome unmetered service that provides access to a huge variety of free and open source software.

First Grand Theft Auto Game Released as Freeware

...but they don't allow it to be redistributed, so no mirroring makes it extremely hard to get for the first 48 hours.

AusGamers File Searching

... really? Two years after it's launched?!

Copyright Act Changes

Changes to Australian copyright law make people worried.


Half-Life 2 Approaches

Anticipation for what will rapidly become one of the biggest PC games ever - and the basis for even bigger titles - grows.

Enemy Territory Test!

The ET test is released, offering a glimpse at what has become a small-but-feature-packed free game.


Day of Defeat v1.0 Out!

DoD v1.0 released - World War 2 warfare in the Half-Life engine.

Desert Combat 0.35E Out

A big release for Desert Combat, a mod for Battlefield 1942 which would go on to become more popular than the base game and inspire Battlefield 2.

SCO vs Linux

SCO flail as their relevance shrinks, lashing out wildly.

Enemy Territory!

ET brings awesome class-based action with some role-playing features to a huge crowd of people.


Nullsoft WASTE vs AOL

Winamp inventor creates a revolutionary p2p system, releases it for free, only to have his parent company AOL squash it because it scared the crap out of them.

Razor1911 Piracy Convictions

Razor1911 leader reminds everyone that large-scale piracy will not go unpunished.

Battlefield Vietnam

The first sequel to Battlefield 1942 is announced.


GIF Pattern is free at last

Free software can now safely include GIF functionality!


Natural Selection 2.0 Out Now

Natural Selection continues to grow and impress.

Call of Duty Demo

The first demo of what has now become one of the biggest gaming brands in the world.


RIAA vs 12 Year Old

Making friends as they defend their increasingly obsolete business model.


OpenOffice v1.1.0 Released

Open source software starts eating away at more of Microsoft's core business.

Philips doubles DVD capacity

Double-layer DVDs expand storage capacity.

iTunes for Windows

Now not just for the Mac, iTunes brings comprehensive music management functionality to the Windows platform.

Australian Music Industry Goes After ISPs

A trend that would later develop into Australian ISP iiNet being sued, the Australian representatives of the music industry decide to lay the blame for piracy (despite record sales) at the doors of the ISPs.



Far Cry Preview

We head to San Francisco to check out Far Cry at a special press event.

Fallout 3 shelved, Black Isle Studios staff laid off

Fallout fans cry out in despair as this hugely anticipated title looks like it might never see the light of day.

Doom - 10 Years Later

id Software's classic turns 10 years old.



World of Warcraft Beta Applications Opened

The Internet almost shuts down as people fight for beta access.


Desert Combat 0.7

Another huge release for the Desert Combat team, becoming one of AusGamers most popular downloads - over 300,000 downloads (almost 200 terabytes!).

Valve Hires BitTorrent Creator

Bram Cohen getting hired by Valve create a lot of rumours about the direction of Steam. In the end they parted ways and (to date) no p2p functionality has been integrated into Steam.


World of Warcraft Cinematic

Blizzard's usual flair for incredible cinematics is demonstrated yet again.


Russian Music Site has the Goods

Allofmp3.com discovered.





Doom 3!

Doom 3 released in Australia.

Windows XP Service Pack 2

Windows XP SP2 lands and rapidly becomes considered the 'stable' version of XP for almost all purposes.

ALPs Plan to Censor Australian Internet

Australian Labor Party announces plan to censor the Internet. Everyone thought they were joking, but they got voted in and, well, here we are doing battle against them for this reason.

CS: Source Beta Launches Today

The next generation of Counter-Strike makes its way into open beta to general acclaim, despite some hold-outs that don't want to display adaptability and migrate to the new version.


Digital Illusions CE buy Trauma Studios

DICE buy Trauma Studios, precursor to BF2



Counter-Strike Murder

Games once again blamed for violence.

WoW Open Beta released

Now the Internet really begins to melt down. We distribute over 13,000 copies over the 2.6gb open beta client.

Half-Life 2 - Available Now!

Half-Life 2 blows minds.


Firefox Downloaded 10 Million Times

Firefox market share continues to grow.

New The Arena Game Client

Over on GameArena, we launch an updated version of COGS dubbed 'The Arena'.

Battlefield 2 Gameplay Video

The first footage from Battlefield 2 impresses everyone with its improved visuals and modern combat.

Grand Theft Auto 2: Free

Rockstar release GTA2 as a free game - again, not redistributable, but free games are good.



Google's Picasa

Google's Picasa expands their product base, going on to become a key service.

New Ubuntu Linux Released

A new version of Ubuntu brings attention to this rapidly growing distribution, which today is one of the most popular open source operating systems in use around the world.


World of Warcraft Tops 700,000 Sales

WoW sells 700,000 - before European release.

Alienware hit Australia

Popular gaming brand Alienware finally makes its way to our shores.

Ion Storm Closed

John Romero's studio closes for good.


Changes at Krome

John Passfield, Krome founder, leaves Krome to go his own way.

Xbox 2 Details Announced

The first details of what would later go on to become the Xbox 360 reach the world.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Released

A flagship PlayStation brand hits a new milestone with the release of MGS3.

Pure Pwnage

Our first coverage of Pure Pwnage, which became a (brief?) gaming sensation (BOOM! HEADSHOT!).


Call of Duty 2 Announced

The next title in the series.


Xbox 360

Microsoft formally name their next-generation console. The stirrings of the next-gen war begins.



WoW hits 1.5 mill users in 1 month

World of Warcraft hits the staggering figure of 1.5 million users. Surely it can't grow any further?

Grandmother Suing Over GTA: SA

The Hot Coffee debacle - hidden, pseudo-pornographic content in GTA: San Andreas - enrages parents, technophobes, and prudes. Gamers sigh and roll their eyes and wishes everyone would just shut up. Thousands of people are exposed to this content because of the Streisand Effect.

GTA: San Andreas Classification Revoked

In Australia, the OFLC react to 'Hot Coffee' by revoking the classification for San Andreas, making it unable to be purchased.


Xbox 360 Pricing Announced

Pricing details for the next-gen MS console are revealed.


It's PSP Day!

Sony's PlayStation Portable launches in Australia.

IGN Sells to News Corp

NewsCorp buys IGN, blowing everyone's mind.

iPod Nano Now Available

Apple launches their bite-sized mp3 player.

Nintendo's Controller Revealed!

Nintendo's revolutionary Wii controller is announced. Gamers everywhere are confused, excited, weirded-out, but seemingly confident that Nintendo know what they're doing - a fact borne out in the future by simply mind-blowing sales.


Mod Chips: Legal

Australian High Court rules mod chips are legal.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade official!

WoW expansion Burning Crusade announced. Warcraft players drool in anticipation of more loot, more levels, and more gameplay.


Sony's DRM Rootkit

Sony 'accidentally' put a rootkit on a music CD as part of their efforts to digitally manage their rights.


World of Warcraft Hits 5 Million

OK, but surely there won't be more than five million, right? This is just getting insane.



Australian Xbox 360 Launch Delayed

Sad news for Australian gamers as global demand pushes back the release date for the hot new console down under.


John Carmack on Xbox 360 and PS3

Carmack digs on the Xbox 360, saying it will probably become id's primary development platform. PC gamers cringe in fear at the news.

America's Army v2.60 Released

Amazingly, a free game produced by the US Army turns out to be hugely popular. The 2.6 milestone release boasts many impressive new features and is downloaded over 66,000 times from AusGamers.


PlayStation 3 Australian Launch This Year

The Australian launch date is confirmed and competition begins to heat up between MS and Sony as they compete for mindshare. Console fanboys wage elaborate forum arguments debating the merits of the two platforms. PC gamers still can't figure out what the point of these things are.

Labor Want to Block Net Porn and Violence

Labor talk about saving the children again. Regular Internet users roll their eyes. Veterans point out what a stupid waste of time and money such a project would be.

Battlefield 2142 Confirmed

The third major title in the Battlefield series is announced.

Xbox 360 - Out Now

Xbox 360 lands in Australia. Microsoft call it the biggest Australian entertainment launch of all time, and gamers generally are pretty impressed with what it can do.


Class Action Suit Against Ubi Soft for StarForce

StarForce DRM finally causes people to snap.

Ubisoft Drops Starforce Completely

Ubisoft formally drops all Starforce. Gamers around the world rejoice - a rare victory in the battle against DRM and invasive software.


E3 2006: PlayStation 3 US Launch Date, Prices, Controller

PS3 controller details announced and cause everyone to laugh and point at the similarties between that and the Wii controller.



Team Fortress 2 News!?

Everyone's mind is blown as they almost forgot this game existed. The new art style is announced and it becomes clear that the old tactical-shooter direction has been abandoned. The new cartoony-style quickly wins hearts and minds.

59,000 World of Warcraft Accounts Banned

Blizzard are no stranger to online cheating and take it extremely seriously. Terms of Use violations are met with mass bannings while legitimate gamers cheer on.


Spore: 2007ish?

First mention of Wil Wright's hugely anticipated Spore. Everyone gets really, really excited about this game over the next few years.

Good Game on ABC2

ABC launches Good Game on ABC2, a show dedicated to video games. It goes on to become pretty popular amongst gamers, to everyone's surprise.


PlayStation 3 Delayed in Australia, Europe

Everyone is relatively unsurprised that the PlayStation 3 launch is delayed in Australia and Europe.


Internet Explorer 7 Released

Microsoft launch a new version of IE to general acclaim, simply because it sucks so much less than IE6. Web developers rejoice.

Firefox v2.0 Released (?)

Not to be outdone by Microsoft, Firefox launch version 2.0 of their anticipated browser, with a slew of new features. Adoption rates are pretty high amongst gamers - it is fast, stable, and feature-packed.

Xbox 360 Smashes Sales Records

Xbox 360 hits 100,000 sales in 7 months in Australia. Everyone loves it.


Natural Selection 2 Announced

An entirely new game in a new engine.


Nintendo Wii - Out Now

While it's not a next-generation console in terms of performance and graphics, the Nintendo Wii launch is hugely anticipated.

Nintendo Wii Smashes Sales Records

The Wii breaks all sales records for video game consoles in Australia, selling over 32,000 units - in the first four days. Everyone is in love with it.



Apple Announces iPhone

The revolutionary phone looks shiny, awesome, and fun. Everyone wants one, and it goes on to become an industry-changing device.


Google Maps Does Australia

Finally, Google give Australia some love so we don't have to use WhereIs any more.


Pandemic Studios Hiring

The Australian branch of Pandemic continues to grow, looking for more and more staff as they work on more projects.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Trailer

The first next-generation Grand Theft Auto trailer footage impresses everyone with it's lush visuals.


Apple to Supply Non-DRM Music

Apple do a solid for everyone except the music studios, giving customers what they need.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Trailer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trailer premieres, showing the new direction for the brand. It looks very impressive and is not a World War 2 FPS, so everyone is excited.


Team Fortress 2 - Heavy Weapons Guy Video

First Team Fortress 2 video show Valve are super-organised about this Team Fortress 2 thing. It becomes increasingly clear that this is going to be a huge title.

StarCraft 2 Announced

Korea nearly shuts down with excitement. Gamers around the world rejoice at the thought of another StarCraft title.

Google Maps Adds Street View

Google continue to impress, adding street-level viewing to their already-awesome maps system.


id Software Debuts id Tech 5

Carmack demos id Tech 5, showing the next-generation engine that gamers can expect from the masters of graphics.

Wii Breaks Australian Sales Record

Wii sells 100,000 units faster than any console in Australia. Despite not being a graphical powerhouse, its accessibility makes it an instant hit - everyone that sees it instantly understands what is going on and is drawn to the simplicity and sheer fun that it offers.


Metal Gear Solid 4 Gameplay Trailer

The next title in this huge brand goes in a different direction, but the next-gen visuals look extremely impressive.

Will Wright Shows Off Spore

Wil Wright demos Spore at TED, showing some of the very impressive prodecurally generated gameplay that will be on offer.



Now Playing: Team Fortress 2 Beta

The TF2 beta launches to much acclaim, almost universally loved by all. It has style, accessibility, and fun - and not only that offers a lot of competitive features for the hardcore.

AusGamers at the Tokyo Games Show 2007

AusGamers goes to our first Tokyo Game Show.



Google Announces Open Handset Alliance

Google starts to make moves in the mobile industry. Telcos around the world shift uncomfortably (those of them that aren't so clueless as to not understand what this might mean, anyway).

Call of Duty 4 - Out Now

Modern Warfare comes out to general acclaim.


Activision and Vivendi (+Blizzard) to Merge

A US$18 billion dollar deal creates a massive new entity in the gaming market.

Auran Closing?

Rumours that one of Australia's larger game developers Auran will close, based primarily on the poor response to their recently released MMO, Fury. The rumours turn out to be true and the development arm of Auran is closed.

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Trailer Released

As if just to remind us that it's still not out, 3D Realms release a brief teaser trailer for Duke Nukem Forever. Some people are impressed, but most people seem to just want them to RELEASE THE GODDAMN GAME ALREADY.



Battlefield Heroes Announced

EA and DICE announce a new direction for the Battlefield brand - an entirely free game. It has a very cartoony feel that looks a lot like TF2.

World of Warcraft hits 10 Million

Blizzard's MMO continues to steamroll everything in its path.


GDC 2008: PC Gaming Alliance Launched

PC Gaming Alliance launches at AusGamers' first GDC in San Francisco, bringing a ray of hope to PC gamers in an increasingly console-based gaming world.

Australian R18+ Video Game Rating Up For Consideration

Australian gamers get a little bit excited with the news that the R18+ rating is back under consideration, and maybe we'll have a chance to get treated like adults for a change.


Ubisoft Buys Tom Clancy's Name

Ubisoft give up on licensing Clancy on a per-title basis and basically buy his entire name out from underneath him.


The Sims - 100 Million Sold

The Sims becomes the best selling game ever. EVER!


AGN Grand Theft Auto 4 Review

Grand Theft Auto 4 lands in Australia.

Xbox 360 Hits 10 Million Sales

Xbox 360 hits 10 million sales worldwide, the first next-gen console to do so.

The Battle Against ISP Content Filtering

The EFA launches NoCleanFeed.com to fight Internet filtering. Australians (with the exception of ultra-conservative religious types) generally seem to not want an Internet filter.


Desktop Support Job at Pandemic Brisbane

Pandemic continue to hire.

The First Australian Apple Store

Apple fanboys get excited. Black skivvy sales increase 1000% Australia-wide.

Firefox 3 Released - Download Day

A big milestone for Firefox - version 3 offers much-improved performance.

Diablo 3 Confirmed!

Blizzard once again shake the foundations of gaming with a new sequel announcement. Looters rejoice and people that can't stand the sound of incessant clicking stock up on earplugs.


Rock Band 2 Announced

Rock Band 2 is announced, drawing criticism in Australia as the original Rock Band still is not available.

StarCraft 2 Not Coming Until 09?

StarCraft 2 rumoured for a 2009 release. Seems reasonable at the time.

Nintendo Announces Wii Breaks Aussie Sales Record

Wii hits 500,000 sales in Australia. It cannot be stopped. Despite all the sales, no-one seems to know anyone that actually uses their Wii.


Leipzig GC 2008: Day Zero

AusGamers goes to first Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. Like everything German, it is organised with uncanny efficiency and skill. It is a huge convention.


Google Launches Chrome Web Browser

Google continue to ship new products with the launch of their Chrome web browser. It's free, open source, and faster than a speeding bullet.


Fallout 3 Already Leaked

Fallout 3 leaks to the warez scene pre-release. The Xbox 360 version, which sort of makes claims about PC piracy look a bit foolish.

World of Warcraft Hits 11 Million

Blizzard's conquest continues. Citizens around the world begin to wonder if they are safe from the ever-encroaching forces of this game.


Queensland Gamers' League 10 Years Old

QGL turns 10! The little organisation that started this all - running LANs of a few people in hot sheds in Brisbane - might not run LANs any more, but we still like to think we're helping Australian gamers on a daily basis.

Fallout 3 Review

Fallout 3 lands, rocks.

Left 4 Dead - Out Now

Valve's zombie-fighting epic bounces. Finally - a co-operative PC game. The attention to detail, polish, and sheer awesome of this game bring hope to PC gamers, who were stuck waiting for Blizzard to pop out their next title.

GDAA Awards 2008

AusGamers proudly sponsors two 2008 GDAA Awards, with a view to getting more involved in the local Australian game development scene.


Savage 2 Now Freeware

Savage 2 is released as an entirely free game. Why don't more publishers do this? Your old games are PERFECT promotional tools for your new ones!



Apple Ditches DRM in iTunes Music Store

Apple Music Store becomes completely DRM free. While most consumers are probably totally oblivious, digital freedom advocates around the world are very happy by this move and hope that it will lead to less and less DRM as time goes by.

Age of Conan Server Shutdowns Coming

Despite a huge initial launch, Age of Conan starts shutting down servers as player counts drop. Many gamers cite lack of content after the first few levels as the reason. Funcom go on to furiously back-fill content in an attempt to revive the game.

EA Cuts Pandemic Loose

The global economic slump continues as EA makes a money-saving move, cutting Pandemic Studios loose, leading to the closure of the Brisbane-based studio. Fortunately many staff find employment at other companies, including Krome Studios... for a while.


Optus Launch HTC Dream (aka, GooglePhone)

After a long delay, the Google G1 phone finally becomes available in Australia, becoming the first Android device on the market. It doesn't get a lot of attention as the iPhone continues to dominate.

iiNet vs Big Media Copyright Case Continues

Court date set for copyright battle between iiNet and Big Media. Other ISPs and Australian Internet users look on with great interest; the case will have serious effects whichever way it goes.


AusGamers Forum Search!

After around ten years of requests, we finally roll out a really, really good search system for the forums. Almost 10 years of forum posts are indexed and available for near-instant searching thanks to the awesome open source software, Lucene.

Game Developers Conference 2009

AusGamers heads back to San Francisco for a second GDC. Despite the global financial crunch, it is just as big as the year before. Apple products abound; everyone in attendance has iPhones, Macbooks, or both.


National Broadband Network Update - .au Government to Build and Own

More details on Australia's National Broadband Network emerge.

IceTV Wins Landmark Australian Copyright Battle

A rare win for the public (and common sense) in the realm of intellectual property.


3D Realms Shut Down? No More Duke Nukem Forever?!

Unbelievable. After 10 years of waiting, Duke Nukem Forever is canceled. The gaming world is furious - it really is vaporware.

Take 2 Sues 3D Realms

Take 2 is also furious, and sues 3DRealms over the failure to deliver Duke Nukem Forever. The world sits back and watches with interest. Will we ever see this game?

Google Wave Announced - Developed in Australia

Google announces a new product that noone can understand.


Left 4 Dead 2 Announced

Valve irritates fans by announcing Left 4 Dead 2. Many gamers were hoping to see a whole stack of free content - similar to what Team Fortress 2 has been getting. Threats of boycotting are thrown around.

The Sims 3 Launches in Australia

The sequel to the world's most popular game lands.

America's Army 3 Released - Harder for Aussies to Get

America's Army 3 switches to a new delivery model which makes it harder for Australians to download (as it can no longer be easily mirrored and thus made unmetered). This leads to a noticable decline in player numbers in Australia.

id Software Acquired by Zenimax Media

One of the last completely independent studios loses its independence.


Carmack Loves the iPhone

Carmack will not shut up about the iPhone. id Software titles are promised and many more seem likely.

Google Chrome OS Announced

After years of rumours, it's finally confirmed - a Linux-based OS. But it's not what everyone was thinking - it's almost entirely a cloud-based OS.


GDC: Why Should You Care?

AusGamers goes to our first GDC Europe. It's nowhere near as big as the US ones, but it's still really interesting.

BlizzCon 2009: Battle.net Preview

AusGamers goes to our first Blizzcon! With StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 on the way, people are literally salivating for information.

Nokia's Sweet New N900 'Mobile Computer'

Nokia announce the N900, and trog can't shut up about it.


Left 4 Dead 2 Refused Classification in Australia

Australian gamers beat their heads against their desks. The 'excessive' violence in L4D2 mean the game is not going to be released in Australia. No-one can believe it.

Counter-Strike Creator's 'Tactical Intervention' Announced

The first news from the creator of Counter-Strike - how will this game stack up?


Left 4 Dead 2 Cut Down and Classified MA15+

Left 4 Dead 2 is pussified. Huge chunks of the scene-setting gore are removed and the game is tamed almost beyond recognition, but at least Australians can buy it. Thousands of Australians completely ignore the censored version, however, opting to import the game from US and European-based stores to make sure they're getting an untarnished version.


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AusGamers folds and makes a Facebook page. We also have a Twitter page. Sigh.

Big Lay-offs at Krome Studios

Sad news as Brisbane-based Krome sheds a lot of staff.

R18+ Michael Atkinson Response

A lengthy response from the South Australian Attorney General fires up the classification issue again. Lots of new information comes to light, most of which (unsurprisingly) gamers have a strong opinion on.

The Mammoth Dedicated Server Guide, for Developers

To try and help games developers realise the advantages of dedicated servers (and thus improve the gaming world), Mammoth launches the Mammoth Dedicated Server Guide.


Left 4 Dead 2 Cracks Two Million Sold; DLC Soon

Boycott? What boycott? Everyone loves Left 4 Dead 2 too much so almost everyone caves and buys it, knowing in their hearts that Left 4 Dead 3 is just around the corner. And they'll buy it, too.

Aliens vs Predator Australian Ban Decision Reversed

A nice surprise! SEGA announce that they got AvP reclassified on appeal, so the game will be released - unaltered - in Australia.

Darksiders Review

The last post of the decade, AusGamers is proud to launch one of the first Darksiders reviews worldwide.

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Posted 05:59pm 18/1/10
Mad Props
Posted 06:30pm 18/1/10
Someone should find a list of threads to do with major news events, other than games. You know things that totally shook the world like the chk chk boom girl or the turd in the ice cream.

edit: oh theres some of those in there too

last edited by thermite at 18:30:15 18/Jan/10
Posted 06:03pm 18/1/10
lol 2000 DNF screenshots. Daikatana review.

Valve announce that Team Fortress 2 still has 'a long way to go'.

Yeah no kidding
Posted 06:08pm 18/1/10
Reading the 9/11 thread.

It's hilarious that people cared more about their own similarly themed thread's destruction than that of the WTCs.
Posted 06:10pm 18/1/10
congrats guys
Posted 06:15pm 18/1/10
Awesome job guys. QGL is the s*** and always has been. Keep it up.
Posted 06:21pm 18/1/10
Man, I can remember when Ausgamers reported on Myst selling 1,000,000 copies (or was it 10,000,000). And in this we have 100,000,000 for a title.

And R18+ in Australia. 8 years on, we're still fighting it.
Posted 06:22pm 18/1/10
Awesome Stuff.

Keep up the good work :)
Posted 06:31pm 18/1/10

May 2000: The hype for Black & White reaches fever pitch.

Annnd it ended up fail.
Posted 06:35pm 18/1/10
How many old threads are going to be bumped in the coming days...
Posted 06:43pm 18/1/10
Impressive, congrats on the 10 years!
Posted 07:05pm 18/1/10
Nice milestone to reach :] Well done guys!
Posted 07:17pm 18/1/10
Well done chaps! Keep up the good work. I started coming here probs 4-5 years ago just using it as a file mirror instead of gamershell.com - now look at me! I signed up for the forum when I was bored at work one day :-)))
Posted 07:17pm 18/1/10
Haha holy f*****g s***, reading that 9/11 thread is so cringe-worthy:

Bowen - Nostradamus is a great phlosfer.... don't nock him!! ok he got ww1 and ww2 right as well as the plague ect ect

Yeti Skinner - The scariest part of this whole incident is that there is a book written about 5 years ago where all of this happened!

ME! - man... WW3 = Nuclear War = Holocaust = Any survivors take on a Fallout-type role for the rest of existance.

Chrispy - I hate towle heads
I hate towle heads
I hate towle heads
I hate towle heads
Up em bussy tear em a new one

Man, all the memories of the mass hysteria come flowing back. This is a f*****g crazy and harrowing trip down memory lane, this thread.

Posted 07:28pm 18/1/10
Posted 07:32pm 18/1/10
And R18+ in Australia. 8 years on, we're still fighting it.

No we're not, we're whinging about it on an internet forum.

while we plan a more formal tenth birthday online shindig

F*** online, put a mad bar tab on at that s*** hole you love going to.
Posted 07:46pm 18/1/10
Man, I've been here for 5 f*****g years now, wow.
Posted 07:52pm 18/1/10
i cant help but think that ausgamers has been in slow decline for at least the last 5 years
Posted 07:55pm 18/1/10
mad props
Posted 08:10pm 18/1/10
i cant help but think that ausgamers has been in slow decline for at least the last 5 years

In terms of the forum community, agreed 100%.
Posted 08:27pm 18/1/10
Great work guys, your all my Heroes
Especially Jason! :)
Posted 09:13pm 18/1/10
I realised an interesting point, when we were doing this I had uncapped awesome cable, now I have s***** adsl, its sad to think I had faster internet access 10 years ago than I do today :(
Posted 09:14pm 18/1/10
I realised an interesting point, when we were doing this I had uncapped awesome cable, now I have s***** adsl, its sad to think I had faster internet access 10 years ago than I do today :(

wait ....

Posted 10:13pm 18/1/10
How about a LAN for old times sake? :-)
Posted 10:24pm 18/1/10
woooo you guys must be old
Posted 10:44pm 18/1/10
^^ Watch out trog, your secret is out!
Posted 11:13pm 18/1/10
mad props and stuff

and I too had uncapped cable and now have s***** adsl :(
Posted 11:18pm 18/1/10
Posted 11:37pm 18/1/10
and I too had uncapped cable and now have s***** adsl :(
Posted 11:43pm 18/1/10
I had leet 512kbs adsl ten years ago. Then after a bit ziggy upgraded me from Unlimited to 3gigs. yay. Luckily it was all I needed... apparently.
Posted 12:11am 19/1/10
Optus Cable to be Capped

that was a sad day!
Posted 12:52am 19/1/10
nice to Qgl.org is still around

after the years of anticipation I'm sorry that AG lost OCAU. I hope you guys fill that gap some day

rather than be my usual online jerk self that I am shamefully slipping into more and more the older I get I'll just say:

Thanks AG staff, volunteers and other members who've made it all happen.

I love you guys

you're all ghey :P

last edited by koopz at 00:52:05 19/Jan/10
Posted 02:07am 19/1/10
great stuff, awesome service, rated A+++ would visit again.
Posted 06:33am 19/1/10
i had cable 10 years ago, but my adsl is much faster now, and i got way more downloads
Posted 09:57am 19/1/10
QGL is now running the recently released HalfLife Mod, The Counterstrike

The Counterstrike. Lol.
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