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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:00pm 24/10/08 | Comments
From local Brisbane developer, FuzzyEyes, comes an all-new dark tale called Edge of Twilight. We saw the game at this year's Tokyo Game Show, so read on for our thoughts...

Due to the small size of our local industry it's a shame there hasn't been a greater number of original intellectual properties developed in games. Sure we saw BioShock, but that was a joint effort with 2K Boston, and of course the Creative Assembly guys have done a great job waving the flag of quality development here in Australia with the Total War series and their forthcoming Stormrise game, but for all the good there have been even more bad and it's a shame, because clearly there's a lot of talent in Aussie game development.

Imagine our surprise then while over at the Tokyo Game Show, a local Brisbane-based developer, FuzzyEyes, whose previous development work includes Hot Dog King, would be showing off the very creative and very competent Edge of Twilight.

For those of you unaware (and likely because Fuzzyeyes chose TGS as their reveal stage), Edge of Twilight is an action/adventure title being developed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. It's being published by South Peak Games (ATV: Offroad Fury) and could best be described as a God of War-style combat driven title with puzzles based around the narrative foundation of the game – day and night.

In Edge of Twilight, a steampunk, post-apocalyptic fantasy setting sees two races, the industrious Atherns and the spiritual Litherns, vying for control of the world as both are running out of the natural resource, Ether.

A skirmish between the Atherns and the Litherns caused a rift between day and night some 150 years ago, leaving the Atherns trapped in perpetual daylight. Now, however, a lone bounty hunter, Lex, who is the world's only half breed, is set to change the very course of both races, and the world forever.

The concept of day and night has definitely been done before, as has creating a protagonist with dual powers, but it really looks like these guys have crafted a fully realised game-world with a rich history. We only saw a few examples of gameplay, and Fuzzyeyes were being pretty tightlipped about story arcs, but we can definitely tell you about the game's action and dual abilities based on what we saw.

To begin with, Edge of Twilight definitely owes much to the likes of God of War, but rather than just create a straight-up clone, the combat throughout is riddled with cool cinematic camera sweeps, and is equally far more brutal.

In his Athern form, Lex wields a massive axe he uses to gut enemies, rip them in half or behead. There's a great combo system and you can also use an impressive firearm he has to create various battle scenarios and outcomes. He's pretty powerful in this form, but somewhat slow. In the Lithern guise, Lex is far more agile, and a lot faster (though he no longer carries any weapons). It equally means combat in this form is far different to the latter giving the game a pretty split feel.

Obviously from this you can gather there'll equally be puzzle-solving based around utilising both forms, and from what Design Director, Andrew Chrysafidis, was telling us during our hands-off session the duality of day and night will play a major part.

You can change forms and realms at various switches strewn about the game-world and while you're being lead down a linear path of progression, Chrysafidis did say that there will be cities and towns to explore with various NPCs to interact with, which is also a unique feature for this style of game.

Visually everything looks pretty cool. The Steampunk setting has allowed Fuzzyeyes designers to really let their creative selves run wild. The team licensed Unreal Engine and have done a pretty awesome job of everything. Most of the game is presented with a slightly fixed camera (you can move it a bit but it's very much in the vein of Devil May Cry and God of War). The dual stuff looks very different as well. Lex's animations from Athern to Lithern are super different, again adding to sensation of not just playing the same character all the way through.

Unfortunately our session didn't really reveal much more than what we've pointed out above. But we can definitely say we're not only impressed, but thirsty for more. The game looks visually stunning, intense and imaginative and with the narrative foundation they've laid here, we're hoping there'll be heaps of story to sink our teeth into. It's also well worth pointing out that while there's definitely an affinity to the aforementioned God of War and Devil May Cry series, this is very much its own game with more than enough separating it from those titles.

We managed to grab Andy for a video interview while over at TGS, which can be seen here, so if you want to know some of the design philosophies and see the game in action (alongside some sweet artwork), hit that link and be sure to comment. Maybe some of the Fuzzyeyes guys peruse our forums and comments sections – they are, after all, just down the road.

Latest Comments
Posted 05:51pm 24/10/08
Looks good. Think I'll give this one a good shot and get behind the locals.
Posted 11:25am 27/10/08
good to see a Aussie developer giving it a go ... Ill buy this when it comes out just to support an Aussie developer

Overall the game dont look to bad either
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:27pm 27/10/08
the trailer really doesn't do the game justice - in motion it's really very impressive and given this was their first reveal, there's definitely likely to be more polishing for the eventual release
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